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  1. PrincipalTinker

    Cancelled Cruise Update

    I have worked with the “other Michelle”. They are all wonderful.
  2. PrincipalTinker

    Cancelled Cruise Update

    Were you able to find another Royal cruise? I am so sorry this happened!
  3. PrincipalTinker

    What was your best "extra" deal?

    I purchased almost everything for my April cruise on the Black Friday sale in a November. The drink package was $41. I also booked excursions and never found a lower price.
  4. PrincipalTinker

    2020 Itinerary Release Dates?

    The fall? I am glad they are so specific.....
  5. PrincipalTinker

    Anthem to Gibraltar?

    Yes and Adventure is returning next summer too. I just don’t think they will go from two ships to none.
  6. PrincipalTinker

    Anthem to Gibraltar?

    Do you think there would be a window without a ship? Currently doesn’t Adventure join Anthem?
  7. PrincipalTinker

    Travel agency perks and benefits

    Does an AAA agent watch your reservation an automatically re-book it at a lower price? I would not trade the amazing service I receive from my MEI agent for a bottle of champagne.
  8. PrincipalTinker

    picture for sail pass

    That happened with us. We had to go into the photo and rotate it and save it again.
  9. PrincipalTinker

    Nassau Excursions

    I am not sure if I know how to post a link here but I used these directions I took a screen shot and followed them and it was perfect!
  10. PrincipalTinker

    Why I use a Travel Agent

    I know you all work with Michelle from here but I must say “the other Michelle” is my TA and she has been pretty amazing too.
  11. I think we were very lucky when we boarded the Anthem in April. We arrived at the terminal around 11:15. We dropped off the luggage, parked the car and went to the terminal. As we entered we said “hello” to an employee standing right inside the door. She asked us “how many” and then sent us to a station with an iPad along the left wall. At that station they checked us in and stamped our set sail pass. This allowed us to skip the longer security line. The whole process of pulling into the terminal road to boarding the ship was less than 30 minutes?
  12. PrincipalTinker

    Adventure of the Seas 5/18/18

    Thanks for the report! I am following along hoping to learn from your trip.
  13. PrincipalTinker

    Favorite spot not near a pool

    When I read your comment I thought , “Yes!” Then I realized for me it may be, sitting at the bar, in 270, during the day while watching the ocean.
  14. A few drinks at Boleros were more than $13 but we were not charged the extra. I cannot remember if they were $14 or $15 but we were expecting an extra charge.
  15. What is the maximum on Anthem? We thought we would have to pay the difference for a coconut strawberry daiquiri in Boleros, but there was no charge.