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  1. There is a small fridge in every room but it is not very cold.
  2. Nothing for the group cruise either...
  3. That is wonderful news!! You will simply love her! Please tell her that Sabrina and family said hi to her. Are you in the Deck 10 ATS or RL? I have a friend on the same sailing as yours, also Star Class.
  4. It has happened to me on Google Chrome on my iPhone. I don't recall it happening when I use Chrome on my laptop. I usually never use Safari so I cannot comment on that.
  5. Lol. Same. Took those screen shots yesterday and now this morning, nothing. What do you expect? It's Royal IT after all. 😄
  6. @TheHobbys...the coffee in the suite lounge is also not bad. You make it yourself but it does your standard espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, etc. Not sure if it can handle doing Soy milk though?
  7. I am honestly surprised that Air2Sea would even have that time as an option.
  8. Wow! Trying to process all this and “disappointed” doesn’t quite describe it. Sorry to hear this @twangster but thank you again for posting all this. This whole thread has been eye opening. Fingers crossed for your appeal.
  9. That is not a good idea! There is a huge chance you will miss your cruise. Flight landing at 2pm and ship departs at 4pm? Assuming the flight lands on time, it still takes at least (probably more) 30min to get off the plane and collect your luggage. I would think that by the time you make it to the port, it would be close to 3pm, likely later. And that is assuming there is not much traffic. Most sailings close off embarkation an hour and a half prior to departure. It’s a bad idea all around. I would recommend rescheduling that flight ASAP.
  10. I hear you. I "walked through" the Royal Loft yesterday. #nextgoal 🤣
  11. Hate to break it to you, but the 76 days wait is going to be long one! And then the 9 days will go by way too fast. @WAAAYTOOO told me that before and she is 100% correct.
  12. We always do our own online check in when booked with a TA.
  13. Prices on this sailing were high from the get go. I had my eye on it long before I booked it. That is why we are back in a JS. Could not make GS and above happen when I am sailing SY two weeks later. It came down to which one we wanted to splurge more on...SY won. However, if you want to spoil you know who, there is a Grand Loft and Royal Loft that came back up recently. I'll be camping out in your room if you upgrade 😉
  14. @betatke1480, @tiny260, @Matt, and I, along with many others, will be on the RCblog GC on that 9 night Anthem sailing (July 4th). We will all be jealous of @betatke1480 that sailing! 😄
  15. First and foremost, they don't have much space. So think either something that can be packed away nicely or consumed quickly. Some people like to bring a bag of treats from their hometown. I think @tiny260 and his wife did this. Some, like @CGTLH and @AshleyDillo gave small gifts that they bought at port. They can explain more. We knew who our Genie was going to be way ahead of time, so we had time to make her something. And I know people who knew her, so I was able to get things in her favourite colour etc. Obviously, that won't always be the case. I have pics in my blog from HM last month of the bag we put together for Araceli. The best gift is still going to be the tip. But I agree, small things are a nice addition. And by the way, Allan is now on Harmony. He was on Anthem for a bit after leaving Oasis but his last few contracts have been on Harmony. He just got back on board recently.
  16. Would you believe it if I told you Royal's site is messed up?? After I told you about it, I could no longer bring up any virtual tours at all on SY. I tried everything, clearing browser history, using different browsers etc. The only way I could view it was through the links that you posted on your blog post. Then early this morning, while doing my price checks, I was able to bring it up again, but only on my iphone. Not my laptop. Now nothing again. If I can catch it again on the non-suite classes, I will screen shot and save the links for you.
  17. Well said. And I don't disagree. That is why I have to give this ship another chance in warmer weather. At this point, I am undecided if it was the ship and the lack of CP and Boardwalk that I didn't like or the fact that I was cruising out of cold weather (which I thought I was mentally prepared for, but turns out I hated it). And yes! 100% agree with this point too. I have still enjoyed every cruise I've been on. Research is the key. Know what you are sailing.
  18. Middle. Love/hate relationship 😉 That might change come July. I keep wondering if a lot of my dislikes had to with weather in March out of NJ. But the layout of the ship also bothered me a lot...
  19. +1 add me to the list of the “parents getting mad if they found out how much we paid”. They are veteran cruisers and inside cabin people all the way. So what is the solution? Take them on a SC cruise to show them what they are missing! Next year, December 2020 😉
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