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  1. I have a big plastic envelope with cruise paperwork that I keep everything cruise related in. I have the cancelled paperwork stapled together, the parking pass, the paid papers from the TA in it and then add the passports when we are ready to go. It goes in my zippered bag that is my carryone. I am considering a RFID wallet I saw on Amazon this time for when we go onshore.
  2. I have booked shore excursions thru Trip Advisor and been satisfied with them
  3. We are still booked for the show on December 23rd
  4. I just had a really bad TA. Missing in action when I got ready to book flights, so did it myself. Then she had our rooms on 2 different sides of the ship-I wanted 4 in a row. Booked out 2 years ago. Had names wrong, wrong parties in wrong rooms-needed 2 of them to be adjoining so kids in one and parents in the adjoining. It has been a mess. No benefits at all to using her. Using MEI the next time.
  5. Guess ours went to the travel agent we used. She still hasn't told us that the itinerary changed. Just is assuming I already know, I guess. First and last time with her.
  6. I found as our cruise got closer more things appeared in the cruise planner
  7. We are on Allure of the Seas in December and the menus are on the app. We have also gone on Cruise Planner and reserved the shows.
  8. They had Diet Dr Pepper in the machines on Adventures of the Seas. I was just wondering if the bar would serve it too rather then having to find a machine
  9. On Holland America they had Rummiekube and we played that some. We will pack a couple of decks of cards but we like to play trivia on the ship so we keep busy doing that along with trying to do everything else. We never get bored! I love to read too so I load a book on my Nook and take it for quiet times.
  10. My husband takes forever to pack so the dining table is set up 3 weeks ahead and then I put out notes for each day and he decides and adds his clothes to it when he decides. We finally put everything in bags about 3 days before we leave-except toiletries. We also have lists of to dos for home-pre cruise-cruise and post- cruise. If it were just me I pack the night before. In my mind I have been packing for a week.
  11. Thanks everyone for the answers. The kids have cell phones so they can communicate with us if they are leaving the children's area. Happy cruising!
  12. What ages can the children check themselves in and out?
  13. I bought the one by the wave pool for $599 and since there are 7 of us I bought one ticket for the water slides. When I looked at buying slide passes for everyone and took in to the fact I burn quickly it's a great idea for our group.
  14. What sodas do they have in a can? Do they have diet Dr Pepper?
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