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  1. Oh I wasn't aware you could ask to make your own pizza!
  2. We have been Labadee twice, the first time it was really crowded and we didn’t really enjoy it. But the second time we went to the other side of the beach and sat close to the swim up bar and had a lovely day
  3. Lovely! The excitement is great to watch
  4. I'm curious as I've never been to one of the art auctions, how much does it usually sell for?
  5. Room service does sound a great idea but I'm always so excited to explore! also the hot tubs are usually empty around lunch time on embarkation day
  6. We always get a ship model but the little one on a key ring and then take the chain part off. We were gutted we couldn't get one on our last cruise on the Independence of the seas! they sold out.
  7. We found out the hard way... they gave us a coconut drink and never said that we would be charged extra as its not included in the drinks package..
  8. Breakfast -Start with a speciality coffee and freshly squeezed orange Mid Morning - Start with the frozen cocktails Lunch - Bottled water/ Red Bull & Vodka Afternoon - Usually another speciality coffee Evening - Either bottles of beer or wine Flavoured water throughout the day
  9. We usually get on pretty early around 10:30am and head straight to Windjammers when it opens, it's never too busy early on.
  10. Brilliant news! Hopefully it won't be to long before we can all have the vaccine
  11. The prices on Harmony next May in Europe are so tempting!
  12. It really is a beautiful place, we were apparently lucky with the weather when we went in September as the crew said it had rained lots before we got there.
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