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  1. We stayed at the Hotel Moresco. Its less than a 10min wak to the people mover. I can highly recommend it. It was fantastic. Happy Cruising!
  2. Welcome NP Tomlinson! The buses pick up at the port side of the people mover. They're right on your left as you get to the exit at bottom of the escalator. There will be somebody their checking names and directing you to the buses. At least that was our experience. Happy Cruising!
  3. This did happen on our trip in Oct, leaving cruisers scrambling to find an alternative from Ravenna back to Venice after the cruise. Happy Cruising!
  4. First, welcome to the blog! That's news to me as we just got back from that same cruise in Oct. They offered two different shuttles. One to and from Nova del Trochetto to the port in Ravenna and the other one to and from the Marco Polo Airport. I can't believe that they would have stopped the airport shuttle, unless there wasn't the demand for that one, assuming most people come in a day ahead. Maybe they didn't understand your question? Seems pretty straight forward to me. I would try calling RC again and see if you get the same answer. It wouldn't be the first time that two different customer service agents gave two different answers. Happy Cruising!
  5. We always get at least one app, salad, 1/2 pasta and then an entree and dessert for each of us. No issues. May I suggest the mushroom risotto. One of my favorite dishes on RC. Enjoy! Happy Cruising!
  6. How are you getting to Ravenna? Shuttle leaving from the airport or Tronchetta? Train? This all plays into your decision. Happy Cruising!
  7. As far as I know the shuttle only runs to Marco Polo Airport. That was the only airport option last Oct. And it doesn't run from Tronchetta to the airport. Just to and from Marco Polo Airport to the port in Ravenna or to and from Tronchetta to the port in Ravenna, as far as Venice is concerned.
  8. I'm not sure why either but we had our TA book us from Venice to Ravenna and was told we had to book the Ravenna to Bologna shuttle once we got on board. Happy Cruising!
  9. I'm sorry to hear that the Hotel Moresco was sold out. We stayed there in Oct and it was fantastic. The shuttle only runs on cruise day as it is offered by RC specifically to get you to the ship. If you want to go to Ravenna early, you'll have to find your own transportation. A lot of people took the train. If you need a suggestion where to stay in Ravenna may I suggest M Club De Luxe B&B. It's right in town close to everything. Fantastic! Happy Cruising!
  10. We just took the exact shuttle last Oct. There were actually 2 full buses worth of people. Not sure why they would have stopped it. It was a paid service as well. No free shuttle to or from Venice. That was only the the first year after they moved the cruise port from Venice to Ravenna. Happy Cruising!
  11. Yes. The shuttles run both ways. You just have to choose either the shuttle to Marco Polo Airport or to Venice Cruise port area. Happy Cruising!
  12. I'm assuming there is, since there was one from Ravenna port to the airport in Bologna. Drive from Bologna is a little over an hour vs two plus hours from Venice. Happy Cruising!
  13. We took the shuttle, not the train but quite a few people on our cruise did take the train and did have an issue getting back to Venice because the trains were in fact on strike. It caused a lot of headaches for quite a few people, trying to make last minute arrangements. Hoping you do not run into that. Happy Cruising!
  14. Welcome Helen! They are not free, but they are much cheaper than a private transfer. This last Oct they were about $48pp to and from Venice and I think $38pp to and from Ravenna. Just depends on what you are looking for, and how much you are willing to spend. Happy Cruising!
  15. First, welcome to the family! So, are you coming into Venice a day early or will you be in Ravenna a day early? I'm a little confused because you asked for a hotel recommendation close to the port in Ravenna, but also shuttle info from VCE. A first overseas trip can be very intimidating, so no worries. We are here to help you. Happy Cruising!
  16. I'm not sure about the trip back as we flew out of Bologna. I know that they definitely had a shuttle to the Venice airport, as well as the airport in Bologna and the train station in Ravenna. Happy Cruising!
  17. We booked ours through our TA, but I think you can just call RC direct. Happy Cruising!
  18. You're very welcome! Happy Cruising!
  19. We took the shuttle from Venice to Ravenna and here's how it worked. We showed up at the designated meeting place. There were representatives waiting who took our names. We boarded our assigned bus and when it was full, we were on our way. Happy Cruising!
  20. We stayed at the Hotel Moresco. Great hotel. I highly recommend it! Happy Cruising!
  21. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Happy Cruising!
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