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  1. I was on that same cruise (April 7 end) and noticed random vibrations. Our itinerary wasn't changed, but we were sailing to different locations than the one that's currently being affected. Our itinerary was Miami, Nassau, sea, Cozumel, Roatan, Costa Maya, sea, back to Miami.
  2. I got one of these for locking up my beach bag, which includes clips for keeping the zippers closed. I'll test it out next week!! https://www.amazon.com/BeachLocks-Lounger-Security-Combination-Secures/dp/B072MVZ437/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=27Y6TZJ5K7QJB&keywords=beach+bag+lock&qid=1553741125&s=gateway&sprefix=beach+bag+lock%2Caps%2C149&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1
  3. I hope this doesn't make me sound like a jerk and I'm not jinxing my cruise next week, but I sort of breathe a sigh of relief when I hear about problems on another ship. I feel like it cuts down on the possibility something will go wrong on mine too, statistically speaking. 🙏
  4. I'm on this sailing too, and I remember when the Dreamworks phase out was announced, I realized that our sailing will be the last one the characters will be on for Allure. They're staying on for any cruises that start before April 1st, and will be there for the entire cruise even though it goes past April 1st. I was worried the characters (as in the people inside the costumes) might be bummed about losing their jobs, or it would be awkward knowing it was their last few parades and appearances, but then another poster made a good point that those people probably have full time jobs elsewhere on the ship and might be happy not to wear the costumes anymore. Maybe they'll be extra celebratory!! 11 more days!!!!!!!!
  5. Or "Don't Touch This" with a picture of MC Hammer dancing 😁
  6. Yep, I bought a set of these but only enough for our check in luggage. Then I started thinking about putting them on the carry on bags too (even more so now reading all these replies). Might need to buy some more so they dangle nicely and don't crowd the handle all folded up. Thanks!!
  7. I have "regular" luggage tags on all my luggage, and also put the special Royal Caribbean ones on our check-in luggage. Do I need these on the carry-on bags too? I'm assuming not but wasn't sure.
  8. Mainly you just don't want to have your maiden name on your passport and married name on your reservation, that type of discrepancy. If you do, you'll need to show your marriage license as well for a paper trail on the change.
  9. I can see all of my in-law's reservations in my calendar on the app, but none of mine. It shows my own cruise confirmation number in my profile so I don't know why it's grabbing my in-law's shore excursions and dinner times instead of mine. Anyone else having that issue with linked cruises in the app? I reinstalled, logged in fresh, etc. We're also less than a month out.
  10. Thanks everyone for the ideas! I seem to remember seeing spending limits and card assignments for each person in the online check in area where right now everything is pointed to my credit card. I'll check that out again and see what I can set up there or handle it on the ship.
  11. Western Caribbean cruise coming up for our family including two kids, age 11 & 16. I know purchases on board are normally charged to our sea pass account, but could they also shop with prepaid Visa cards on board? I'd like to give them something like this so they have a spending limit on souvenirs.
  12. I just read on a Cruise Critic article today that the Purser's desk often has all the MDR menus for the week at the start of the cruise. I'm sorry I can't link that, it came in an email that I deleted off my phone already.
  13. Similar here. One of mine is full length but not too formal. The other is a shorter cocktail dress. Not sure which one to wear first.
  14. Try finding a matching or similar past Cruise Compass posted on the blog site. It'll show the dress code for each evening.
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