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  1. on my sailing May 2020 on Symphony? When I hover over "internet and more" it comes up, but when I click on "key", it's not listed there. Does it become available closer to sailing?
  2. I read your live blog post earlier, and I loved it!! It was so helpful. I appreciated the information. We have a central park balcony room. My daughter is staying with her grandmother in a Jr. Suite (way more money than me..lol). When did your shows become available? Will I get an email or do I just need to check the planner often? Also, when I click on "internet and more", it says "key", but when I click on it, it just takes me to the voom/arcade/etc. page. There's no key to purchase. When can I expect that to be available? It's something I'm interested in for sure. One more question...since my daughter is in a separate room, how can I purchase the key for her? Thanks so much!
  3. This is great! Thank you! We have a central park balcony room, so that's wonderful information. Glad to know about the teen group, and I want to try to zipline myself!
  4. Okay, I’ll check those things out. Thanks
  5. Hello all! I would really like to start getting tips and best advice for our 7 night cruise on Symphony next May! It's a group of 7 that consists of my in-laws, my husband, 14 year old daughter, and myself. We have only been on one Alaska cruise, and that was 10 years ago on Holland America. I am super excited, but I'm also a planner. I like to know what to expect and plan as much as possible. Since I teach, I'm on summer break right now, so I can do more planning than any other time. I know so many of you have a wealth of information and advice...So, any advice and tips to make our first Royal cruise go smoothly? What do you wish someone had told you before your first cruise?
  6. I'm still trying to figure out all of the extras. I am thinking that I will just need voom surf to be able to text my oldest daughter back at home without incurring any additional charges from my cell phone company? What is the purpose of the voom with streaming?? Only for streaming videos/movies/music? Will my youngest daughter be able to use her apple music subscription on just the surf or would she need the streaming as well? Thanks so much...I don't want to go broke for use of the internet. 😉
  7. Well, that makes sense! lol Thanks so much!
  8. Does anyone know much about these? I purchased one for my cruise on Symphony next year, but I can't find out much information about them.
  9. Is this a perk for Central Park balcony rooms on symphony as well?
  10. Thank you!... so I buy VOOM, turn on airplane mode, and I should be able to text my daughter at home with no penalties. Correct? (And I did try texting connected only to internet and it worked.)
  11. I would really appreciate any knowledge you all can share. For our upcoming cruise (first Royal cruise and only our second cruise ever), my youngest daughter is staying in a Jr. Suite with her grandmother. My husband and I are staying in a central park balcony...on Symphony. Our oldest daughter will not be going. If we purchase VOOM, can we text our oldest daughter back home in Kentucky? Will there be charges from our cell service, or does the voom internet take care of that? Also, how many devices do you usually buy voom for? There will be the three of us, but with my 14 year old in another room, I wasn't sure how that works, and what we should actually buy...one device, two, or all three? My daughter will want to stay up to date on social media and texting friends. All I want is to text my oldest daughter at home and be able to send her pictures. Thanks for any advice!
  12. Okay, thanks. Where was the key?
  13. How long before your cruise do things become available on the cruise planner....like entertainment, the key, etc.? All I see right now are a few excursions, internet, drink packages, and spa treatments.
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