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  1. Shows and entertainment are not available to book on Mariner, only Oasis and Quantum class ships. As Matt said, the Escape Room should be at some point. Keep checking (and check frequently as things like that book up very quickly).
  2. Yep, exactly - pick a Symphony sailing (I picked one farther out so that the suites weren't sold out and not showing up). Oddly, there are zero virtual tours showing up now for me, even though they were earlier. Or not so oddly, since it happened to others.
  3. I've made reservations for Pixels (it's in the 270 venue). It's the only thing, other than RipCord by IFly, that has opened up for reservations so far for my sailing.
  4. My very short list: 1. Jewel 2. Vision 3. Mariner i can’t wait to try the Quantum and Oasis class ships over the next year.* *pending pet sitter availability
  5. I was able to walk through the 1 bedroom Aquasuite yesterday, now it's not available to me. I should NOT have done that. Now I want to book one.
  6. I do hope Royal comes back to the west coast. Hubby wants to sail out there more than almost anywhere except Europe (and he can't fly to Europe yet).
  7. Yep. I booked with them before I found you guys. A couple of months ago she also offered to arrange our flight with only a $50 booking fee. Ummmm....no.
  8. I guess having her do it is what my $100 service fee went to.
  9. I started checking in for my June cruise --- now I'm getting emails from *the travel agent* that's she's trying to get it done and get my documents to me. Who's supposed to do this when you use a travel agent?
  10. You may want to put the topic of your post in the "Title" instead of your name so that it will catch the eye of anyone sailing Spectrum. Maybe put in "Spectrum cruise canceled".
  11. Agreed. I walked up there one night, and it was so creepy I walked through as quickly as I could (I was alone and suddenly felt extremely unsafe).
  12. I got trapped in the bathroom of the Grand Suite and couldn’t get out. While I was there I found this mildly amusing typo.
  13. I stand corrected. And although I'd never do it, it leaves a way to for people cheat the system and get a 2nd soda package for the price of a replacement cup.
  14. Frankly, I found it too annoying to carry around so never lost it. I just drank alcohol instead. 😎
  15. I suspect that the time it would take to get to the nearest machine after they disable the old chip and they give you your new cup would be sufficient. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  16. I think, like a hotel key card, they can disable the old chip in the cup that you lost and enable the chip in your new cup for the remainder of your cruise.
  17. True, but that's literally what they are marketed as, so that's what people call them.
  18. This will really mess up Virgin Voyages. 19 of their 43 available itineraries go to Havana.
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