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  1. Ugh, you guys, I'm SO TEMPTED to book this one. But it would likely mean canceling my Alaska sailing. We'll probably do those a lot anyway once we move to WA State in 3 years, but this one is so soon after my Odyssey sailing. I'm so torn!
  2. I'll have to see if that's a possibility. It'll work for my October cruise, but the next one is the end of January and they'll be expired by then. I didn't expect the tests to be a year old already when we got them. Lame.
  3. I must have booked at a great price. The price today for my cabin category is $1000 over what I paid for it.
  4. Yes, but I didn't realize that was going to be an issue before I bought them, or I wouldn't have risked buying 6 of them.
  5. I purchased my 6-pack before the discussion about expiration dates even came about. #screwed
  6. I believe they are moving guests to the new Wonder of the Seas and Allure will be going to Galveston.
  7. Many people get replies when asking specific questions on Michael Bayley's Facebook page, or by sending a message directly on it. Someone might want to give it a try. It costs nothing and the worst that can happen is there's no reply. https://www.facebook.com/MichaelBayleyRoyalCaribbean
  8. My January sailing is Odyssey in the Owner's Suite that I got for a steal, so not giving that one up! And I can't ask for another week off from work that soon after.
  9. DANGIT! I'm pretty sure my dance card is full - I don't know where I could fit one of these in. DANGIT DANGIT!
  10. Call them at (800) 526-9723. I'm the first one to avoid making a phone call if I can send an email, but I wouldn't do it with Royal. I'd just call.
  11. Yes, mostly - although there were times on Ovation when we couldn't get near a bar because they were so crowded and used the Bionic Bar instead. We actually did hang out there and talk to the crew who serviced the machines. They were so sweet and usually got ignored. When it was time to pass tips around at the end of the cruise, we gave each of them a tip and thanked them. They were so excited that someone thought of them.
  12. Is it time to start packing yet? I feel like it's time to start packing.
  13. Please keep the thread CRUISE related.
  14. Sheri with CruiseTipsTV used them two years ago and really liked the service.
  15. 7-night MULTI Glacier Experience Cruise - Serenade of the Seas, May 29, 2022 round trip from Vancouver - visiting Ketchikan, Juneau and Sitka! DO EEET!!!
  16. I've seen some last for a couple of days. With others it's possible that I just caught them on the last day as well. Or it could be based on how many they sell at that price.
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