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  1. My husband and I will be on the Independence from Dec 6-10 this year. Will there be any Christmas/Holiday decorations on the ship that early? This will be our first Royal Caribbean cruise and we will be celebrating our 23 year anniversary (yay us!!) we are SO excited!
  2. Does this mean that you do not typically purchase travel insurance or just that you don't usually use Allianz?
  3. My husband and I don’t drink alcohol but enjoy non alcoholic drinks and I love my fancy lattes. ? We are debating the Refreshment package. I noticed it had dropped to $18 a night per person for our cruise. What’s the average cost for a non alcoholic drink like a Pina Colada?
  4. My husband and I will be taking our first RC cruise in December on the Independence. It is a 4 night cruise. We haven't been on a cruise in 15 years and really enjoyed the older style traditional way of dining where you had the same table and same waitstaff. The only seating available is the 8:30. That seems like a pretty late and inconvenient time to have dinner. Should we just go with the My Time dining? What are the benefits of the 8:30 time slot? It is just the 2 of us.
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