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  1. What's the one thing you would change about the cabins on RC? Mine would be bigger showers.
  2. Don't worry. In the near future we will have cell phone technology surgically implanted in us. No need to carry around the cumbersome phone any longer! Problem solved.
  3. We had a couple who wore matching "dance" outfits and danced every night in the atrium. Don't get me wrong, they were good dancers. The strange part was seeing them in their dance clothes in the WJ. Just seemed out of place.
  4. I bet there are a lot of people out there that wished he wouldn't have yelled anything!
  5. I'd like to blame 2020, but this has been going on a long time.
  6. I have worked with the public everyday with my job since the pandemic has started. I wear a mask, use proper social distancing guide lines and wash and sanitize my hands often. I have also followed those guide lines when out in public places like the grocery store. I don't see any differences if I cruise.
  7. Sounds like you know the ins and outs of every bathroom on board.
  8. It might not be the end all and be all, but it is the best news we've heard so far.
  9. Let's hope this news is true from Pfizer that their Covid vaccine is 90% effective and might me available as early as the end of the month.
  10. I guess all I can say is I'd be careful what you wish for. You might just get it. With what's going on these days and the uncertain future, I can't see anybody turning away business. Although I would imagine that the business owners of Key West did not vote for this.
  11. I'm sorry if this question has been answered, and I admit I have not read the entire post. How does the 72hr pre-boarding testing effect those of us that like to take a few days pre-cruise at a departure port? Will they provide locations at port to take the test?
  12. Regardless of what anybody offers, we usually bring our own "travel size" products on vacation. Buy the kind you like, throw out what's left, which usually isn't a lot. You don't need to lug big bottles back and forth. I know for what you get they are a little expensive, but the convenience is worth it. Especially if you have allergy or skin concerns.
  13. Haha. At one point I thought I had mistakenly stumbled upon a AARP blog!
  14. Although some of the ports have walking tours available through RC, I would imagine we might see more added as an "inexpensive" way to leave the ship in port. Of course not as inexpensive as free though. I know that no company likes to do things for free, but, could RC provide guided walking tours for free to passengers? Does anybody know if this would fall under the proposed mandates? It would be a way to allow passengers off the ships and maybe save some bookings. Just a thought.
  15. Looks like something that the Mad Hatter would have served Alice.
  16. I'm remembering the Kummelweck on Serenade. Not that it was the worst thing that I have eaten on an RC cruise, but after all the build-up, it was just meh.
  17. How will this effect your cruise choices if, as outlined in some of the press releases of late, RC as well as the other cruise lines do not allow passengers off the ships in port except for cruise ship sponsored excursions. No more free roaming in port? I know this may only be temporary, but it's kind of a big deal to a lot of people.
  18. Every story has two sides and when it comes down to money vs the truth, the truth doesn't always win out. Even when it should.
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