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  1. Well, this rules out Disney cruises ever for me. The thought of allowing people to be around food in a swim suite or without a shirt/shoes makes me ill. ? Very unhygienic.
  2. Hi. My husband and I are going on Adventure out of Ft. Lauderdale in March. Our ship is due to dock back by 5:30am. Assuming then we could be off by 8am. The internet says its a 10-12 min drive back to the airport. I would like to take a 10am flight home. However, my travel agent is freaking out about it. He thinks there is no way we could possible make that and instead wants me to book a 1pm flight and then sit in the airport for hours, wasting our day Has anyone done this before and provide some insight? I would like to get out ASAP. Our last cruise in Miami we ended up spending 5 hours in the airport waiting for our flight because we followed his advice. (Don't want to do that again).
  3. We just did this trip and LOVED Roatan. Can't understand why anyone would skip it. The area around the port isn't the best but take a ride to west end bay and its great! We went snorkeling in that area and it was amazing. I saw real sea turtles swimming through the reef just a few feet from me. Cozumel and Cozumel are a been there-done that for me. It seems to be just like any other port that's been getting cruises for years. Over commercialized and boring. For god sakes there is an old navy right when you get off the ship in Cozumel. No thanks, I can get that at home. If you're looking to skip a port, those are the ones to skip. Roatan is a must do.
  4. My husband and I are booked on Adventure the first week of march 2020. We will be visiting the ABC Islands as our 3 stops (Aruba, Bonaire, & Curaco) We know we want to snorkel in one location (looking like Bonaire would be best for this?). The other two we have no idea. We're fairly adventures couple. No kids. Not sit on a beach all day people. Our last trip we did zip lines, snorkels and cave diving. We're also not walk around on an informational tour kind of people either. (ex: a tour of the town on a bus would not be of interest to us) All suggestions are welcome!
  5. This is a very incomplete list. I work at a college that's not on here. Nor are any of the 5 other colleges within 100 miles of me.
  6. My husband and I will be on this sailing!
  7. I've taken this excursion and I wouldn't say it was great. There were several people all hooked up to the same tank so you couldn't wander too far. There were also a ton of other people in the same area snorkeling so it wasn't the best. At one point, I'm pretty sure my hose has somehow messed up because I started to get very little air. After looking at it for about .2 seconds, the guide just handed me some snorkeling stuff and sent me away. I'm guessing this must happen fairly often from the way it happened. Also, we've been to quite a few places to dive and didn't find Nassau anything special. There was some trash in the little bit of reefs that were there. Most of it seemed grey and dead.
  8. I just ended up buying pretty rare luggage as it seem someone always grabbed my old black bag, no matter what I did. Then I had to go chase someone down to get it back. I have yet to see someone else rolling around with matching hard case harry potter luggage yet!?
  9. It doesn't have to be quiet but upscale, intimate and special are important. I'm just not feeling the right vibe from Joe's. Pictures remind me of a very old Italian restaurant here and pretty mid-level dining. Not a bad thing, just not the vibe I'm going for.
  10. We're going in April as well. Which sailing are you on?
  11. @mworkman Have you done Xplor? My husband and I are booked for our cruise in April to go there. We zip line every vacation (Jamaica, Mexico, Florida, etc). If so, did you like it? Feel safe? This has me worried now.
  12. My husband and I will be on this sailing as well! In vacations past, I remember going to a free beach fairly close to the port in Cozumel (we just hopped in a cab and asked to be taken to the beach so I don't know the name) The only problem we had was the amount of jellyfish. Ended up not being able to go in the water without being stung. I was awful. Someone set it was migrating season though so perhaps that only happens in the summer/fall?
  13. My husband said he would try it but something about those shells just freaks me out for some reason. I also don't eat mustard so the crab seems pretty well out for me. I'll have to take another look at their menu. It's my husbands 30th so I'm trying to make it extra special and keep it between us. (Hence not wanting a very crowded or touristy place)
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