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  1. Magnets

    There are cruise compasses on the drop down menu on the home page. You do need to use your card to turn on the lights on the Anthem. There were about 1/3 if the doors in my deck that had something on their doors.
  2. Wow Envelopes

    Not at all! I had read about the ones you posted about. I was not expecting the Wow envelopes that were delivered.
  3. Wow Envelopes

    I ended up leaving an envelope in our stateroom the last night of our cruise for our attendant. She left us a thank you note. I handed envelopes to the main dining staff. I saw another guest stop by during dinner. His family was not eating in the main dining room that night but he stopped by with envelopes.
  4. April 14-21 Anthem of the Seas Somewhat live blog

    Yes! Life long fan!
  5. April 14-21 Anthem of the Seas Somewhat live blog

    I forgot to mention. There were a lot, and I mean- a lot- of complaints about the change to the entertainment schedule during our trip. I don’t understand it? You could not walk in a straight line the ship was rocking with the waves. They explained they made changes because the scenery in the Gift moves, and there are elements that are. It safe in Spectra’s with that movement. All shows were rescheduled for two nights and it was communicated well. Is there something else they should have done? i have come back to edit to just update what happened at the pool yesterday. It was very cold and the outdoor pool was closed. We could not find chairs but finally we found three chairs by the family pool. Two different couple came to us when we were there about 40 minutes. Each time they asked what we did with their things. We explained there was nothing on the chairs when we sat down. Friends later told us that the crew was going around and bagging up personal items left on pool chairs. There were many angry people.
  6. Formal Night Suit-pant leg

    I did not say anyone in my party wore shorts. In fact there was a shopping trip the week before to ensure we were formally dressed on formal nights, but there were shorts on many men
  7. Formal Night Suit-pant leg

    This week on the Anthem a few people showed up in shorts. I am sure any long pants are fine.
  8. April 14-21 Anthem of the Seas Somewhat live blog

    There is a parking garage right next to the terminal. It was $140 for the 7 night cruise. We used a porter on the way out (I set aside the tip money before the cruise) and it was so easy. The porter directed us on the way out. When you arrive they direct you to a luggage drop off spot and take your luggage curbside before you drive to the garage. I travel with my son and his girlfriend because my husband does not fly but I am trying to talk him into that Bermuda cruise!
  9. April 14-21 Anthem of the Seas Somewhat live blog

    I am in the car on the way home to Massachusetts. We went to the Windjammer for breakfast and other than the challenge of finding coffee the crowds were manageable. It took us about 30 minutes from leaving the boat to hitting the highway. A few final thoughts on the Anthem of the Seas. We really enjoyed spending time talking to the crew. Our assistant waiter in the main dining room is flying home to India today and I will be thinking of him today. He was so happy last night! I had posted when out CocoCay day was cancelled that I was prepared for that possibility and I was not upset. Later that night we spent some time talking to a bartender at Two 70. She apologized for being so happy but she loves Atlantis and she hates CocoCay. CocoCay is so much work for the crew. They all were going to Atlantis from midnight to 4:00am. I know the pier will be built and soon the Nassau overnight stops will end. I am glad this crew had at least one more chance for a night out. We heard a lot of guests complaining: the ship is too big, Florida was cold, CocoCay was cancelled....we had a blast. We loved the main dining room. There were many guests that only dined in the main dining room on day 6. Last night (7) the room was almost empty . Yesterday we ate all three meals in the main dining room. I must admit I love lunch in the Grande. We watched the virtual fireworks in Two 70 last night. We loved them but thought there is a potential for so much more! Thank you for all your help and tips over the last 14 months of planning. This was a first cruise but we are committing to at least one cruise a year. I will be waiting for summer 2020 cruises for advice on our next RCL cruise. We have the Disney Dream booked for next summer. I am doing that since I am hoping to be a Disney vacation planner in my retirement and I may be able to talk for 6 hours straight about Walt Disney World resorts, parks and food but I need cruise line experience. Thanks again!
  10. April 14-21 Anthem of the Seas Somewhat live blog

    We want to watch the virtual fireworks at 11:00 and we are back at Two 70, front row, waiting for the Karaoke finals to begin.
  11. April 14-21 Anthem of the Seas Somewhat live blog

    Today is our last day. We are currently sitting in Two 70 waiting for the virtual symphony to begin. Today we did IFly and there are no photos since we all did it. Tomorrow is my 57th birthday and I loved it! The staff was amazing. We are all packed and will put the luggage out before dinner.
  12. Texting

    Unfortunately they tried that...shortly after, “well the terms of service tells you this could happen...”. It is no big deal for me but if it is an iOS 11.3 issue and people have not installed the latest update I think they should wait. We had an amazing cruise and this did not impact me at all!
  13. Texting

    I had wished I knew about the iOS issue because I have a work cell that is an android and I would have brought that phone with me. Although I do think the issues this week may be beyond an iPhone problem. This was the last 20 minutes in the Grande.
  14. Wow Envelopes

    Since these envelopes say they are for gratuities I should hand them out? There are only two of them.
  15. Wow Envelopes

    This is the envelope we received