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  1. Oh! I love your question! That would help me too!
  2. PrincipalTinker

    Well this interesting...

    Thanks, I want to book 2020 and this is interesting.
  3. I signed up for it through the Royal IQ app in April while eating lunch on embarkation day.
  4. Welcome @Randy! I am sorry you forgot to make your payment! I have a great TA from MEI that makes sure I never make that mistake! I can refer her if you’d like?
  5. PrincipalTinker

    Any lanyard recommendations?

    I too wear a release lanyard at work. Where would you see a release being needed?
  6. PrincipalTinker

    Any lanyard recommendations?

    My TA sent me something like this for my Anthem Cruise I never had to remove my sea pass.
  7. Have you looked at the Main Dining room menus or any recent trip reports? In April we were on Anthem. We ate in the MDR 6 out of 7 nights. I prefer steak or seafood for dinner and Si was perfectly happy with the choices. I also ate in the MDR for breakfast and lunch on multiple days.
  8. I am new to cruising and I do have an upcoming Disney cruise booked. I will be honest, I am hoping to be a Disney travel agent ( just for fun) when I retire and a few agency have a requirement that you have been on a Didney Cruise. A few obvious observations: My RCL 7 night cruise was less than a 4 night Disney cruise. This is true even when I add three deluxe drink packages, a cabana on CocoCay, and a brewery tour in Nassau. Of course, if I wanted to book a cabana on a Disney cruise it would cost me three times as much as RCL. This is not a cost I have to worry about since everyone does not have equal access to booking (like RCL) and I will never be able to book a Disney cabana. As a “Disney freak” I am sure I will love my Disney cruise. I honestly cannot wait for it to be complete so I can book my next RCL Cruise.
  9. PrincipalTinker

    Disembarking at Port Liberty

    I will say we had our luggage picked up the night before. By the time we finished breakfast they were calling our number. We walked right out and met a porter that walked us through security . It was very easy and seemed to get us through the shortest line.
  10. PrincipalTinker

    Nassau/Junkanoo Beach opinions?

    I walked to Junkaroo last April. At the beach they will ask if you want to rent chairs, umbrellas, or have some food. They accepted “ no thank you”, right away. I would not call it dirty, and many people spent the day there. It was fine for a free, short beach stay. If I wanted a full day beach stay I would most likely go somewhere else.
  11. PrincipalTinker

    Benefits of using MEI Travel

    I am going to jump in here. I contacted MEI for a couple of reasons, mainly because I knew absolutely nothing about cruising, and they support this site. I booked about 14 months before my cruise. I received about 6 emails before my trip: I found you a better price. Those price drops ranged from $30 with onboard credit, to over $300. I did not book with MEI because I expected anything extra. I actually booked a second cruise before the first, and I am waiting for the next large release to book another. Although I did not ask or expect anything, my agent sent me lanyards, a portable phone charger, pens, and a $50 onboard credit. I just post that to say, if that is important to you ask. It is not to me. It came as a complete surprise. The level of service I received was amazing, and I think I should be sending her gifts.
  12. PrincipalTinker

    Cancelled Cruise Update

    I have worked with the “other Michelle”. They are all wonderful.
  13. PrincipalTinker

    Cancelled Cruise Update

    Were you able to find another Royal cruise? I am so sorry this happened!
  14. PrincipalTinker

    What was your best "extra" deal?

    I purchased almost everything for my April cruise on the Black Friday sale in a November. The drink package was $41. I also booked excursions and never found a lower price.