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  1. Can't wait for March 2020! Looks like great upgrades! @Matt any word on Cats leaving?
  2. We did March 2018 out of Cape Liberty on Anthem. I did not enjoy it. It was cold (see my sail away attire in my live blog from Anthem, link in signature below). Even by the time we arrived in Port Canaveral, it was still cold. We had one decent day (shorts/tank) in the Nassau and then it was back to being cold again. That was the one cruise where I felt that the balcony was a complete waste as it was too cold to utilize most of the week. After that, I vowed to never sail out of NJ again in the winter/early spring months. We are giving NJ another try this July on the Anthem Group Cruise. I am really hoping that a summer sail out will be much better.
  3. We have done this route 3 times in the past. Fly in a day ahead. Stayed at the Hyatt Regency inside MCO. The next morning, we would take the cruise line transfer from MCO (baggage claim area). Next December, we will be cruising HM out of Port Canaveral but this time with our family of 14. The cruise line transfer is not going to be worth it this time around. Currently looking a Cortran's shuttle service and many here have reported good things about it.
  4. Lol! @Boston Babe and I are suite snobs and not afraid to admit it! I will most definitely try it on the Anthem GC. Can't wait to get back onto a ship!
  5. @spiralqueen Thanks for live blogging! I really enjoyed logging in each day to see what you were up to and what you ate at CK 😉
  6. I can second what @spiralqueen said. I booked with Next Cruise back in March. I asked the agent this question specifically because I know that I move things around often. Since then I have transferred to a TA, re-priced, and moved categories from the original March booking. The original $300 OBC remains.
  7. I have tried hard to find this out. The general insider consensus is that bar staff pools their tips. Stateroom attendants and others keep their own if you hand it to them.
  8. Mmmm...Garden Martini, Garlic Loaf, Pork Belly, Lobster Thermidor...❤️
  9. Hubby wants to know if the remote allows you to change the input/source?
  10. ^^^ +1 on that point! Definitely a one time thing.
  11. Yea...that's not going to work for me. Note to self...visit on a port day.
  12. Of course he's nice, he's Canadian you know. And from Ontario I'm pretty sure. Hubby will be happy to have another Leafs fan on board with him in July.
  13. I 100% agree with @AGSLC5...It is the quality the has suffered the most. I first noticed it in 2016 after a long dry dock (7 years) from Royal. It has not improved in the 3 years since then. Another thing that I miss dearly are the Loving Cups and how they used to come around after dinner with them.
  14. Holiday sailings tend not to drop in price. That being said, keep checking your cruise planner and you can re-price up until 2-3 days before your sailing.
  15. LOL!!! I was secretly hoping you would offer! I just make take you up on that. Like @CGTLH said, it doesn't appear to be as much of a problem on Anthem but we shall see. You will find me at the CK podium upon boarding. 😉
  16. Well with the unlimited package that is totally understandable. I still would not have given up that filet though 😍 Are you in a JS too for Anthem GC? I am praying that we can get in each night. Fingers crossed. If not we will have to return the MDR or WJ 😬
  17. D12 loves it but I don't care for it much either....
  18. So glad I caved and bought it for the next two cruises!
  19. That's sort of what led to us cancelling as well (especially after we went to Sky and will get all day access to CK). After that cruise in March, it was just too much food.
  20. I know that many love deck 8 or 6 on Oasis class ships, but we personally like deck 12. We have stayed on Deck 12 for every OA class sailing so far. I like to take stairs, and I find Deck 12 more central than the lower decks because you've got the WJ and many public areas on Decks 15/16.
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