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  1. @VoidoftheSeas I also love the GPS! I almost want to say more than the Star Loft…
  2. I will second this, load in all your vax info beforehand. That is the most time consuming part of the app. When the border first opened back up in November 2021, it took a while to get my info into the app. I saved Hubby and kids as "dependents" and since November 2021, we have used Arrive Can several times and it has been very quick to fill out with vax info and passport info pre-loaded. I have also never been asked to show the actual app receipt at the land border crossing. I think it definitely is linked to the passport because each time we have crossed since November, the land border agent thanks us for filling out the app properly, even though they never asked to see it.
  3. Lol! I believe the French inflection is all @Matt!
  4. You want to hear ridiculous? The OTW Coco Beach cabanas have now gone up to $3499 for SY 12/31/22 and beyond into 2023 sailings!
  5. Me too! Note to self: Alaska looks really, really cold in May. lol I was thinking the same. The fjords should look amazing! These photos are making me rethink what I will need to pack for clothes. All I can say is that I better not lose my luggage this time. I don't think I will get by as well as I did in March if that happens....
  6. 12pm like @Neesaalready stated. I remember once (cannot remember now which ship) they took us a few minutes earlier than that. I would recommend CK for lunch if I was sky class. It's nothing to be excited over, but good, and most importantly, calm, compared to the WJ. The last few times we have sailed Star and I went to Sabor/Playmakers instead.
  7. Yes please! We come back to DTW from two weeks in the UK and Norway in July. Really hoping they ditch this soon. And really want them to ditch pre-cruise testing too for Anthem out of Southampton lol
  8. One demerit point lost for you too! lol But the suite snob still approves of the Pan Pacific. I personally like the Fairmont Waterfront.
  9. Do you know the @Lovetocruise2002preferred hotel in Vancouver? lol
  10. No biggie, only about 4000 km away (that's about 2500 miles for my US friends lol). Can't skate. Never learned haha I am still so sad about that. I really need to retire so that work cannot keep messing up my plans.
  11. I am a huge fan of the Intercontinental Miami but I have a NYE sailing this December where the Intercontinental cannot be booked for one night only. I am going to give Atwell Suites a try. It's located in the Brickell area and it's brand new. Price is decent, rooms look modern and huge, and within walking distance to lots of shops and restaurants. I think they have complimentary breakfast too
  12. Welcome to Canada and the rules that make zero sense! This is what Canadians have been dealing with since March 2020.
  13. HUSH! You're supposed to keep that a secret lol!
  14. That seems to be the general consensus from everyone who has this suite....
  15. Give bags to normal porters. Make sure they are tagged. They are pretty efficient at Terminal A, you won't have a hard time finding one. Yes, even in a full suite, it's best to make reservations. You can always attempt to make changes as the week goes along but best to have something reserved to start. As @WAAAYTOOOalready mentioned, I don't think they have a blender. I usually get cocktails in the SL so I cannot be 100% sure. Even in a full suite, I like to make reservation via the suite concierge.
  16. I know this is slightly off topic but I really want to chime in here. My last experience getting to my cruise last month was beyond stressful as some of you know. @Pooch we were in the exact same situation as your brother, Delta cancelled our flights, I spent a considerable amount of time on the phone with them, they rescheduled us, then they cancelled that flight too. When I got back on with them the second time, they flat out told me, "Sorry, we cannot get you to Miami on time." This is the point in the story where having a good TA makes a world of a difference. It is true, most TAs don't handle flights, nor do they get commission off of them. However, sometimes they can point you in the right direction. I would have missed my cruise and lost thousands if it were not for my TA and Hubby (who is the calmest person ever lol). I will be forever grateful. In short, after 20 years of cruising, I learned two lessons last month. Deal with a good TA (not one the lures you with OBC or low prices), and always book through Air2Sea in the future (at least on the way there).
  17. Nope! That wasn't us lol. We love Chops. We ate there twice last cruise, but inside both times lol. I do like Chops in Central Park, even though we never dine out on the patio. On QN class ships, it seems more tucked away and hidden. I will have more of an opinion in July, I am sure I will end up at Chops on Anthem.
  18. I think it depends on the airline. My experience with Air2Sea is that with Delta, you are able to pick seats right after you get off the phone with Air2Sea. Air Canada on the other hand would not allow me to because the "tickets" are not considered "ticketed" until after final payment. After I called AC myself, I was able to convince them to let me pick seats. So a bit more trouble than Delta. No clue about the other airlines because I usually only fly Delta.
  19. Yup, that is the same cabin I toured a few weeks ago! Let me know your thoughts after staying in it for a few days. And tell Shane that Sabrina said "Hi". You lucked out, he is fabulous, and so funny.
  20. No, that was not the case when we sailed Star in December and March. Both genies were in our suite and room service came in too both times.
  21. Go big, or go home! Book the loft! #teamOAclass #teamDeck17
  22. Or you could book LB out of NJ in 2023 and sail Canada/NE with us! But truth is, it’s time, my friend, to take that dive into Oasis class!! #teamOAclass
  23. Do you know if they have a “club lounge” type area for their suites and higher category rooms? That is something I cannot seem to find a solid answer to. Some review on TripAdvisor seems to suggest that they do, but then their website makes no mention of one.
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