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  1. Twangsrer I can tell you have a LOT more Cruise experience than me, but I’m pretty sure my power strip didn’t have a surge protector. But no matter what it was taken. Not a huge deal and I encourage people to go with your reasoning. I’m a relative newbie to all of this. That said I can’t wait to be on this ship ! Power strip or nor
  2. Jersey Joe, yeah they don't allow power strips and I know everyone says to bring them. they are apparently a fire risk. Last year my kids bags arrived to the room and there was a note for me to report to security where they asked if we could open my bag, and they recovered my power strip. I was sort of scared but they just took it from me and told me I could get it back when we got off the ship. Honestly we really didn't need it anyways. I think some know how to get them through but be careful. Bring a travel router, sounds like you can still use them and it's pretty handy for
  3. In a few weeks my kids and I will be going on our second RC cruise, this time on the Harmony of the Seas. Needless to say we are very excited, and since we went last year on Adventure of the Seas, we sort of know what to expect from cruising and very excited about the new, to us, ship. Last year we brought a travel router for internet and it worked out great. We were able to share WiFi in our room, when we were in our room and the kids enjoyed being able to message their mom etc. I'm worried because I read a post of two here that RC is cracking down on travel routers. Is this true? A
  4. I haven't been on a cruise yet, but I bet they would consider a Coke, and Rum and Coke two different drinks. I get the strategy the poster is going for but my take is it won't work. I'm pretty cynical though :)
  5. My younger brother was an Exe VP at ABC TV for several years, and during that time my kids were young and we got to do Disney literally free, and often. We are sort of tired of the scene. The Cruises were NOT free it's the one arm of their business the ABC corp discounts don't apply, but we've spent a lot of time at both D-Land and D-World. I LOVE their customer service across the franchise. My kids would be bored too. They are teens, I've been divorced 4 years now, so it's really the three of us wanting to hang out together, I'll be alone so I'm not going to put them in the kids club
  6. When we did Disney, Make-A-Wish paid for the first one, but while I was on-board, having a great time, I signed us up for our second one. I purposely didn't choose Disney this time, and have consistently heard RC is great and think my teens will like it more than Disney.
  7. I pulled the trigger and got the Ultimate for me at $42 a day, refreshment package for my older teen, and classic package for my tween. yeah $42 a day, and I saw the drink prices here on the blog, I'll be good, and it's not much more, like $1 up-charge for some of the "fancier" drinks. But my go to drink will be covered within the Deluxe package. Wow this cruise is getting real.
  8. I booked a cruise at the %30 off, but also had the drink package offered at $42 a day which seems about %30 off too. Since I'm new and not sure what's "normal" is this %30 off on dining and excursions too? If so I should buy today before it's expired.
  9. Disney was great, and we sailed on the cost of Make-A-Wish, my oldest daughter is a cancer survivor, thankfully. We are really looking forward to RC. yeah it's less expensive up front but I think it equals out.
  10. We've been on 2 Disney Cruises so the entire concept isn't new but there seems to be a lot of small differences. Yeah we may be one of the first few to be on after the dry docking. Is there a way to find out what's happening at the Dry docking or what's happened to the ship recently? Sorry I know I'm a newbie so if I'm asking basic questions point me to where I need to go. I did get the drink package for myself, not sure if I should get Soda or refreshment package for the girls? Any additional thoughts always welcome. We are definitely excited.
  11. I just booked my first Royal Caribbean cruise on the Adventure of the Seas, this coming April for a S. Caribbean 7 night trip. I am having some buyers remorse, since after I booked it I found some negative reviews. It's going to be myself (single 49 year old Dad) and two teen daughters. My main goal/want is for my kids to have a great time. What do I need to know? What can ensure a great time?
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