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  1. I'm pretty sure I saw it back on our Harmony sailing last month. We did it on our honeymoon, it was really neat - a little pricey, obviously, but still cool.
  2. Same, but have to keep telling myself all the reasons it's better to wait. That said - @Matt or anyone else have thoughts on future sailings past the current April 2025 dates? Do we expect Icon to remain in Miami for all of 2025 as well, or is it likely to head to Europe for the last half of the year?
  3. I noticed that too - gotta wonder why. I know before they could technically put 2 adults + an infant into a 2 person room because the infant would be in a crib and wouldn't require an additional bed, but if the age of the kid was over 2, they had to be in a 3 person room.
  4. Just made the news recently, oddly enough. A performer had to cancel a planned concert because one of the members of their stage crew had an old conviction and was denied entry by CBP.
  5. Yeah, if you're not doing a suite I think it'll be worth the money by Fall 2024 or 2025. Suites, however... not sure when those prices will drop to sane levels.
  6. If I wanted something other than the inaugural, there were definitely some "high but reasonable" options. That said, it's honestly for the best since my daughter can't do the slides yet, so we'll likely wait until Fall 2025 when we can guarantee she'll be tall enough to ride everything she wants to.
  7. Gonna be waiting here too. My daughter's still gonna be too short to do most of the water slides, so there's no sense in paying 4k for a sailing on the inaugural where we're not all going to be able to enjoy the full experience. We'll wait a year or two, let the price come down and let her get taller.
  8. Here's hoping that milkshake bar is gonna be replacing Johnny Rockets.
  9. Definitely had *not* heard this before - definitely not how it played out for Wonder. @Matt
  10. We were in an inside down on 3 on Harmony, right under the Casino. Honestly one of the quietest rooms I think we've ever been in.
  11. Yeah, Wonder was fairly reasonable. We shall all see on Monday, I suppose.
  12. My only thought would be for existing routes, especially Alaska - would they just stop running those routes and/or turn them over to a Celebrity ship?
  13. I see that there, but the official release said January, so who knows. Doing the first revenue sailing over the holidays seems like a *terrible* idea, IMO.
  14. They've said there's no plans to charge for any of the onboard pools / waterslides.
  15. Mildly kicking myself for not buying an open booking while we were on Harmony last month, I legitimately didn't expect it to open for booking before the end of the year.
  16. Yikes. All interior cabins are now double occupancy only, so the *minimum* for families is going to be a spacious interior...
  17. Yup. They could practically do 7 sea days on this ship and I don't think you'd have any complaints.
  18. Does anywhere have a list of actual room types yet? Deck plans don't have codes or anything on them yet as far as I've seen.
  19. As stated above, it's likely they're running into supply issues. The inaugural for Wonder was in April of this year and went on sale in September 2021, so 7ish months lead time? And that was after the last-minute pivot to a US homeport from Asia.
  20. I don't remember them offering something like that for Wonder, so I'd be shocked if they did for Icon. Then again, it *is* a new class, so maybe?
  21. Yes, thankfully I did get a reimbursement from them without having to escalate, but I was fully expecting to need to get their supervisors and my bank involved.
  22. Yup. They had a Florida one and a Miami one when we were onboard this week. You'd think they'd either have a special RCL version, or at least one for the Caribbean/Bahamas.
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