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  1. I will second the recommendation to get the $7 taxi to Horseshoe Bay. I walked from there to Warwick Long Bay and back again, stopping several times along the way to just enjoy the shoreline and all the lovely little coves. Simply stunning! I was there for two and a half days on my cruise last summer. As well as the beach walk, I also went over to Hamilton on the Ferry late afternoon early evening. On day 2 I took the ferry to St George's and had a wander around the town, walked up by the Unfinished Church and went to Tobacco Bay. On day 3 I stayed in the Dockyard area.
  2. Firstly, don't be scared! Secondly, thanks for bumping this post up as I just enjoyed reading the comments and blog posts linked to above. I'm going on my third solo cruise in a few weeks, and it will be my first with Royal Caribbean. I've been getting to know folk via the Cruise Critic Roll Call and Facebook Group for my sailing and have several meet-ups arranged as well as excursions with others in the FB group. I'm actually starting to watch out that I leave myself with some solo me time lol I've gone on land vacations solo before I discovered cruising, and honestly find cruising is much easier for meeting people and being sociable. I love that I can have the best of both worlds on a cruise by having time to myself and being sociable when I want to be. Don't let fear hold you back and I hope you have a great time!
  3. @Thetechie thank you for sharing your cruise with us. 32 days till it's my turn to board Navigator :)
  4. My excursions on my Navigator sailing at the end of April are down in price from when I purchased in the last sale a few weeks ago. It's only a few pounds, but that few pounds is better in my pocket.
  5. I've seen a tour on YouTube with a member of the AO staff showing the vlogger around. If anyone's interested in seeing it I can find it again and post a link. I know it's difficult for people to get photos etc due to not wanting to post pics of children on public forums... there are no children in this video so it's safe to share. I don't travel with kids but I did think it looks like a fantastic set up.
  6. The current sailing is an adult only charter and there's been very little updated info coming out from it, but I've seen one post on a FB group by someone saying both slides are now open. If you go to the Live Blogs section of this site, we have someone getting on board tomorrow who will no doubt update us. ?
  7. I'm sailing on Navigator of the Seas on 26th April. ?
  8. I'm going to be in Miami for five nights pre-cruise in April, so I'm taking notes on these recommendations too. ?
  9. Yay I'm looking forward to following along and seeing more of that gorgeous ship! I will be sailing on her in 6 weeks time on a 7 Day Western Caribbean... my first RCI cruise and my first visit to the Caribbean. I hope you enjoy your first cruise and Happy Anniversary ?
  10. @twangster thanks again for taking so much of your time to blog and periscope from your cruise. I can't wait to sail on Navigator in April. Your photos and videos and insights have been really helpful. This will be my first Royal Caribbean sailing and I'm delighted I chose Navigator. ? I've shared links in a few FB groups to some of your content, and many people have expressed their thanks to me for sharing... so I'll extend their thanks to you too. Wishing you a safe trip home today. ?
  11. Erm nope... not tired of them at all! Absolutely fantastic photography and thanks for sharing ?
  12. It's my understanding that they've launched a brand new menu at Jamie's on Navigator. I'm looking forward to eating there no matter what the menu, but also interested to see what's new. ?
  13. I travel solo too and I'm still fairly new to cruising. I would definitely fly in that extra day early if you can manage it. Like you say... an extra day in the sun will be nice and if there is any bad weather you have an extra day to sort things out.
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