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  1. Welcome to the husband doesn't know club. This is a great club to be in. I have booked many cruises in this club.
  2. Did you have the chicken noodle soup in CK? Loved the red velvet cake pic.
  3. I only take on a carryon. When I get off the plane, I am ready for my cruise ship.
  4. I have a B2B on Freedom in June. I am having family join me on the second half.
  5. My family loves cruising together. We went on an Alaskan cruise together. It was thirteen of us. My nieces and nephews still talk about it. Precious memories are made. Cherish every moment.
  6. We have to bring in a doctor's statement if the absences occurs often.
  7. May peace and less stress with all who is traveling this weekend.
  8. I had to get a passport for my dad who is Jamaican. He was happy that I wanted him to have one. Part of the fun was helping him get his documents. My dad is now a Diamond member. We have had many wonderful memories together.
  9. June 16-19, 2023. Now I have a B2B June 19-23, 2023 is included.
  10. Booked Independence of the Seas, June 10-15, 2024. Six cabins booked.
  11. Booked Independence of the Seas. Now I am set for 2024.
  12. Shabba Ranks, Shaggy, Billy Ocean, Shakira, and Shaggy.
  13. Johnny Nash Stir it up, I can see clearly now
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