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  1. Me to Mr. SpeedNoodles: "Princess just sold the Love Boat!" Mr. SpeedNoodles: "THEY WERE STILL SAILING THAT SHIP?? WHY THE HELL DIDN'T WE GO ON IT?!?!?!" #thisismylife
  2. As of now, Boston Logan airport has COVID testing on site (3 types, including rapid).
  3. I don't know, did it seem like this new company had a history running cruise lines? I feel like I'd no longer trust the brand.
  4. This makes me sad. We were planning on doing an Ireland Intensive sailing on Azamara in two years.
  5. I understand the storyline. I've also learned to not tilt at that windmill on this forum, lol.
  6. That's exactly what happened to us, except we didn't notice we'd been charged the $100 fee until after we'd booked. All of our bookings since have been with MEI, and we've been so happy. We also book with Michelle. They know far more about Royal Caribbean (and probably the other lines) than that other agent did (I knew more than that other agent did, which didn't help when I actually needed something). You won't regret it!
  7. Infinity sailing the med in June 2021 is still on the website.
  8. Yep, until you pay for it, whatever is in your cart goes for whatever the rate is that day.
  9. One thing that most of us have learned - if you don't agree with what the first person on the phone tells you, call back and talk to someone else. All you have to lose is time.
  10. Princess just extended it's pause through May 14, 2021 as well.
  11. Here's a video of that suite on Anthem. It should be pretty much the same on Ovation.
  12. The Escape Room. I've never done an activity that made me feel so incredibly stupid in my life.
  13. A lot of airports here in the US have COVID testing on site now. Hopefully that will help.
  14. Never has heart disease, aspirin overdose, falling down stairs, etc, put the kind of pressure on hospitals where patients had to be put into hospital gift stores due to lack of actual hospital rooms in which to put patients. You cannot compare an infectious disease to other most other medical problems. In all of my years doing 911 I don't remember ever running out of ambulances so often or having so many hospitals tell them to divert because they were full, and they can't find anywhere to divert to. That's the core of the problem.
  15. You can get excellent specialty coffees in Cafe 270 (where the barista knew my husband's name by the end of Day 1 on Ovation).
  16. No, Junior Suites are not full suites and cannot utilize the Concierge Club.
  17. I wouldn't at all be surprised that they are sold out with all of the lift and shifting combined with the double Crown and Anchor promotions. They would not shut down the suites area. With everyone having so many canceled cruises this one might be very popular. You may want to work with a travel agent, who might have some insight into it.
  18. Gary's one of my favorites. I hope he's wrong, but he's pretty sensible. He's also from the U.K. where things are getting worse (not worse than here, just worse for them).
  19. My 8-night Southern Caribbean sailing on Odyssey in Jan 2022 is available. It looks like they just haven't posted cruises as far out as fall 2022 (which is when most Canada/NE sailings occur).
  20. It was always covered when we visited. But, as @twangster mentioned, we had Playmakers across the Boardwalk, so that was always a preferred choice for us.
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