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  1. We received an e-mail with the detailed protocols for the sailing so I didn't really bother looking it up on the site. We'll have to test within 24 hours before boarding as we're not considered up to date. That's the one point where living in still covid-crazy Germany helps - no problem getting a test done. No scheduling no nothing, just show up and 5 minutes later you're good to go, you get the results via e-mail a few minutes later. We'll do it on our way to the airport as we'll be only arriving in Barcelona at 11 pm on Saturday. We've been to Barcelona a few times now so we're not missing out on anything. More importantly, this means one more night with the cats and the dog as they'll go to the kennels on Saturday.
  2. The weather might change dramatically from now until then so it's difficult to say right now. In 2018 (Symphony TA) the weather in Spain was abysmal - below 10 ° Celsius and raining A LOT. This was caused by a tropical storm and also meant bad weather and high waves for the first few days after leaving the Med. If I recall correctly the captain even travelled further South than planned but that didn't help much. After the first few days the weather was amazing, warm and sunny. I'm hoping this year's weather will be better from the start as there haven't been that many tropical storms until now.
  3. Bit envious of the Brits right now. There hasn't been any promotion for drinks, dining or internet since we booked the TA in April. Guess Royal doesn't care much about the German market.
  4. Spain requires absolutely nothing from EU citizens. For non-EU citizens these are the current rules: Passengers arriving in Spain by AIR (except children under the age of 12 and passengers in international transit) from countries that DO NOT belong to the European Union or are NOT considered Schengen associated countries, must have one of these documents: DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE OR EU EQUIVALENT vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative certificate of an active infection diagnostic test or a certificate of recovery after passing the disease. You can check if your certificate is valid on the website https://www.spth.gob.es/ or in the Spain Travel Health app -SpTH- (Android, iOS, Huawei). Upon arrival at the airport follow the signals indicating the ORANGE WAY . QR SPTH . If you do not have the EU Digital COVID Certificate or EU equivalent, you must fill in the SPTH Health Control Form manually entering the details of your vaccination, recovery or diagnostic test certificate through the website https://www.spth.gob.es/ or the Spain Travel Health application -SpTH- (Android, iOS, Huawei). The system will send you a QR code that you will have to present both prior boarding, and upon your arrival in Spain. In the health control, you may be required to present this document certifying vaccination, diagnostic test or recovery. Upon arrival at the airport follow the signals indicating the BLUE WAY . Source: https://www.sanidad.gob.es/en/profesionales/saludPublica/ccayes/alertasActual/nCov/spth.htm
  5. Thanks for the information. Then I'll just have to pay for the fried lasagna I'm planning to try
  6. Awesome tips, thank you! I'm a sucker for milk shakes, had no idea Mason Jar had some. We have the DBP for this sailing so we'll have to try those.
  7. Thank you so much Ashley! Guess this would be a cruise where a Genie is a godsend. Well, I'll just have to preplan and then start making reservations for entertainment and dining as soon as I have ship's WIFI. Getting really excited about this cruise
  8. Finally back from our vacation in Sweden, so the TA gets more real now. After not being too impressed with the MDR on the Symphony TA, we decided to purchase the UDP this time. Last time we had the 5 night dining package, so I'm a bit unsure how the UDP details work out. I know that I'll have to do all my dinner reservations once we board, especially with all these seasoned cruisers on the TA. But how does lunch on sea days (or on port days when a restaurant is open) work? Do we just show up or can you also do reservations for lunch? And a few UDP questions specific to Wonder (read conflicting info on a few of these so maybe someone who was on Wonder can chime in): I guess brunch at Mason Jar is included in the UDP as it's more or less lunch? Can I make reservations for brunch? The terms state For restaurants with a la carte pricing, you'll receive a $20 food credit.* But in the fine print it states For restaurants with a la carte pricing, you’ll receive a $35 food credit, with the exception of Port Side BBQ and Playmakers which will be $20. So Izumi is still $35? Or isn't it a la carte anymore? Are the Mason Jar bar menu or Giovanni's Wine Bar menu included? Do they offer food in the pub? I was looking forward to trying poutine for the first time (we originally booked Odyssey) Looking forward to your input and thanks in advance!
  9. It depends on the rules you booked under. We did switch from an Eastern Med sailing to the TA without losing our deposit or paying any fees by calling Royal's German desk. Only condition was that the new sailing had to be more expensive than the original one. If you've booked with a travel agent, let them look into it for you. If you've booked with Royal directly, just give them a call. If the answer is not to your liking, call multiple times to talk to different agents and most likely geht different answers.
  10. We did Tallinn without a tour. We took a taxi to the Alexander-Newski-Cathedral first thing in the morning before the Hop on Hop off bus even starts. The taxis wait at the end of the pier. That way you beat the crowds and spare yourself from hiking the hill up to the cathedral. You then walk down the Pikk Jalg into the city centre which is easily walkable. After walking around and having lunch we took the Hop on Hop off bus to see a bit more of the city. Bonus point: the bus drops you off at the pier.
  11. Our experience on the Symphony TA was that 12 nights were way too short to experience all the things we wanted to try on board. Bearing in mind that the Symphony TA only had two ports (Malaga and Port Canaveral) and the Wonder TA will have 5 (Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Malaga, Cartagena, Nassau), I'm sure even 14 nights will feel like no time at all.
  12. We did Croatia and Montenegro by RV. Both Kotor and Split are easily walkable. Just get in town and walk around. Not sure about Montenegro as we parked directly in the city, but you can use Uber in Croatia if your ship is far out from the city. Usually Uber are normal taxis but you save the hassle of ordering and paying them.
  13. Due to COVID restrictions we switched from this cruise to the Wonder transatlantic. Hope you'll have fun and that Israel will be possible.
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