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  1. Did you figure it out yet? We just did an upgrade balcony via GTY and it is supposed to be deck 6 or higher (per the RCCL agent on the phone), but only the Obstructed 0% is showing up on the receipt. I'm hoping it means getting a 'non-obstructed' view and/or signifies the Balcony vs an Ocean View room . . because the Ocean view rooms can be below or at the level that the lifeboats are.
  2. *Sigh* I remember the days... on my first 11 day cruise we got 25% off the original deluxe drink package price of $55. . . now $55 is the "sale" price (and I'm going on a smaller ship!). I got it this time (the deluxe beverage package with the 1 device Voom surf + stream as it's actually saving me a WHOPPING $2.40/person/day doing it this way) but I suggested to my spouse that we should go a la cart next time as I can only foresee prices rising even more by the time we cruise after next.
  3. Any recent Harmony cruisers know of any themed parties? If there's a "white night" (or something to that nature) I'd like to know so I can dress accordingly, as long as it wouldn't involve a lot of packing space. I saw in the April Cruise Compass that there was a 50s/60s Party like on night 2, but I couldn't keep going through the CC because it's SO MUCH information with the ship being so large and having a LOT going on every day! It's also a different "7 Night Eastern Caribbean" cruise itinerary than the one I'm going on June 9th that includes Perfect Day at Coco Cay on Day 2. If you can rec
  4. Anyone recently take a Harmony OTS trip and recall what night the Mexican Themed dinner was held on in the Windjammer (if they have one on Harmony)? We went on Adventure OTS last year and missed out on that particular night. We ate at the main dining room each night, which we really enjoyed and would like to continue this time around as well, but do want to have Mexican food at no extra cost this time around. Thanks!
  5. Thanks guys, we got the deluxe drink package for all of us so this wasn't an issue, but for future reservations this is a helpful tip to avoid the "rule" with this particular package!
  6. From my perspective it's just to have 1 room set up with the beds together, and the other with them separate... my spouse wanted the names to be swapped so they know the girls will be in one room while we'll be in the other. I agree in that I do not think having the names swapped under the reservations would matter.
  7. Thank you, I suppose I will call to see if this can be added to the reservation as a request
  8. Hello, my spouse and I booked our next cruise with one of the NextCruise planners while on our previous cruise. We are bringing his young adult girls along as gifts to them. We were advised to book our rooms with one girl under one of our names, in the event that one of the girls couldn't make it and we didn't want to have problems changing names under the reservation # if we had someone else come along in her place (essentially, one of us 'adults' needs to be in charge/control of each room up until embarkation day). We just remembered this and want to be able to ensure that my spouse and I wi
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