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  1. Yeah, I can't even deal with it now anyway. Between the covids, the riots in Minnesota and my dog being mysteriously sick I just want to disappear into the mountains.
  2. Now should I just cancel my cruise planner stuff now or wait? That's the question.
  3. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/05/29/canada-extends-cruise-ship-ban-through-october-31
  4. Ah. I’m an avid ceviche / sushi consumer.
  5. I don’t know if Victory has an inside line but they are canceling the rest of the year. They sail into the Canadian Maritimes and New England, among other itineraries https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23005-victory-cruise-lines-suspends-2020-cruise-season-looks-to-2021.html
  6. Welcome to the forums, @silverlining !!!
  7. I like to think I'm just realistic, but apparently others see it another way, lol. I promise I'm fun in person, though! lol
  8. Our altered schedule at work (done to minimize our exposure to each other) results in built-in OT every paycheck. I don't know about you, but that seems like more money for cruises (although in reality we have to reroof the house/garage within a few weeks, so who am I kidding? I know where that money is going).
  9. The first time I was in Nassau (Feb 2019) Royal left a letter in our cabins warning people about eating Conch Fritters on the island. I can't remember what the exact issue was, but I've avoided them ever since, even though I'd love to try them. It would help if I could remember WHY we got the warning. We didn't get one in Dec 2019.
  10. Yeah, I'm booked on that, too. Brilliance GC in October and B2B Odyssey inaugural in November. I know none of it is happening. I won't make other plans anyway, but there's just no point pretending.
  11. Can you pay gratuities with it? More spa treatments? It just irks me to no end to see a $110 bottle of champagne on board that I can buy on land for $35. LOL
  12. They have to visit at least one Canadian port during the sailing, so if Canada still won't let cruises in then Alaska cruises are done for the season (unless it's an all-American line).
  13. It'd be great if the Canadian gov't would just announce this so we can all get on with our lives (ha, ok, that sounds selfish. It just seems like it would be an easy thing to decide and announce if that's what they want to do).
  14. Just bring one. You'll pay three times as much on board than you'd pay on land.
  15. There's not much difference in booking. Where they really come in handy is the service you get if you need to change anything or when there are problems. Would you rather sit on hold for 3 hours with Royal or have your TA do it? I don't find it at all easier to contact Royal directly. I don't have that kind of free time. I'd rather have her fight my battles for me.
  16. Royal has secured enough financing to last quite a while now, so I certainly wouldn't worry about bankruptcy (so has NCL, actually). The promo now isn't bad - nice thing is if you book and the price goes down later you can reprice the booking at the lower fare. I recommend either booking through a GOOD travel agent, or at least transferring the booking to a good travel agent right after booking (if you want to jump on it now).
  17. If only cigarette smoke on clothes smelled like BBQ!
  18. I'm curious to see if our large casinos here will do away with their massive buffets or not. Hopefully someone (who isn't someone I work with) will report back, because I'm sure not going to go and check it out myself.
  19. Frankly it's much scarier being airborne than being able to catch it from a surface. I can easily control what I touch, and I've made it a point to not touch high-touch surfaces with my hands for YEARS (you learn that when Norovirus spreads like wildfire through your workplace twice a year for 10 years). I cannot as easily control where and what I breathe.
  20. I really don't see it this way at all. He's said all along that they have a team of people (including medical and epidemiologists) working on how they will handle the on-board and pre-board experience. American Queen can start sailing much sooner because they don't have to wait for foreign ports to open up. They may not even be subject to much CDC scrutiny. Royal knows they really can't start sailing yet (CDC hasn't indicated that they will lift the "no sail" order early), so they may as well use the time and figure out their strategy. They have the time to try to get it right the first time back.
  21. It might be comparing apples to oranges here in many ways, but it's interesting to see how some companies will be dealing with passengers and spaces once they get sailing again. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22987-american-queen-announces-health-protocols.html?fbclid=IwAR3E_1qR-lIv4eCC4qbi2T7laDferhFIoLjoC1SaX7sP6ghcCnRN7pa7Z8Q
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