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  1. Not on yet. Will be on July 4-13th. This time Anthem is for the people, not the ship 😆
  2. Yes. He left rather abruptly a few months ago. @Joe01 would know more.
  3. Will be doing my best to follow from Anthem! Have a great cruise!
  4. @FManke beat me to it but yes, that is the one. Also, it's a good idea to head to the MDR once you get on board to double check and make sure that they honoured your request. If you are in a suite, you can also make this request to the suite concierge when they email you one week out.
  5. You could try to call back and speak to a different agent. Or better yet, call the C&A line. Most reps on the main line have no clue.
  6. Few rules that we follow: - book early and watch prices - usually the BOGO 60 or 30% off sale yields the best price. (That promo usually alternates with the current one) - KSF if you qualify also yields a pretty good deal. - instant savings come and go so those are not a big deal
  7. We lucked out too. We booked this suite on Harmony for December 2020 for about $1100pp!
  8. Happy to hear that it lived up to the expectations! I cannot wait to go back there myself.
  9. Woohoo! Back out of dry dock with 2 cruises!! Anthem RCBlog GC July 4-13 Symphony July 27-August 3 @lovetocruise2002
  10. No CK but they dedicate one speciality restaurant for breakfast for guests staying in a GS or higher. It’s usually Chops or Giovanni’s I think. No suite restaurant for lunch or dinner though.
  11. From my research lately on trips from EWR to Manhattan, I would say that it is not worth it. You would have to deal with traffic first and foremost. And then it can be quite costly to even get into the city. Unless you plan to take public transit like the NJ transit system or PATH train. But that would still be some travel time and 6 hours is not that much time really by the time you go back and forth.
  12. I would have to find Shotsberg for that to happen. 🤣
  13. @PamCurtisDavey between the message boards, Insiders group, FB roll call and Periscope, I can count at least 5 other families who are staying at Embassy Suites in Elizabeth, NJ. It would have been at least 6 but we just cancelled last week (the hotel, not the cruise lol).
  14. All me. Every cruise, vacation, everything. Hubby has no clue where we are going most times. He cannot keep track 😄
  15. I agree. Biggest surprise and disappointment that they are not changing this show!
  16. Cabin upgrades seem to be hit and miss with the last few Amps. Adventure and Navigator got some cabin upgrades, Mariner and Indy did not other than the new cabins created. Not sure if kettles are part of cabin upgrades. Typically you get a kettle if you are staying in a Junior Suite of higher. All cabins have kettles if sailing from the UK (at least that is what I've heard).
  17. @CruisingKat(Kathy)...My vote is for @TheHobbys (John) for POTW!! Just sayin' 😄 Thank you John for a fantastic blog and scopes. I thoroughly enjoyed checking in each day to see what you guys were up to. Looks like you had a great time. I have to ask...which do you prefer...Star Class Q class or Star Class O class?
  18. We've cruised out of Fort Lauderdale a number of times and we always do Uber XL/Lyft Plus for our family of 4. We use this for airport-hotel, hotel-cruise terminal, cruise terminal-airport. We have not had good experiences with Taxi drivers in Fort Lauderdale so it's always ride share for us these days.
  19. No duffle for us either. We are all about being able to stack things while walking and we find the duffle bag cumbersome.
  20. Yes. We have stayed at the renaissance and walked to La Bamba. 10min give or take just like @tonyfsu21 said.
  21. I thought the music hall thing was going in that spot?
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