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  1. They were open on our cruise when we were in port but closed on sea days.
  2. Big thanks @Stephen I managed to get a drinks package for £275
  3. Anyone done this recently? we did it a few years ago, anaged to purchase the refreshment package for my husband who doesn’t drink. This time round I’ve purchased the refreshment package and called up RC to purchase the DBP on a promotion I saw but because I booked through a travel agent they couldn’t put it through. I contacted the TA and they are saying both parties have to buy the DBP..
  4. I wonder how long it will sail from Southampton before heading to Miami?
  5. No the travel agent was saying I could buy one of the £12 tests to do at home, scan the results on my phone and then they send a certificate... I don’t see how this is going to be excepted.
  6. I kept saying this to them and they won’t listen! And that’s a travel agent
  7. I contacted my travel agent and they have assured me several times that the test below will suffice..but I really don’t see how as you just do the test at home and scan the results in an app and then presumably get a certificate.. https://covid.randox.com/pre-departure/
  8. I’ve been watching the series, it’s good!
  9. Does anyone know where we get our pre covid tests from? Last time I went on a cruise last year, RC arranged and paid for the test. When I’ve looked online there’s info for US passages not U.K.
  10. I have booked loads of cruises direct with RC before and never come across this..
  11. I managed to get it sorted. It seems it is a requirement for certain ships but not the one I am going on so they changed it for me.
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