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  1. https://bahamascruiseexcursions.com/excursions/nassau-private-island-tours/ I can highly recommend this private Nassau tour. We had a family of 6 on the 4 hour tour, and were taken to all the usual tourist sites, plus the driver also pointed out their school and talked about what life is like on the island during the drive. He was very proud of his homeland and it showed. It was great to see and hear about the positive aspects of life in Nassau, a big change from the usual crime stories everyone focuses on.
  2. You can review this blog thread to see who's listed themselves on your cruise so far on the Master Member Cruise List.
  3. Is there a trick to viewing an itinerary map like this on the RC website when browsing through cruises to book? All I see lately are a list of the port stops and sea days under the "Explore Itinerary" link. I'm not horrible with geography, but I'd rather not have to search Google Maps separately to find out where places like St. Thomas vs. St. Lucia are. I want to see where I'll be going in the world, not just what each port is called!
  4. He's not much of an NFL fan, but I hear ya!
  5. The bad news is, my dad told me last night that he's moving from where we leave near each other in Michigan to the Seattle, WA area. I'll be sad to see him go, moving so far away. The good news is....what a great excuse to plan an Alaskan cruise out of Seattle!!!!!! I may or may not invite him along. LOL
  6. I'm wondering about this too. The Hibachi-side of Izumi isn't a la carte like the sushi-side is. On my cruise on Allure last year it was $45pp and not included on any dining plans. I've heard it's been added to some dining plans, and wondering which ones. But also knowing how Hibachi reservations often sell out in advance because of the limited seating, I wonder how likely someone could reserve this on board as their 2nd or 3rd restaurant.
  7. @Linda F if you can't get confirmation from the ship how they apply that policy, I would recommend waiting until you're on the ship to decide on buying the photo package. I know it's cheaper thru the cruise planner before your trip, but you might end up spending less on individual pictures if they don't apply group photos to everyone's accounts. I assume you don't want to spend money on the package to only get pictures of yourself and your granddaughter included.
  8. @Psycho and Barb wow, that really stinks. I'm sorry they applied it that way. Makes me glad to think we're not travelling with other family members on our next cruise so we won't run into that, which is sad when you think about it. 😕
  9. She was asking about group pictures with her or her granddaughter in them. Those can be tied to her photo package. We did this with my immediate family (me, husband and two kids) in one stateroom and my MIL & FIL in another room. Any pictures (all of us together, or even just my kids with my in-laws) were tied to both staterooms. Pics with only my in-laws were not tied to my account, and vice versa. Where it says in the terms & conditions that Group photography isn't included in photo packages, they must be referring to special groups like the events and private sessions they list. About 90% of the "regular" photos taken on the ship are of groups, like a whole family posing on a stairwell. If those weren't included, no one would ever buy a photo package. And when people from multiple staterooms are in the same picture, how would they decide which stateroom to limit that photo to? That's why they can be tied to multiple accounts, or at least that's how I understand it and how it worked in my case.
  10. Only two cruises under my belt so far - April, 1998 honeymoon on Nordic Empress (its name at the time) from San Juan to the US VI's, and April, 2019 with extended family on Allure from Miami to Nassau, Coz, Costa Maya, and Roatan. Here's what I've done from @SweetHomeLady's list.... --Sailed with a sweetheart/spouse - spouse both times --Sailed with other family members - spouse, in-laws and children in 2019 --Sailed in or out of a port in foreign country - not really, since San Juan is a US territory, but felt like it 🙂 --Toured the ship's galley - yes in 2019 --Had a wardrobe malfunction on board - sort of in 2019. My formal dress had a long, somewhat fitted skirt with a slit up the back. My spiky high heels kept getting caught in the hem at the bottom of the slit while I walked, so the back of my skirt would follow my leg back and forth, tugging it down. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but it was a major pain (or tug) in the ass to me. Very annoying. ....From @JLMoran's list... --Dined in a specialty restaurant on board - Hibachi --Gotten seasick - not on the cruise ship, but on a deep sea fishing excursion from Costa Maya on one of those little fishing boats. We did trolling where the boat keeps moving with the lines cast, and when my teenage son caught an 18-lb barracuda, I stood up to get video from my cell phone while he reeled it in. Apparently rocking on a boat over ocean waves while concentrating my eyes on my cell phone doesn't work well for me. I got the video, but was losing my lunch over the side a few minutes later. 🤢 ....and extras from my own list.... --Got selected to be on stage for the Not-So-Newly-Wed game on my 1998 honeymoon cruise, and won!!!! We also got ship-famous for the duration of the cruise for our answer to the question, "What's the most interesting place you ever did the deed?" "The lobby of a hospital!!" The game played on the ship TV on repeat for days, and people all over the ship recognized us and wanted more details. LOL --Held a sloth, monkey and iguana - 2019 cruise in Roatan --Planned a cruise for other people - 2019 cruise for my in-laws. They put all their faith (and credit card) in me to plan all their activities, and had a great time!!! (I'm an uber-vacation planner so I was happy to do this) --My husband took his pants off and did a kick line in his underwear during Quest on our 1998 cruise 🦵🩲🦵 🦵🩲🦵 🦵🩲 🦵
  11. Freedom out of San Juan to the ABC's and St. Maarten, April 4, 2021. Wish I had another to report between now and then. 😏
  12. Yes. Just stop by the photo place every day or two to review everyone's pictures on the kiosks. Any pictures with you or your granddaughter on your family members' accounts can be added to your account by the employees. You can also give your cabin number to the photographer when they take your picture, and they should apply it to your account along with any other cabin numbers of others in the picture, but success is hit or miss with that.
  13. Please post a pic of you guys all formal'ed up. Hope it loads right side up!
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