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  1. Guess I'm a mix of Ghost and Go-Getter. To be fair, crew on German cruise lines just isn't very chatty. Good morning/day etc. usually sums up the conversation so being on a Royal cruise was a steep learning curve. Go-Getter could be anyone, FOMO is a real thing 🙂 On Symphony I had a spreadsheet to make sure we went to each restaurant and bar at least once. I think we only missed Jazz on 4.
  2. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but apparently all Pullmantur ships will be dismantled in Turkey 😢 https://www.elrincondeltripulante.xyz/2020/06/pullmanturs-ships-will-be-disposed-in.html
  3. I doubt that Odyssey's new inaugural has much to do with the rest of the fleet. I'm guessing even if they could speed up Odyssey a bit more, that wouldn't help much because a late transatlantic and shortened Caribbean season just isn't financially viable. Cruise lines also tend to avoid Mediterranean sailings in winter. So the only valid winter option based on weather and distance would be the Canary Islands and it might be difficult to fit Odyssey in the port schedules on a short notice. Maybe they'll add some earlier cruises for Odyssey once they're sure of Meyer Werft's progress and COVID restrictions.
  4. Depending on forthcoming cruising regulations Royal might even be happy about a delay. Delivery means the remaining 80% of the price must be paid - also crew and port fees on top of that. P&O and Saga Cruises are currently doing everything to not have to accept delivery of Iona and Spirit of Adventure.
  5. Some possibilities for your ports: Nice: either walk into town for Promenade d'Anglais and old town or make a trip to Monte Carlo. Personally, I don't care much about Monte Carlo but apparently that's just me 🙂 Marseille: I don't like the city so I'd suggest a trip - both Avignon and Aix-en-Provence are not too far and much more worthwhile. Personally, I'd prefer Avignon. Bonus point for Avignon: depending on when you're cruising you could see the lavender fields (June/July). La Spezia: Florence is definitely worth a trip but it's 2 hours from La Spezia. Lucca might be an alternative - only an hour away and a beautiful city. Pisa is also only an hour away but for me it'd be only 3rd choice. I assume you're from the US, so another piece of advice:: if you're planning on renting a car make sure you book one with automatic transmission. Manual transmission is pretty common in Europe, automatic is usually an extra with costs.
  6. We did Symphony's TA in an interior stateroom and absolutely loved it. For us it was spacious enough and as we only used it for sleeping & showering - so no need for more expensive staterooms. Our favourite spot were Playmakers and Central Park.
  7. I think you're onto something. I got the notice when booking my Eastern Med cruise on Odyssey - hubby and me were comparing itineraries for 10 minutes and couldn't figure out what had changed. We have an overnight in Athens, so this most likely triggered the notice.
  8. The CDC seems to be a real problem. European cruises might be coming back earlier than cruises from the US. European river cruises have already resumed, Hurtigruten plans to resume the postal ship cruises mid-June. TUI Cruises hopes to resume at least part of their cruises in August.
  9. We've booked an Eastern Med cruise on Odyssey for September 2021 - hopefully the covid craze will be over by then. @Ian T Thanks for mentioning booking through MEI - I had no idea they could handle bookings for non-US residents and thought I had only read about an exception for the group cruises. Will definetely consider this for our next cruise - especially if this makes repricing possible .
  10. That's about the only area where Royal could learn from Princess. When we were on Caribbean Princess in 2018 the Medallion opened your cabin door when you were near it - no need to get it out of your pocket. Back then I liked it because you had no hassle with the drinks, now it could be an asset regarding COVID-19. Ordering drinks online and getting them delivered anywhere on the pool deck was also a nice feature, but if I remember correctly you still had to hand the Medallion over to scan it. Sadly, I think Royal might currently lack the funds to implement something like this.
  11. I agree, Franconia is a nice region with pittoresque villages and towns. We live north of Ansbach, nearer to Bamberg. We regularly see US helicopter training flights around here.
  12. if you're docked at Havensight in St. Thomas, you can do the Skyride to Paradise Point. Easily walkable and great views.
  13. We got UDP for Odyssey - 12 nights (4 sea days) for 210 € - about $237. We originally wanted to buy the 5 night package but couldn't say no to this deal. Will rebook it if it gets even lower.
  14. Just booked our 2nd Royal cruise yesterday. Odyssey Eastern Med Sep 19 2021
  15. Up to now our only mistake was to think that Princess was a premium cruise line.... to my defense, it's portraited like that in Germany. But we experienced something funny when waiting for our shuttle from Alamo to Caribbean Princess. When staff made a list of who needed to go to what ship, one couple said Allure. This was in Fort Lauderdale, mind you. The look on their faces when they were told they had to go to Miami for Allure - priceless 😄 Luckily for them, their car wasn't processed so they could take it to drive to Miami - and they were still early enough to make it.
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