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  1. I hope this all gets resolved by Oct when we sail from Venice. Too early to worry, but not too early to be concerned.
  2. We loved Peggy's Cove, although it was very crowded that day in port. If I remember correctly, there were at least 3 ships in port that day. You should have a good day, if you guys are the only ones in port. Enjoy! Happy cruising!
  3. Just checked our upcoming cruise on crew-center.com and discovered that the two days we have booked excursions, we are the only ship in port that day! What are the chances?
  4. I have a couple of follow up questions. Did you place your future special requests with your MDR servers? Has anybody had any luck requesting something special the first night, whether it be when you first board or ahead of time via email?
  5. Ok, I might be the only one, but I have no idea what this is?
  6. I did sign up for price alerts on Skyscanner. I found that they didn't always notify me in a timely manner, maybe once a week when prices were changing almost daily. I did use them to track flights on my own. I got R/T to Venice from ORD, premium economy, non-stop there with a 1hr40min layover on the way back with British Airways for cheaper than economy is going for now with the exact same flights, about three weeks later. Lucky? Maybe? Probably wouldn't have caught the deal if I wasn't such a cyber stalker!
  7. I booked our Oct 2020 Greek cruise in April 2019. I was willing to pay the going rate, because I got the cabin category, JS and cabin location, Deck 8 aft corner, I wanted. That being said, my TA has already repriced the cruise twice, saving us $1400. I have watched the flights pretty regularly once they were released at 330 days out. Being that they are overseas flights, I'm not sure how much of a difference that makes, but pulled the trigger about 3 weeks ago, when I saw what I though was a great price, compared to what I had seen in the past. As of today, those exact tickets have more than doubled in price. Will they drop below what I paid? Not sure. That's out of my hands now. The combination of savings between the cruise repricing and airfare savings afforded us an extra night in Venice pre-cruise and left some money our pockets for spending money. Sounds like a good deal to me. Happy Cruising!
  8. That's when the pools and beaches open here.
  9. If I feel like grilling, I've been known to shovel a path to the grill. Puts a little bit of summer into a cold Chicago winter.
  10. Putting the furniture back out on the deck today. Supposed to be 38 today here in Chicago! ๐Ÿ˜
  11. Well that's better than nothing and something that RC didn't have to do. I feel that's always going to be the dilemma with booking cruises. You always have to balance what you are willing to spend and how early you are wanting to book vs. waiting for a better price and potentially not getting the cabin category or cabin location you want. After the 90 days, all bets are off as RC is going to try and move any unsold cabins at any cost.
  12. When you cruise in the future and use a TA, make sure your TA does repricing. As stated on some other threads here, not all TA's provide that service and make sure your TA doesn't charge you. They get a commission from RC so their services should be free to you, at least where booking a RC cruise is concerned. If they want to charge you, they are not the TA for you. I would like to put a plug in for Danette, from MEI. She has repriced my current cruise twice, without me asking, and saved me $1400! Happy Cruising!
  13. Good luck on your weight loss! The last two times I was motivated to lose weight for a vacation was years ago, when we took the kids to Disney World. I wasn't going to pay all that money and not be able to comfortably fit on all the rides and in 2017 for our first RC cruise. Both times I dropped 50lbs in about 6mos. You can do whatever you want when you are highly motivated! You can do it! Happy cruising!
  14. Maybe he's moving for the future NHL team? I might be right behind him the way my Blackhawks are playing lately! ๐Ÿ˜ข
  15. Both are musts, if you ask me. The one thing I would say about Peggy's Cove is that I would suggest taking an excursion that just focused the trip at Peggy's Cove. We took an all day excursion with multiple spots and only got about 45min at Peggy's cove when we could have easily spent 3hrs there. I'm not sure about a taxi/Uber, we took an excursion through RC and if I recall it's at least a 45-60min drive. Acadia is absolutely breathtaking with a lot of different excursion options. There is a bike rental Pedego Electric Bikes right in town that has like half day electric bike rentals for like $60. Might be an option for you took explore the park on your own, if that's your kind of thing. Happy cruising!
  16. Your speaking of excursions you specifically booked or just excursions that were being offered?
  17. We lived outside of Atlanta for a couple of years. Only 2 years we have lived outside of the Chicago area. Spent the "winters" in sweatshirts while the locals wore parkas. We got 2 in of snow one year and my wife made the long and grueling, 3 mile drive to work to discover she was the only one in the HR dept. to show up for work. Everyone else called out because of the snow. The flipside to that was the 95 degree summers with 80% humidity! As bad as it can get here in Chicago from time to time, I look at those people who live in Northern Canada or Alaska and think to myself, How do they do it?
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