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  1. "Cold" is relative. I've been to Coco Cay 4 times now (December, Jan, Feb), and it's never been warm enough for me to swim in either the pool or the ocean, and always super windy. But it didn't bother others.
  2. There's no set time. I'm 3 days out from my sailing and my bids are pending. I've been notified as late as after I've gotten on the ship (for losing bids).
  3. You can. I'd suggest taking a screen shot in case you run into problems with cellular service within the terminal. I print mine because I'd rather not be handing off my phone or trying to pull up my set sail pass on one app, and my covid test results on another. It's just easier for me to have a stack of papers for each of us.
  4. Someone will probably jump in, but this is the most recent Live Blog that I found from Allure. Keep in mind that what happens on one sailing doesn't necessarily affect what happens on the next. Entertainment could be canceled from one sailing to the next due to staff getting covid/covid exposed and then be offered on the very next sailing because everyone is out of isolation/quarantine. Visiting ports is the same way - based on the number of covid positive on the ship.
  5. You could likely play with margins or zooming in or out. I just use the "snipping tool" and copy/paste each one onto a word document. I had both mine and Mr. SpeedNoodles on one page last time we cruised and they just ripped it in half because they wanted to deal with us separately. (That makes us sound difficult to deal with. We're not. It was just easier for them to have all of his records in one pile and all of mine in another).
  6. MEI Travel - if you go to the home page (www.royalcaribbeanblog.com) there's a yellow form on the right-hand side of the page that you can fill out. Someone from MEI will get back with you. I personally wouldn't expect a travel agent to offer OBC right now. They were without income throughout the height of the pandemic. Sure, a big company might be able to offer it, but I personally want the commission to go to a small-business owner AND the service that big companies give does not compare to what I get through my MEI agent.
  7. You absolutely can!!!!!! They like that better than not giving you dessert (they really hate not giving you dessert, lol).
  8. The Refreshment Package covers more than "sugary drinks", so you might find it more beneficial (or you might not, what do I know?)
  9. I got my RoyalUp offer about 40 days prior to sailing. Still waiting on the results of the bid (I assume lost at this point).
  10. That's what I booked as well. I just couldn't pull the trigger on the Pan Pacific prices.
  11. No kidding! I have to work 3 nights this week - I'm going to have to wear at least my K95 during my entire 10-hour shift to be sure I'm not exposed!
  12. Ok, last annoying question (I think, maybe). Are they using pop-top cans or cans with screw tops for water on your sailing? TIIA
  13. I like this video because he screws it up and has to start over. He makes a mistake so YOU don't have to! (Not on purpose, but it definitely helps to see his mistake).
  14. Actual freeze frame of me**** waiting for an email from the Suite Concierge. **** authenticity of photo can not be confirmed
  15. Do you know if there's anywhere on Odyssey to get smoothie-type drinks?
  16. There are many threads on this board that discuss it - you won't have to look too far back in the threads to find them.
  17. What traits make up a good travel agent? Someone who travels themselves, especially the type of travel you're looking for (in this case, obviously cruises). Not all travel agents are actually familiar with cruises. The agent before my current agent had never been on a cruise and couldn't answer my questions. I actually knew more about it than she did. Your travel agent shouldn't charge, and if they do, you should know that you are paying them a service fee and why (and you shouldn't have to - again, my previous travel agent did this). They should be able to answer emails or texts within a reasonable amount of time and find back up TAs to assist if their work load is too heavy or they are on vacation (they are allowed to take time off, too!!!) I personally want a TA who has a personality that I mesh with. Do they have a sense of humor? They won't survive me without one! Why did you choose the agent you chose? Honestly, I spent some time on this blog and watched what other people did and who they are using. When I found a member here who had a personality that I liked, who traveled a lot (so had a lot of experience with her TA) and who loved her TA, I figured I'd really love that TA as well! I wasn't wrong! (Thank you, @WAAAYTOOO) What are some warning signs to look for that indicate a "not good" travel agent? Everything opposite of what I said makes a good one. Not familiar with that type of travel, charges for their fees, poor communication, nobody to back them up if needed.
  18. It's possible that it will go up, but it seems that it will fluctuate up and down like that. BUT, they do often sell out, so you definitely risk missing out entirely.
  19. Thanks! There were 2 Grand Loft suites still available as of 3 days ago, but they're gone now, so I assume that the upgrade is, truly, unavailable. I like the room we have now (Owner's Suite), though, so we're good either way. We'll just miss out on Star Class.
  20. My weird status ("Upgrade Unavailable") on the Grand Loft suite still says that, but I can still cancel or modify it. Totally weird, lol.
  21. Ok, thanks. Yeah, your proctor must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I've done a half dozen of these and have never had them blink an eye at the middle name issue. But at least I won't be thrown off and will know what to do if I get the same proctor now!! Thanks!
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