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  1. mmm, I love RumChada! We were on Navigator on March 15th, and I didn't find anything there that was like it, other than Baileys, which isn't really the same thing... Where did you see those little creamer cups?
  2. I'm thinking I need to come too! I miss it already
  3. The worst day of the cruise... The day is here, the day we leave our home on the seas... We pulled into Miami around 5am, and from what I could tell, we were cleared and self disembarkation started around 6:45am We headed up to Chop’s about 8:15 for our breakfast, it was delicious We decided not to use our Key benefit for disembarking because we wanted to leave with my cousins, they had the latest departure possible, so we wandered around the ship a bit. The next cruise is the Zumba chartered cruise, so the pool deck was oddly empty, and they were craning in a
  4. Day 9 - Last full day.... Didn’t take a ton of pictures today, but I have a few We had a slow start to the morning, and went to the spa about 9 for a nice massage / nap! We were done just after 11 and went to the Windjammer for lunch. After lunch, we caught the show with the house band, it was a big band style and we loved it We went out on the deck and played shuffle board for a bit before heading up to the pool deck pro-tip, do the pool at slides starting at 5PM, there is no one out there! While walking the halls today, I looked up and
  5. That’s funny, gotta figure it could happen! And that wouldn’t have been me in the Diamond lounge, I am still pre-gold. After today I will be gold though!
  6. It’s amazing, that’s what it is! I will swing by there today and take a better picture of the menu
  7. Day 8 - at sea Today was our first of two sea days headed back to Miami, and it was wonderful! I got up early and took my laptop down to the promenade about 7:30 to get some stuff done, it was wonderfully quiet down there, and I grabbed some fruit from the Cafe. A little later in the morning, they had a Bloody Mary bar set up on the promenade There was a “flash sale” on accessories, and it got pretty busy I stopped in one of the shops, and noticed that the ship models have already bred updated with the new slides and such, but a lot of the picture relate
  8. We are on Navigator right now, our first cruise. We get back to Miami on Sunday, and I am planning on just getting an Uber or Lyft when we have all our bags and are ready to go
  9. Day 7 -Aruba This is our last port stop on this trip, and maybe the one we were most looking forward to, because of the excursion we had booked. The ship docked about 7am and the gangways were down and open before 8. Our tour was picking us up just outside the port at 8:45, so we had a little time to grab a quick bit at the windjammer. Today's tour was a Harley ride, touring the island. We have done this kind of thing in Hawaii before, and have always said there is no better way to see the island. Today did not disappoint. We took off from the shop about 9:30am
  10. Day 6, Curaçao. Today we visit the island of Curaçao, the weather is in and out overcast, but still plenty warm. We docked about 7:30am and the gangway was down about 8am. We are sharing the port with a Celebrity ship today We had ordered room service for delivery between 7:30-8, but by 8:05 they hadn’t shown up and we were ready to get going, so we ran up to the Windjammer for a quick bite before heading out. We booked at ATV off road tour for today, and they met us out front of the port to take us to their shop. They had a van, and several 6-seat buggy’s to transfer everyone
  11. Day 5 (I think?) Bonaire! Such a beautiful day today. We docked about 8:30, and the captain gave us the all clear right at 9am We were the second ship in port today, the first was the old Monarch We decided to rent a couple scooters for the day and just tour the island on our own. Turned out to be a fantastic idea! The guy we rented from was awesome, picked us up at the port and took us to two brand new (in November) Yamaha scooters. These are the bigger models that you actually have to have a motorcycle endorsement on your license to ride. My wife and I are both endorsed, and
  12. Day 4, at sea. Today was a pretty laid back day for us. Beautiful views from all over the ship We started off with breakfast in the MDR I had the French toast and an omelet, they were fine, but I don’t think the quality of food was any different than the windjammer, and I don’t particularly care for taking an hour and a half to eat breakfast, I think we will stick with the Windjammer. After breakfast it was time for our All Access Tour It was a group of 18 people, and was quite informative. I took most of the pictures on my GoPro, and haven’t loaded them yet, but her
  13. Yeah, my cousin has some digestive issues and got a Dr note to bring all that on, it helps him a lot
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