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  1. Call the Crown and Anchor Society at (800) 526-9723
  2. Not in the US/Caribbean. I'm not sure about Europe.
  3. Top Tier numbers: Gold 774 Platinum 316 Emerald 178 Diamond 312 Diamond Plus 153 Pinnacle 21 Top cruisers #2) 1568 points #1) 2673 points
  4. Yes, you can do any of the restaurants. Just make your reservations at any specialty restaurant host stand or dining kiosk when you get onto the ship on embarkation day. We always make it the first thing that we do.
  5. It varies by ship, but the restaurant is included. The wine bar isn't. On Odyssey both were for us, but others have reported other experiences.
  6. You won't be able to make reservations for the UDP until you board the ship.
  7. Nope, we just love walking around town, sampling food, visiting a bar, and a special pet store
  8. Cafe Promenade is where I go, but if you find yourself closer to Park Cafe then go there.
  9. I've had Bloody Mary's earlier than that. You can order them at the Windjammer bar, in the MDR if you're having breakfast there. They just don't open most of the regular bars until 10:30. Hey, the staff has to have SOME time to sleep!
  10. Every time I've had breakfast at JRs we are always the only ones there. Maybe another table or two inside, but I feel like it's a pretty well-kept secret.
  11. You can use them anywhere at any time of day.
  12. I see a Twitter logo, so that's probably a screenshot from there. You can also find him on Instagram and Facebook.
  13. Black Friday deals are no different than any other sale. And when it comes to Shore Excursions, the best prices I've found have been random drops in price between sales.
  14. Personally, I'd skip it. I don't think there's $163 extra in value to the Key (and I like it, for the right price. That price, to me, is under $20 pppd).
  15. If you purchased "cancel for any reason" travel insurance you would be covered for most of it. Otherwise I think you are out of luck (as you can see on your invoice).
  16. Call Royal Caribbean. They will make your husband purchase the Refreshment Package. It can't be done online.
  17. There will be an adults-only beach, but it won't open until next year. You may enjoy South Beach as it's the farthest beach from the ship and is typically quieter.
  18. Buy it now and watch the prices. If they drop, you can cancel and repurchase it at the lower price. But if the price goes up (and it could), you're protected against that.
  19. Gaited horses are the bomb. I love me some Icelandic Horses! I have a Paso Fino (she's 31 years old). If I wasn't so old I'd get me an Icelandic to ride as well.
  20. Most TAs don't charge a fee (but it's best to check right away). Many of us here use M.E.I. (they are a sponsor of this blog) and are extremely happy with their service. They do not charge a fee. You can access them on the home page of the site at http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com - it's the big yellow form on the right-hand side of the page (if using a desktop - I'm not sure where it is using the mobile view).
  21. This is a fan site and is not affiliated with the cruiseline. The company will not read your comment here.
  22. It's per visit. Sometimes they'll even close out a check and open a new one to keep it all covered (your mileage may vary on that). Enjoy! Odyssey has my favorite Playmakers in the fleet.
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