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  1. You won't believe how many times I've heard that! 😄
  2. What?! Isn’t your name @WAAAYTOOO?! 😄 You can do it! Lol
  3. @WAAAYTOOO you need to YOLO and get on the inaugural on November 5th!
  4. Yes to add to that the prices may rise. Royal has not really announced what the exact plans are yet for this ship and I suspect that prices may rise a bit after that announcement. I noticed for my Oasis sailing it did. Why not just grab a refundable now to secure pricing and then you could always cancel and deal with next cruise instead once you’ve decided. That’s what I would do in this scenario.
  5. Wow! What an awesome surprise for your kids! Cannot wait to see how this all plays out!
  6. You should share this on the RCperiscopers group as well. There are lots from there also going. I actually looked yesterday and couldn’t find one.
  7. Some people tip every meal. Some at the end. It also doesn’t help that some CK’s you always get the same waitstaff and some you don’t. That is why some prefer to tip daily. For me, we tip at the end depending on the service. If we have more than one waitstaff, we make note of names and find them on the last day. I am actually not sure if auto grats go to them? Maybe someone else knows.
  8. Just going through the thread...about 10-11 people and whoever is coming with them. But just so you know, there are many others who are not on the message boards who are part of the RCBlog cruising community who are also going. It’s going to be a good one! I’m really excited. Thinking we might all need a FB group or something to stay in contact? What do you all think?
  9. Welcome @DebAtSea! This is the best cruising community out there!
  10. Sounds like a good idea since I don't want to blog it alone this time. Short cruise, too many friends. But I will gladly add my two cents in here and there. 😉 Waiting on our fearless leader....
  11. PSA: For all of you who booked the inaugural sailing on Odyssey, note it on "When is your next cruise" and I can add you to the master list. (Only if you want...)
  12. We're on the same deck! But way at the other end of the ship!
  13. So just to be sure, Odyssey is not exactly like Spectrum in that it doesn't seem to have the Golden/Silver JS that Spectrum has correct. I finally had time today to take a more closer look at the deck plans that @CGTLH shared and it doesn't look like they have that Deck 16 setup like how Spectrum does. But it is considered the same class of ship as Spectrum?
  14. Throwing my name in...November 5th, Odyssey Inaugural! Unofficial GC! Cannot wait for this one!
  15. Woohoo! I have a feeling I will be adding a ton of people to the list on that sailing!
  16. I don't know if they ever started it at Teminal A. As as July when we sailed Symphony, they never had it up and running yet. In speaking to the suite concierge, they were still trying to get it approved.
  17. At the moment, there is no LV out of terminal A to MIA or FLL.
  18. MEI has group rates for specific categories. Not all categories.
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