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LIVEish, 7 Days on Celebrity Edge (aka 3343) (4/14/2019 or 14/4/2019 better yet April 14, 2019)


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Greetings all!

Currently sitting on the Tri-Rail at the Miami airport station waiting for it to depart northbound heading towards Ft. Lauderdale. (Check out writeup  @twangster  did going from Ft. Lauderdale airport.)

Day started off catching a 6:30 am flight to Miami with a landing just after 7:30 am. Have to admit a hour flight sure beats sitting 7+ hours in either a car or bus. Just a shame the flight costs 3-4 times what RedCoach would have been. But the convenience so far is worth it.



So those wondering what exactly 3343 means, I'll reveal that tomorrow. Sure some smart folks might figure it out.

Also if you want to get an idea of what to expect. Please check out my previous LIVEish:


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Didn't want to give the impression I was lost on some train heading towards West Palm Beach.

Around 10:00 the train arrived at the Ft. Lauderdale "airport" station. As @twangster mentioned in his write the station isn't directly at the airport. Rather you hop on a transfer shuttle/bus and that would drop you off at one of the terminals.

In our case we ordered a Lyft and in about 5 minutes picked up and heading towards the Embassy Suites on 17th. Per my Lyft transaction 14 minutes later we arrived at the hotel. Cost for the ride was almost $12.

Arriving at the the hotel I was met with a very full lobby of eager future cruisers. Think in total I noticed signs for five ships. Unfortunately the hotel didn't have a room yet available. However they did have a bag check room to leave luggage in.

Where things stand right now, finish up lunch at Duffy's. Did get notification a moment ago saying the my "digital key" was ready for the hotel room.

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Not much worth mentioning post lunch. Summary is going to sleep at 1am and waking up at 4am plus a heavy lunch suddenly caught up to me. Got to the room and for the most part caught up on sleep.

Dinner tonight was nothing special, Jamaican meat patty from the Publix bakery.

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As those that are following along the reveal is Celebrity Edge.

This card depicted here is the last non Royal Caribbean International cruise ship I sailed.


This card was from my 17th cruise. Celebrity Edge will be cruise number 43. Other thoughts this is my first non Royal Caribbean International cruise in 6 years.

Now one could argue that Celebrity is part of the Royal Caribbean Cruises brand so really it isn't truly cheating on another brand.


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First impressions, traffic patterns at Terminal 25 could be a bit better. Also would help to have travel lanes better marked. One suggestion is hang all the way in the left lane. The luggage drop off area is after the terminal building. Also for "priority" guests they have a very small drop off zone closer the entrance. The keep left theme continues for Suite and Zenith guests. Similar to Terminal A in Miami there is a small podium next to an elevator to reach security screening and check-in. This part was fast paced and didn't have any time to stop for pictures. Same tablet check-in method is used as Terminal A.

Now the actual waiting area for Suite and Zenith guests is a step up from Terminal A.



Even has a small bar setup with some snacks, soda, and water.


Plus some snacks


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In Oceanview Cafe (hence the Windjammer difficulty comment @Lovetocruise2002 )

Sorry to hear about Harmony @Sweety. If it isn't rubbing salt in the wound here is a picture of Red Velvet cake.


@AshleyDillo this one is for you


@Matt and other Indian food lovers


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