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  1. I'm just going to leave this here - it's certainly not the only time I've ever seen "Pick Your Own Room" fares less than "We Pick Your Room". So I still don't believe it's some grand scheme to screw people over - it's likely part of their pricing algorithm thing they have going on.
  2. The over-the-water cabanas are the ones that can get up to $2.5k - in the Beach Club area. The Oasis Lagoon Cabanas are around the fresh water pool. We snagged one in December for $317 for 3 of us and we felt it was a good deal (it's rare to find them quite that low though). While we enjoyed them (and pretty much needed one that day since it was windy and cool), I'm not sure I'd do it again unless I had the right price and number of people. We definitely won't do it for just two of us.
  3. Always ignore the "percentage off" and just look at the price per day.
  4. My Symphony sailing had booking for entertainment show up about 120 days out. On Ovation it was about 45 days. So basically, just keep checking.
  5. Welcome to the forum! Did you check your spam and trash folders to see if the email got filtered out?
  6. Trust your EDocs over either the app or the booking site.
  7. Frankly it's nothing Matt hasn't been telling us for the past year.
  8. Probably, I just didn't realize it took them 3 months. Even the amplifications don't block out an entire 3 months, so I was just curious. You're probably right.
  9. I experienced the same when my helium balloon excursion on Coco Cay was cancelled due to wind. The money was refunded to my Sea Pass card by noon.
  10. Welcome to the forum! Others will have more solid advice, and I think they'll recommend self assist.
  11. If you or your TA has made a note of it, sometimes your room steward will make a fuss as well. Ours did on Ovation last June for my husband's 50th (she had 2 people sneak in and make an elaborate towel cake, complete with towel candle) - we accidentally interrupted the process, so they sang an impromptu Happy Birthday to him. I miss that woman. She was just the best.
  12. Ok, so not a Terminal A thing, because twice I sailed out of there, but not Symphony. I guess I'll find out in 33 days, since I'm sailing on Symphony then! I totally believe you, I just haven't had that experience yet.
  13. I was on the typical 7-day Ovation Alaskan itinerary last June. Not sure if I can help or not.
  14. I've uploaded mine on the past 3 cruises - nobody has ever retaken my pic. Maybe that's a particular terminal or ship policy?
  15. I looked long and hard at this one. I think I'll put it on my list of something to book on another trip to St. Maarten (I promised Mr Speednoodles an ATV tour this year).
  16. I've had drop off locations in both the theatre (Mariner) and the MDR (Navigator). Does anyone know which venue at which you drop off the carry on luggage on Symphony (since it's such a big ship, I'd rather not drag them from end to end looking for it, like I had to on Nav)? TIA
  17. Empress would only use the new terminal (Terminal A), if they were the only ones in port. Oasis is there on the 26th, so they'd use Terminal A. General advice by people (Matt, Sheri from Cruise Radio, others that I've heard) is that it's really risky to park off site in Miami (if you want to come back to a vehicle with wheels). Personally, I wouldn't risk it. Enjoy your cruise, and definitely live blog it if you are willing! Sure, the ship has been covered, but everyone brings their own unique experiences and perspectives. Share with us! And enjoy your cruise! I still have to wait a whole year to get on Empress.
  18. Have you considered using a good travel agent who can fight these battles for you?
  19. I'll be on the same sailing! You will get your points about 7-14 days after completing the sailing, so your NEXT cruise you will be recognized at your new level. Enjoy your cruise!
  20. I'm not sure about how it will be with 3. With Mariner and Navigator there it still seemed like the island was less than half full.
  21. All I could find was this video of cabin 1106, 2 doors down. https://youtu.be/py2nNi_Aw7Q
  22. Yep, European Starlings (ugh, they're all over here in Minnesota, and annoying as hell). (And yes, I'm just catching up on your blog - great job!!)
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