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  1. You can also ask bar tenders for wine glasses. Our cabin steward wasn't good about replacing our glasses or giving us 4 when we asked for 4 she left 2. No extra tip for her.
  2. I am not elite. We paid budgeted for this experience and enjoyed our day and the kids had a great time at the wave pool and slides. I find $465 for Deluxe Beverage Packet a ridiculous amount of money for one person, but a lot of people were paying that on our cruise. Do you consider them elite too?
  3. I would not recommend Hampton Inn on Stirling. They are doing a renovation and it was a mess! I have never been at a Hampton Inn I wasn't happy with until then. The suites were new and great but the lack of help at the front desk and the renovation mess was awful!
  4. Definitely do the Stingray Excursion. It is so much fun! I agree with the rest that you will be more comfortable with warmer clothes in the dining room. The Solarium is available at breakfast and lunch. It turns into a Speciality dining room in the evening.
  5. We arrived back in on the 29th from Allure and had no problem with phone service thru Verizon.
  6. My grandkids didn't even unwrap theirs. They just asked for cokes at the bars.
  7. I agree with the swim shirt. You can get really burned in the Caribbean sun in the ocean.
  8. Not much of a discount on the deluxe package. Hope it comes down more.
  9. There are lots of great lists on Pinterest
  10. We don't usually gain weight on cruises. We have no trouble gaining at home) We use the stairs as much as possible and are much more active than we are at home. Also, after the first day all the food isn't so enticing and we don't drink much alcohol.
  11. We sail this December and there were no sales last year. I am hoping for some this year since we are close to sail date.
  12. I have a big plastic envelope with cruise paperwork that I keep everything cruise related in. I have the cancelled paperwork stapled together, the parking pass, the paid papers from the TA in it and then add the passports when we are ready to go. It goes in my zippered bag that is my carryone. I am considering a RFID wallet I saw on Amazon this time for when we go onshore.
  13. I have booked shore excursions thru Trip Advisor and been satisfied with them
  14. We are still booked for the show on December 23rd
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