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  1. I’m sure we booked but it wasn’t busy, so you can probably turn up
  2. We buy the Christmas tree ship decorations and take off the hooks, it leaves you with a little ship model
  3. Table service on Anthem a few weeks ago!
  4. Cinque Terre is gorgeous, you’ll have a great time!
  5. How do you store your collected Sea passes? Mine are in a drawer but I am thinking of displaying them!
  6. You’d never miss your cabin! Looks great!
  7. I saw a guy on the Anthem so it a few weeks ago, I was quite jealous ha
  8. The trouble i’m having is the prices of the excursions! There’s no mention of a discount for out of Southampton. Seems so unfair, be a shame if me and my husband had to take turns getting off at ports for a little look around.
  9. I bought the Deluxe beverage packages for my 11 night cruise, then the cruise was changed to a 7 night cruise. I spoke to RC about getting my money back for the 4 days I will no longer be using, they said I have to cancel get a refund and the price for a 7 nights drinks package is the same price as I paid for 11 nights. ? Is this standard practice? I feel like they could have done something as it was RC that changed the itinerary.
  10. I can’t seem to get through, I keep trying without success, they must be very busy!
  11. They’ve changed my 11 night Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands cruise to a 7 night cruise round UK with a few stops Northern Ireland and Scotland, gutted! I was looking forward to a sunny cruise...
  12. I’ve stayed on a Central Park balcony and really enjoyed it. You can hear music but once your balcony doors shut it’s fine. I would stay in one again, I enjoyed the people watching.
  13. Shame he never replies back to anyone. Clearly just wanting the YouTube views...
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