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  1. We'll be on March 15th! Can't wait! Fingers crossed for you.
  2. Oh no! That's the one a whole bunch of us are on!
  3. Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that!! 😂
  4. We've done this several times and I always feel that Uber/Lyft is the easiest.
  5. Yes, I just found this out about a month ago. I had a FCC that took longer to process than usual. Because I didn't apply it until a few days before final payment, I would have missed final payment if I waited for the FCC to be applied. In the end, I had to pay final payment and then wait for a refund back onto my CC after the FCC was applied. All worked out but it made me nervous.
  6. In my past experience, the use of the FCC messes up the price drops. I always wait until final payment to apply the FCC.
  7. Many are way more out of control than me these days lol. Thank you my fellow bot friend. 😉
  8. We don’t archive past sailings. The master list is exactly as @AshleyDillo described. Pinned at the top of the “people connect” section.
  9. Did you get it free through casino comp? 😂
  10. We had a JS on Mariner in that same area. It was either 1102 or 1104, I cannot remember. I loved that location! It was in a quiet hallway, zero traffic. Literally steps from the Solarium and close to the pool, WJ. Zero complaints about that cabin. I did a full review with pics in my Mariner blog. That room is the same as Indy even though they are different classes of ships. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/8955-“moments-on-mariner”-–-mariner-of-the-seas–-august-13-17-2018/
  11. If they follow the trend from the last few years, not until Nov/Dec 2020.
  12. They did when we last sailed out of there in March 2019.
  13. I could be wrong, but I would be shocked if they did.
  14. Here is one from Freedom, it’s going to be the same on Mariner. There are videos of Mariner too but quality is not as good on those ones. @CGTLH also had this room last year. It was in one of his blogs. Maybe he can post some pics.
  15. We have it booked for only 2 all three times. It is suite snob approved. Google any one of the ships that have it, 1804 or 1854. Tons of YouTube videos. I will try to find one and post it here.
  16. I need to find an angle to convince Hubby...never fear...I think I have one already. 😉
  17. @NerdDad can I just tell you right now how much this blog makes me smile. I read about your description of your Dad, and it makes me think of mine. My parents are simple in the sense that they are inside cabin people all the time. They have taken more cruises than we have, always insides. We're treating them to Star Class at the end of this year and I imagine that this is pretty much going to be their reaction too. I am loving this!
  18. Have I mentioned that I really need to sail in the RLS???! lol
  19. If it's the Ocean Panoramic Suite (Category VP) then yes, it receives the exact same suite benefits as a GS and above. The major difference is no balcony. There are some who love this suite. I have never tried it but I have 3 bookings in it. First one is Adventure this coming July. It is large, there is a separate area with bunks and it has 1 1/2 bath. I personally like the idea (that is why we have 3 bookings) because Deck 12 is quiet. The cons are possible motion (because it is very forward) and also noise above from the mini golf area. The views are beautiful though.
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