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  1. 6 locations in South Florida but not Miami. The location that is the furthest south is their Fort Lauderdale location. We are currently debating where we should stay pre-cruise in March (Miami or Fort Lauderdale)...La Bamba is at the root of the debate lol. That is how much we love that place!
  2. It doesn't. The BOGO dining offer is for D+.
  3. Don't you still have tonight? Go back! πŸ˜‰
  4. Hubby and D13 dream of their queso. Literally. Ever Mexican restaurant we go to, they compare it to La Bamba's queso and none can compare yet. And you got the fried ice cream! I don't know if I am green with envy or really excited that you went! πŸ˜„ +1...but I must admit, that other place we found in South Beach (Tequiztlan) had pretty good margaritas too.
  5. ^^^IMO, that deserves a mention on your post cruise survey.
  6. At the moment, the Genie cannot get a cabana for you if it is already sold out. They have no priority for Star Class in Coco Cay at the moment. What you should do is purchase the cabana on your cruise planner and then when your Genie contacts you, ask for a specific number (ie. Cabana 1 or 2, etc.). The Genies have had luck grabbing a specific cabana for you but only if they are not sold out. So make sure you purchase on your own first.
  7. ^^^Bingo! This sums up my thinking exactly. The hike in drink package prices does not affect my thoughts that Royal offers the best overall package for what my family enjoys in cruising. It might force me to reconsider buying the drink package but not stop cruising Royal.
  8. Haha...Welcome to the club! Did you feel a lot of motion in that suite?
  9. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/01/28/spotted-updated-diamond-happy-hour-drink-menu Do you hit Diamond on your December 2020 cruise? If so, you have to wait till the next cruise to enjoy Diamond benefits. If you are already Diamond going into the December cruise, then the benefits will be loaded onto your seapass card.
  10. Too funny. When Hubby and my younger daughter did the Blue Lagoon Dolphin encounter, they were in sticker shock too. They ended up with CD of pictures, no video lol. The panoramic suite looks great! What are your overall thoughts of it? Would you stay in a room like that again or would you rather take a JS or GS somewhere more central? While I do like the space that a balcony provides, that room provides the best value for the benefits that it provides.
  11. After reading what you and @Skid did, I think that's what I did too. But I used an app on my phone called "Image Size".
  12. If you were on Harmony, we would be sailing together!
  13. Both are Sky Class so benefits are the same. OS - Large balcony; able to dine out there - Large dining area inside the stateroom CL - Smaller balcony, loungers only - Dining area inside the cabin is smaller than the OS - 2 Full Bathrooms - "Wow" factor of the loft - Exclusivity of Deck 17; close to Coastal Kitchen and Suite Lounge I personally would pick the Crown Loft any day over the Owner's Suite. Some love the Owner's suite though and would think the complete opposite. Unless you have a mobility issue and the stairs pose a problem, there is nothing that can quite compare to Deck 17.
  14. The age is set higher because while it is a family activity, the puzzles are quite complex, especially if a child is younger. The escape room is set up in that you are combined with other passengers because there is a minimum amount of people require to complete the puzzle. You cannot just put your own family in there, the minimum is at least 6 people (max 12 people I think) and I would think that Royal would max out the number each time to allow more guests opportunities to participate. In addition, solving the puzzle is an entire group effort and I am not trying to be rude or offend, as I also have children of my own under 12, but imagine if you were a guest who paid $19.99 (or whatever the cost is) and your experience was diminished by younger children who cannot contribute to the extent that someone older could? That's not saying that younger children cannot solve complex puzzles but in all honesty, there are some limitations there that other guests who are in the session with you may not appreciate. Even as an adult who has done the escape room on Harmony, it is not a walk in the park. From what I know, Royal takes age restrictions for all their activities quite seriously. The only exception is if you were Star Class. In that case, the Genie arranges a private session for you and your children can participate.
  15. Me too! Love Texas de Brazil. We've been to a few as well and that is my favourite! I love their Couscous from their salad bar.
  16. No alarm clock. We use our cell phones. You can also request a wake up call each day.
  17. If you booked through a travel agent, you should get in contact with that agent and have them do it because only they will have access to do that. If you booked directly with Royal, call them and they should be able to get you set up.
  18. The price should be locked in at 3 or more people on the original reservation. Less than that would trigger a price change.
  19. Great advice! I did not think of that exception.
  20. I need an Enchantment, Brilliance, and Mariner one lol.
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