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  1. We stayed deck 3 mid ship on Independence of the seas, absolutely fine, never noticed any noises..
  2. We were gold last month on Anthem and got two drinks with 50% off, there were a few other offers but we didn’t use them.
  3. I’m sure we booked but it wasn’t busy, so you can probably turn up
  4. We buy the Christmas tree ship decorations and take off the hooks, it leaves you with a little ship model
  5. Table service on Anthem a few weeks ago!
  6. Cinque Terre is gorgeous, you’ll have a great time!
  7. How do you store your collected Sea passes? Mine are in a drawer but I am thinking of displaying them!
  8. You’d never miss your cabin! Looks great!
  9. I saw a guy on the Anthem so it a few weeks ago, I was quite jealous ha
  10. The trouble i’m having is the prices of the excursions! There’s no mention of a discount for out of Southampton. Seems so unfair, be a shame if me and my husband had to take turns getting off at ports for a little look around.
  11. I bought the Deluxe beverage packages for my 11 night cruise, then the cruise was changed to a 7 night cruise. I spoke to RC about getting my money back for the 4 days I will no longer be using, they said I have to cancel get a refund and the price for a 7 nights drinks package is the same price as I paid for 11 nights. ? Is this standard practice? I feel like they could have done something as it was RC that changed the itinerary.
  12. I can’t seem to get through, I keep trying without success, they must be very busy!
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