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  1. Has anyone gone on a Hawaiian cruise. Was it rough seas? Was it a great way to see the islands. We have never been there.
  2. When we out of customs. One came in ten minutes
  3. On our trip on Symphony they had this almost every-night for all ages
  4. Hello. I have cruised 4 times now. I am very nervous about getting motion sickness as well. We were on the Symphony the 6th of April this year. I always wear the patch and take gravel each day whether I needed it or not. Not sure why people say they can’t feel the ship move. There is always a feeling of movement especially on higher and front or back of boat. It bothers some and some it doesn’t. We picked a midship inside deck three this time and when we were in our room there was less movement. There were a couple of nights that the boat was rocking that our family in the back of the boat were very uncomfortable in their rooms. We embarked in Miami and made our FLL 1020 am flight but had no hiccups. Got off boat with our luggage and into an Uber by 715.
  5. This is all correct. We got off ship last Saturday. We called a Lyft I think it’s called. Similar to an Urber. 30 US dollars for four of us.
  6. We got off the ship last Saturday in Miami and had plenty of time for a 1020 flight out of FLL. We booked a Uber for 4 of us and was 30 dollars. We lined up at 630 am to get off ship after a quick bite in the Windjammer and was through customs and in in Uber by 715.
  7. We rented a car last week and it was the cheapest way and the Miami airport does free shuttle to port. Quick cheap and easy
  8. We were just on Symphony last week. The time never changed and the ports all stayed on ship time which was eastern. Even when we got to Mexico we stayed on ship time. It’s mentioned a lot so you don’t forget.
  9. From Canada it’s cheaper to fly into FLL then Miami. We always fly down the day before and rent a car. 50 dollars at most for 24 hrs. We just did this last weekend before we got on Symphony. There were six of us so we got a van and it saved us a ton of money. We use the car to get to our hotel in Miami make a Walmart run and then drop off the car back at the airport the next day and the car rental companies give you a free shuttle to the port.
  10. What do you do when you go on excursions with money and passports. Do you leave on beach and swim or swim with it?
  11. Is there a Budget drop off spot at Port Miami?
  12. Do you have to book an excursion or can you walk to the beach?
  13. Hello we have an inside cabin on Symphony. Does anyone know if there are robes in the room?
  14. Hello we are in the Symphony starting April 6th. Ports are Honduras, Costa Maya, Cozumel and Nassau. Does anyone know if there are beaches without taking a transfer. Tenders? And recommendations for inexpensive excursions. I.e. taxi to a beach for snorkeling etc... Thanks. ???????️
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