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  1. You still had to have an at home test before the cruise? You didn’t have to upload that?
  2. We all filter what we see with our own emotions and interpretations. Our minds need to interpret what we see. Unfortunately, the family might not be able to emotionally accept what we see. If RC is not to blame then the reality of what the grandfather did might be too much for them to handle now and possibly always.
  3. In April we ended up having two days in Nassau after our CocoCay stop was cancelled. On the first day we walked to Junkanoo Beach. We were on guard since we had heard about safety concerns. We walked to the beach and stopped in a couple of shops on the way back to the ship. The next day we had a walking brewery tour. I felt very safe on that tour and I highly recommend it.
  4. I booked the escape room on the app during lunch in the Windjammer on embarkation day.
  5. I don’t know if that is true. I contacted an MEI agent for my first cruise. I did not get the referral here but found her on a Disney TA list that noted she also could help with RCL. I never had to contact her about price decreases, they were always done automatically. As far as she was concerned I was just a new client, but I have booked with her again based on my first experience.
  6. I booked all my excursions and my drink package last year on the Black Friday sale. I booked my cruise 14 months out and for my cruise Black Friday was the best discounts.
  7. I was on the Anthem last April. My husband does not travel with me, and I call him every day. I bought the voom package. I was able to call him every day. The WiFi was very spotty with my iPhone, and it dropped the call often, but I did call. I also FaceTimed him a couple of times. Once , the WiFi was so annoying I used minutes at sea.
  8. If I am remembering correctly, they was a towel stand as we were leaving the Anthem for our shore excursion. You could oiscknone up on your way off the ship, and return it as you boarded.
  9. Thanks, I want to book 2020 and this is interesting.
  10. I signed up for it through the Royal IQ app in April while eating lunch on embarkation day.
  11. Welcome @Randy! I am sorry you forgot to make your payment! I have a great TA from MEI that makes sure I never make that mistake! I can refer her if you’d like?
  12. I too wear a release lanyard at work. Where would you see a release being needed?
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