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  1. @Booscruize it’s been a crazy few days and I finally had a chance to sit down and watch some of your YouTube videos. You guys make me smile! Congrats and I say videos are a must in November!
  2. I have literally been waiting forever for this blog! I feel like we have followed your Star Class journey with you for quite some time now! It's finally getting close! Keep your fingers crossed for Shane!!
  3. Only your TA will know that. I used to be with a TA who gave out a lot of group rates. It was not worth it. I was hard to track prices, sometimes it would qualify for a drop, sometimes it would not. In the end, when covid hit and it affected one of my cruises that there was a group rate on, it messed with the refund process as well.
  4. Since this whole nightmare started, Canadians have always been allowed to fly into the US. What is still uncertain is how this latest announcement impacts the land border. That is the piece I care about the most because I usually fly out of Detroit. Either way, I am cruising (unless covid gets in my way) come December. I have refundable flights booked on Delta and Air Canada.
  5. All three times that we have stayed at the Hyatt, we take the cruise line transfer the morning of the cruise. We just pack up our things, head back down to baggage claim, and meet the shuttle.
  6. Many years ago, when we took a Med cruise on Brilliance, it was about two weeks. I remember thinking at the time that I was ready to go home. However, in retrospect, I think that partially has to do with how busy that cruise was. Not many sea days, mostly port days. It is one of my favourite cruises to date, but while I am in no way opposed to a long sailing (or sailings), I think I would make sure there is enough down time. Because we love our sea days.
  7. When I retire in 9 years, Hubby and I want to take one of those world cruises. What is that? Like 3-4 months onboard? That sounds awesome!
  8. First time in a suite and first SC! You are in for a huge treat!!!
  9. We have done Lyft to Port Everglades many times. You just have to be ready to show your cruise docs and ID at the port entrance. No problems at all.
  10. UPDATE! Are we surprised? Royal was wrong. My TA called back this morning when it was less hectic. Spoke to someone else who was more knowledgeable and Air2Sea follows the final payment date.
  11. Update from my TA. Apparently air has not been pushed back. Just cruise fare. That is as of today. By tomorrow it might change lol
  12. And other items that shall not be named here on the message boards
  13. I always bring my own curling iron and blow dryer. Zero problems. Actual irons are prohibited. Those are fire hazards. I always see those on the naughty table when we debark lol
  14. Just checked my Allure 12/19 sailing. Check in date went from September 20th to November 4th now.
  15. That I am unsure of. This is my understanding as well. At home test, the type/brand matters, pharmacy will be generally accepted.
  16. A thought just occurred to me. With the pushback in final payment date for my December cruise, does that mean that my airfare payment is also pushed back (booked through Air2Sea)?
  17. Other than Shoppers or Loblaws chains, here in southwestern Ontario, I have also discovered at least two local labs that will do testing for travel. Look around, they could be out there. The two local labs where I am charge about the same price as Shoppers, they both have great reviews, and the return time for antigen is 15 mins and PCR is no more than 48 hours (but many reviews say that they received it within 24 hours)
  18. Yes. The concierge on Allure confirmed that they would provide testing for those who needed it to return to another country.
  19. Yes. I confirmed it with a suite concierge a few weeks ago. Free of charge. Not sure if that is because I need to get back to Canada or because I will be in a suite.
  20. I knew I liked your Mom when I met her two years ago! Lol That whole story cracks me up because it is totally something Hubby and my parents would do.
  21. LOL! Phew! I thought we were the only ones! And by "we" I mean "hubby".
  22. Don’t know if it falls under “reasonably priced” but if I sail out of Vancouver in 2023, I am staying at the Fairmont Waterfront. Minutes from the terminal.
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