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  1. When you see yourself in twangsters photos but did not realize he was twangster ?
  2. I noticed this on Adventure in February. There was a 40% discount but no longer 2 free days for D+. I brushed it off but thought it was odd.
  3. Yikes! I work for a Defense Contractor and have no problem putting my name out on social media/ forums. Maybe I should..
  4. Hi @CHRIS WONG VLOGS! Thanks for sharing! I've always been so curious about crew members' lives onboard. Would you say from week to week it ever becomes monotonous - or do the different passengers and guests each week that you are able to meet keep it interesting? Do crew members have parties on board that change week to week? Not sure if you're able to answer this due to policy reasons but just out of curiosity - is there a level of seniority amongst crew to where you are able to choose which ship you are on for a contract? Are the larger vessels more or less desirable (more people = more stress but also more money?)
  5. Hi, @Puthy. Back in 2011, I was assigned a handicap room on Allure, but I was moved like a week and a half prior. If I remember correctly, they moved me to a Balcony (same category) on the same deck. My elderly father struggled to get a handicapped room last year when he was on Allure, and had to do some serious maneuvering upon embarkation to get one. I feel like they do their best to assign them to those that need it - but as with anything, you might get different answers from different people!
  6. You just convinced me! The great price on the May 5- May 10 Adventure Repositioning called my name!
  7. Hello hello! I searched the old topics/ replies for solo travel but wanted to see if anyone else had any input. I work at the family business and am planning on making my exit soon as it causes me a lot of stress. I'm thinking about cruising solo as a celebration and looking at 4-6 night bookings this year on ships that have studio interiors. It doesn't seem to bring the cost down much as solo travel can be expensive but it does help save a bit. I'm 25, female, and enjoy traveling alone while meeting new people. What are the pros/ cons of solo travel? Thoughts on best ships or itineraries for this? I know there's a Solo Travelers get-together most nights, and maybe some other events. I understand the safety issues of going into port alone, walking around town alone, etc, and plan to be smart and avoid a lot of that.
  8. Thanks for sharing the pics! That is one thing I wish I took more of - but I left my phone/ camera in the room most of the time on accident! The Silent Disco was my favorite!! I had so much fun looking like a fool dancing on my own. haha. Have you had a chance to go to the Imperial Lounge for any of the gameshows yet? Those were a riot and we enjoyed them the most out of everything! It might be worth checking out at least one night :)
  9. To make things MORE confusing, when I added my boyfriend (who has the same address so he was linked to my C&A account since he is considered a household member), he got "Diamond" Status since that is what my true points reflect. So, I'm Diamond Plus because of my parents, and he is Diamond because of me. LOL. I hope that makes sense.
  10. That is my understanding!! Although it might depend on which C&A rep you ask. haha!
  11. Good morning everyone! So I have also received different answers from different C&A's reps when I called.. I think it might be time to start using a travel agent honestly (lol). I also had this issue as my tags were showing up as Diamond. I finally spoke with a supervisor and he told me that I will keep my parent's status from before I turned 18 (i was 16 when my father achieved Diamond Plus) even though I currently have 109 points, which makes me a Diamond by points alone. So, I have my own set of points but keep his Diamond + status. I now build on my points alone. It seems their computer system might not always be correct since this has happened to others I know as well! I would call the C&A line and explain that your sons information is incorrect and you just want to make sure they have the appropriate status.
  12. A glass of champagne is always a good way to start a vacation! Then switch to the patron and pineapple.. yum, that sounds good!
  13. Okay, admittedly I may have been a bit dramatic. 30 mins is quite a long time. Pool bar was maybe more of a generalization.. :) haha, I would say more around 10-12 minutes or so. Maybe 15 at sailaway party, which is to be expected. The Imperial Lounge did take around 25 minutes on two nights if I remember correctly. It was the worst there. We were halfway through the gameshow before my boyfriend came back with the first drink! In the MDR, it did seem to get a little better as the week went on, but I could see how they are waiting for bartenders to make them for all the tables so they are a bit backlogged. Other bars.. probably 10 minutes max - more like 5 on average. For some reason they would serve me faster than my boyfriend.. not sure if that's saying something or not. I forgot to mention the Solarium bar had the most bartenders and only took around 2-3 mins.. I apologize for the overgeneralization - waiting for alcohol can do that to me, apparently...
  14. Well hello there! Glad you also enjoyed.. We played the Majority Rules game but did not do as well.. LOL! The bag in a bag was quite a fun gift.. were you there when they were giving away highlighters at the Finish the Lyric gameshow? That's the only one we did not enjoy as much since that little kid was trying to cheat the whole time. haha. We didn't get a chance to try the hot tubs but I heard others say the same - that they weren't really hot. This was the 2nd worst "rocking" I've ever had. Back on Independence in 2009, we had 18-20 ft waves and they made us stay in our rooms for a few hours!
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