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  1. Beautiful pics and colours as always. You have such a great eye when framing your shots!
  2. I also grabbed it at $49 a few weeks ago for SY. What week are you sailing? We’re on July 27th.
  3. No more looking! Book it! Then we can finally sail together!
  4. I could never hate you! πŸ˜‰ I doubt they would know anyway...only if you have time.
  5. Since I YOLO'ed and booked a 4 night OA sailing last night, I was curious and took a look at the sailings right before and after that one. Turns out the 4 night is the first sailing back in Fort Lauderdale after sailing from Cape Liberty over summer 2020. Here's what I am wondering...OA has a 7 night sailing that is round-trip from Bayonne on October 25th which puts us to November 1. Then nothing on the schedule until the November 4th cruise which puts her back in Fort Lauderdale. Do you think that the repo from Cape Liberty - Fort Lauderdale is a charter? Or would they do a non-revenue repo? Thoughts?
  6. Neither did I but the new section is nice and perfect for a pre-cruise stay (especially with a family).
  7. Awesome! That's what happened March 2018 as well. You know what that means??? Two opportunities for CK Pork Belly and Filet!!!!!
  8. @TheHobbys...for your 9 night sailing are they just rotating back to night 1 after night 7?
  9. Harmony of the Seas - Western - March 10, 2019 CK D #1_ENG.pdfCK D #2_ENG.pdfCK D #3_ENG.pdfCK D #4_ENG.pdfCK D #5_ENG.pdfCK D #6_ENG.pdfCK D #7_ENG.pdfCoastal KIDS MENU.pdf150 Central ParkKIDS MENU.pdf2019 ---150CP- New 2019 Menu - 181205-v020101-dinner PDF.pdfChops KIDS MENU.pdfchops-dinner-withfryer-gratIncluded-english-07-24-17-as-2pages.pdfHM MENU Sabor.pdfIzumi_Teppanyaki_.pdfJamie's Italian Menu.pdfJamies KIDS MENU.pdfJohnny Rocket Menu.pdfSolarium Bistro Dinner MENU _0518as EDITED2.pdfWonderland Kids Menu.pdf
  10. We like the Hyatt on 17th St. However, the price has gone up there recently (or maybe it's because I have to travel over high season) and it is again a bit dated compared to the Holiday Inn Express (new section). They are very close to one another.
  11. While you all know that I am #TeamCK all the way, the CK experience on Anthem is quite different from OA class. It's missing the stunning views and the floor to ceiling windows. It makes a difference in the dining experience. Still amazing but...you know...I am an OA class girl. πŸ˜‰
  12. Still waiting. I am beginning to feel offended lol. I just take matters into my own hands now and upgrade myself. Following along on this one for sure!
  13. Wow! He's a jack of all trades...DJ, CD, magician, police officer, and Canadian!
  14. Or you could just go with the YOLO mentality and keep your booking and add in the GC! Been there, done that. @Matt will vouch that I kept saying I could not in any way go on the Anthem GC since I had already booked SY before the AN one was announced. The cruises are two weeks apart. Well, guess what I am doing this July...😎
  15. +1 on the Holiday Inn Express on 17th St. While Embassy Suites is highly popular with cruise guests, IMO, the rooms are a bit dated. The Holiday Inn Express just had a brand new addition put it so it feels more "fresh". If you look in my Indy blog, I also have pics from the older section (which was still fine for a pre-cruise stay) and in my Harmony blog, I have pics of the rooms in the new section.
  16. The delay is because you encountered Shotsberg πŸ˜‰
  17. There is a cruise planner sale effective today until May 29th for sailings from June 1, 2019 - December 15, 2019.
  18. That is is terrible news! But hubby will happy. He is part of the minority who likes Cats.
  19. Interesting. Wonder what will happen to the teen area that is there now?
  20. I don’t recall a comedian on our 8 night Anthem sailing.
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