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  1. So, after gathering more information I can affirmatively state that the app has apparently not been updated with the correct times. I can say that because my new friend Nityam has us scheduled for lunch there on day 2 (Saturday) at 12:00. I can only assume that the johnny on the spot IT guys at Royal will some day get around to updating the dates and times on the app as we get closer to the cruise. We still have a couple of weeks so there is no rush!!
  2. Everyday. It has it opening for dinner only at 3.
  3. Looking at the app and it says that Portside BBQ is only open for dinner after 3. I think I have read some posts that said it was open for lunch. Is the app just not that accurate or is Portside available for lunch on some weeks but not on others?
  4. Did they move you to a new room or are you in your room in quarantine?
  5. What time do you prefer to dine and why? In other words, when do you prefer to dine in the specialty restaurants??? Thanks!!
  6. Can any Star Class cruisers that have arrived by car point to (or describe) the location of the Star Class entrance and porters on the picture above?
  7. So we checked in for our cruise that leaves on June 17 and have uploaded all of the documents. The check in process on the app indicates that the vaccines are being validated. Is that something that we should watch or does it stay that way until we show up at the pier and they actually look at the original documents? Thanks all...
  8. Just a side question but would he need an ID if he was under 18? At what age do they require government ID's?
  9. Those of us on the great lakes often refer to ships as boats. Kind of like some people refer to pop as soda....downright cringeworthy...lol
  10. I saw a post somewhere about the cruise limits and it got me to thinking. Are the passenger counts on the cruise ships now being experienced the result of limits by Royal or is it folks just not ready to get back to cruising and the ships sailing at less than the currently allowed capacity? Anyone have any insight?
  11. It can't be the couple of free drink vouchers that makes everyone eager to be Diamond, there must be some crazy stuff going on in that Diamond Lounge!!
  12. Is Royal requiring certain kinds of masks? I saw at some point that they were selling cloth masks but those have been determined all but useless. Are they going to be requiring N95 now?
  13. I have not been keeping up with all of the covid restrictions and changes but I had heard that they were restricting access to the lounge and CK at one time. Has that been lifted now? Sounds like, from some of the posts, that it is getting quite busy.
  14. What was that about "little brother?" The problem with having a little brother is that sometimes they grow up and kick big brother's (&(!
  15. I can't imagine why anyone would work so hard to watch either of those two teams play each other. Especially considering they will have both been through the band saw which is Michigan State before that date!
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