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  1. $24 per day is where we're sitting for our cruise next Oct on Brilliance for reference.
  2. Why would you want to use a TA and then do your own leg work? Just asking. Happy Cruising!
  3. What about testing for those countries that require a negative test for re-entry? Will RC provide a test for that as well? Happy Cruising!
  4. We always do this to have something to munch on a we get ready in the morning. We like to refer to them as "breakfast appetizers." Happy Cruising!
  5. I know there are trains and busses available right from Venice proper. You can try using Rome2rio website for some options. There seems to be quite a few train options the quickest being about 1.5hrs and should be much cheaper than the 320 Euros quoted for your private travel. The busses are much cheaper, but with about a 2 to 3 times more travel time. Happy Cruising!
  6. First off @MicDay, thank your husband for his service! We'll be flying to Venice next Oct and after checking probably every flight and airline option will probably go with Lufthansa in business class. Seems to be the best fit for us. Price, reviews, etc. A lot will still depend on flight times and such, when it comes booking time. I'm going off current flights, but who knows what will happen by next year. I know I have more options, flying directly out of Chicago, where as you will have to fly through I'm guessing NYC to get overseas. You can always check with your TA about flights out of NYC on whatever major overseas carrier you like. That would be the biggie as far as your husband is concerned. Its a short flight from either Charlotte or Greensboro to NYC, so you could fly whatever airline was the cheapest or fit your flight schedule. Happy Cruising!
  7. We will be doing the Greek Isle next Oct out of Venice(Ravenna) as well, spending 3 nights in Venice. Ravenna is actually about 2.5 hrs south of Venice. So transportation is definitely a challenge. As posted on another thread RC says you can only use their shuttle service if you fly in the day of. My TA has informed me that it is possible to get around that. She has in the past. I'd talk to your TA. Another option would be to fly into Bologna, about 1.25hrs from Ravenna the night before. I've been looking into this as an option as well. The cost of transportation to Ravenna would be cheaper than coming from Venice, if you had to pay out of pocket. I'm talking strictly about hiring a car service. There are buses and trains from Venice that would be cheaper, but involves a lot of 4+ hours of travel. Then on embarkation you could buy the shuttle service from Ravenna to the Venice airport and get transportation from the airport into Venice City Centre. You'd just be doing Venice on the back end of the cruise. Looking into the various flight options for us, arriving in Bologna and flying out of Venice and vice versa, didn't really change the cost that much. Just the arrival and departure times would make a difference. I'm actually having my TA Kathy G from MEI looking into the possibility of shuttle service from Venice to the port and then from the port on embarkation day to Bologna, if that's an option. We'll be staying at The Hotel Moresco. It's smaller boutique hotel close to the Piazza Roma. Having had the cruise postponed twice, 2020 and 2021, I've been doing a lot of research on stuff from the time I first booked the cruise in Apr of 2019. I'll try and be a resource if I can. Let me know. Happy Cruising!
  8. I've been emailing with my TA Kathy G at MEI about this. She said that she has been in this scenario before and has secured shuttle transportation for clients on embarkation day, even though they arrived early. She contacted RC and said she was upfront with the RC rep as to what she was doing, which the RC rep acknowledged, and was able to secure transportation by supplying a flight number that arrived that day. Sneaky? Yes. Great customer service? Definitely! I'm not sure if you are going through a TA or booked directly with RC, but I guess the answer is that it's possible to secure airport transportation same day. I'd talk to your TA, if you booked with one and see what they can do. Kathy was going to inquire a little more with RC and get back to me. When she does, I'll post what info she gets here. Happy Cruising!
  9. They said you could not use that option, even if you paid? I don't understand why not? I'm interested in finding out what you are going to do, as we are in the same situation next Oct. Happy Cruising!
  10. Hmmm...? I wonder how quickly RC will move back to Venice from Ravenna, if at all. Happy Cruising!
  11. Like the Publishers Clearing House or Irish Sweepstakes. Happy Cruising!
  12. Maybe you should suggest that they unplug for the cruise. ??? Happy Cruising!
  13. We all know that for the majority of the cases, RC offers some great food options across their fleet. But, have you had something that you would say, "I'll pass on that!" next time. On the contrary, what menu item have you enjoyed in the past and is no longer available, making you ask, "Hey, what ever happened to...?" Happy Cruising
  14. Whether it's a certain cabin category or cabin location, what type of cabin won't you ever stay in again and why? Happy Cruising!
  15. This will definitely be the new norm for the near future. Hopefully not forever though. Happy Cruising!
  16. Quick question for my Canadian friends or anybody else that knows the answer. And I apologize in advance if this has already been asked and answered. To enter Canada now, if I read correctly, you need proof of vaccination AND a negative Covid test? Thanks Happy Cruising!
  17. Congrats! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!
  18. Hahaha! It's been so long since we've all cruised we've resorted to "Roll Talk!" I love it! And for the record I don't remember them being warm either and my wife still talks about the pumpernickel type rolls with the raisins in them. Happy crunising!
  19. You should also check the prices of other cabin categories. Even though it's a year plus away, GS on our Greek Isle cruise next Oct are currently cheaper than JS by like $500 pp and a OS is only $700 more than a JS! You never know. Happy Cruising!
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