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  1. Honestly, the best place to whale watch on an Alaskan cruise is Juneau. I've known several people who have taken whale watching tours out of Victoria (including me, just a few weeks ago) who saw zero whales. In Juneau they never stopped popping up. Luckily I'm so enamored with the Salish Sea and the Gulf Islands that it made no difference to me that we saw no whales out of Victoria, as I find the area absolutely magical, but most people were likely very disappointed. We took the tour out of Victoria that was offered on Royal Caribbean's site. We were glad we did, as we barely made it back to the ship before boarding time.
  2. When you buy a 2 device there's only one log in that is shared between any two devices. Doesn't matter what or whose device it is. If someone wants to use a then different (third) device, it will knock one of the first ones off (but you don't get to choose which device gets knocked off and it's always a game of roulette).
  3. No, the prepaid gratuities are for your stateroom attendant and your wait staff in the MDR.
  4. The retailer may do it for you (ours did).
  5. The percentages mean absolutely nothing. Don't even look at that number. Just look at the price per person per day. There's generally a cruise planner every few weeks. But don't wait too long to purchase because, as you know, the price could go up instead of down, and you can always cancel/repurchase if it goes down again after you buy it.
  6. No, it doesn't need to be black tie. You will see everything from black tie to jeans w/collared shirts (and sometimes t-shirts).
  7. You can definitely use the pool or anything else that's open (water slides, Flow Rider). You can put your swimwear in your carry-on bag (also keep things like charging cables, sunscreen, medication). Rooms are usually open by 1 or 1:30. You can change in any public locker room (I wear my swimsuit under my clothes on day 1!)
  8. Yep. you can go as many times as you want, however I don't believe Fish & Ships is included in the UDP (your mileage may vary). And, yes, you would just pay the overage. A nice server may close out the first bill and start a new one, avoiding the overage (often happens at Playmakers, but, again, YMMV).
  9. Not unless you ask Guest Services to punch a hole in them for you (and as long as it's the kind you swipe and not tap). I've never gotten one that had a hole in it already. In fact, that's the kind you tap and I've always been told that you can't hole punch them, so now I must question everything I know about the world.
  10. You can buy the 3 device package, it doesn't matter who uses it. Just keep in mind that when some new device logs in, it will ask if you want to disconnect another device, but you don't get to choose which device that is! This became a constant frustration with us on our last cruise (we had a 2 device plan, but I'd switch between my phone and iPad, but it'd kick my husband's iPad off, lol - OOPS!
  11. Having cared for owls for a over decade, even if this is the case, I surely hope it's found it's way to land. And now next time I'm on an Oasis-class ship I'll be obsessed with finding insects and lizards in Central Park.
  12. My husband bought a beautiful Ulu in Icy Straight. He had it shipped. It arrived the same day we got home. It is ornate, but far from dull and is highly usable.
  13. This might be a question you'll have to ask Celebrity. This site is a fan site, and not affiliated with either cruise line.
  14. I don't know, but for many reasons, I hope not. If it's there, and still alive, then it means the ship has a rodent problem. Sure, some will eat large insects (but I don't think anyone wants those on board, either) fish (doubtful at sea) and birds (very large owls).
  15. And yet children have been cruising with parents for decades without an app.
  16. Huh, I have never had this happen. One of my favorite third-party sites is cruisedeckplans.com - useful because you can layer the deck views and easily see what's above or below any area in which you are interested.
  17. You'll probably have to call Royal Caribbean to solve this issue (or book through a good travel agent).
  18. Royal does provide a pressing service for a fee. There's nothing on board that allows you to do it yourself. I use Downy Wrinkle Release and hang the garment in the bathroom for a few minutes with a hot shower running. Works well enough.
  19. I don't know that they are on the nightstand, though.
  20. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/alaska-cruise-excursions
  21. Some more resources (not that your questions are stupid - don't take it that way!):
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