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  1. Wow! That was quick! Both the trip home, and the blog this past week! Thanks for taking us along with you and Batman. As always, a great laugh!
  2. Darn it! Lol Dying laughing again!! I got you if we ever sail together. That is some major emailing that we have been doing all week
  3. Shane!!! He is everyone's Shane lol! Tell him Sabrina sends her love and that I will see him in March (hopefully!)
  4. That's the beauty of star class. You can add/drop whatever you feel like, usually it can be accommodated.
  5. One day when we sail together, I will show you an easy "cheating way" without needing to tie it together
  6. This!! That is what I keep telling @Ampurp85. Just bid and if you win, you can escape them for a bit lol
  7. You just have to keep checking the app. We we sailed LB last month, they did not load the entertainment schedule in until 2-3 days prior to sailing. And then when we got on board, they changed it again. So just keep checking the app. There are no reservations needed for show on Liberty.
  8. Sometimes on boarding day, the door is locked. Someone will usually let you in though. And then they will ask for your cabin number. Just give that to them and you're on your way to a great lunch!
  9. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/aus/en/faq/questions/what-kind-of-food-or-drinks-am-i-allowed-to-bring-onboard-a-roya https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/33072-what-is-allowed-back-onboard-as-far-as-food-drinks-after-a-shore-excursion/
  10. I will give you the sentence starter/story prompt ”I heard a funny story from this friend of mine….”
  11. I have not really had a good pork belly in 150CP. However, most CK that I have been in have done a decent job, IMO.
  12. I booked it through Air2Sea. It started off high for us, and has remained high. From DTW-BCN/FCO-DTW, it's about $1800pp USD in economy. That is what it was released at, and that is what it is still currently sitting at. If I fly out of Toronto and fly Air Canada, the price is about $1200pp USD in economy. Still awful.
  13. I have noticed the exact same thing. @Jax and I have been talking endlessly about how depressing it is. The prices I am seeing right now to fly to Barcelona in economy are the same prices first class would have cost us in the summer of 2022 when we flew to Heathrow. At the moment, for 4 of us to go to Barcelona in July 2024, the cost of airfare is even more than the cruise itself. It's terrible.
  14. If you ask, sometimes they will make them Hubby loves those things. I love the peanut butter rice krispies square things with chocolate on top. They have made both of those for us when we asked.
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