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  1. I was so confused by the title...."fly into Melbourne or Orlando?" The only Melbourne I've heard of is in Australia which isn't very close to Orlando. Lol 😂
  2. My MIL & I each had ours in a checked bag at embarkation. The bags didn't get pulled to the naughty room, and our stateroom attendant never said anything when she saw them in the room. My MIL ended up not using hers, which is how we ended up with a second one.
  3. Maybe I got lucky on this, but I actually had two shoe organizers with metal hooks on my cabin bathroom door (one inside and one outside) and never heard anything about them not being allowed. Mine were a standard size (prob the same as Kel Kel has) and they fit great. The one inside the bathroom covered up the hook on the door but that didn't bother us.
  4. You won't find many beatings on this message board. Nice people here. 😊 Nearby the British Colonial you'll also find the Straw Market, which is fun to walk through, there's a (free??) beach called Junkanoo Beach (but I've never been) and a little further down is the Jetline Simulator. One of the coolest and most unique things to do in Nassau. All within easy walking of the ship along the same strip.
  5. Just curious if the window or area in question was roped off, or anything else to indicate the area is still being investigated? I'm sure RC wants to make it normal as possible and not remind current passengers of the sad event so as not to ruin their cruise. I'm just wondering what they're still required to do with the area. Hopefully the physical investigation is complete by now.
  6. I'll be afflicted with PCE for another 620 days with no real antidotes in the middle. 😳
  7. Found this about RoyalIQ on Anthem. You might be good to go with this! https://www.royalcaribbean.com/royaliq
  8. +1 for Jetline sim. They've gone back & forth between booking thru their own site vs. booking thru the RC excursions. If you don't see an excursion offered in the cruise planner, contact them directly to see if they have openings. You can have up to three people in the simulator for the cost of one booking. One person gets to act as captain with the pilot trainee, and the other two can sit in the back row and watch, take pictures, videotape, etc. You can also easily walk there from the ship so you really don't need transportation.
  9. Thanks for posting that! I cringed when they mentioned the toddler incident at the beginning, but the rest was great!
  10. To my knowledge the Royal app still doesn't have push notifications so if that's important you might want to communicate with another app like WhatsApp, Groupme or FB messaging depending on what you're comfortable with your kids having access to. If you all have iPhones, you can use their messaging app too. For any of these, you can get the cheaper wifi (Surf Voyage, not the more expensive Surf & Stream). It's a good deal when you buy this for 4 people. Remember you only need to purchase one under whoever's name, and you'll receive 4 access accounts to set up once you're on board.
  11. They keep defending the grandfather by equating this to the little girl's enjoyment of banging on the hockey glass at her brother's games. Can you imagine how that makes the brother feel? He's only 10, only a few years older than 7 when most kids start to lose their egocentric thinking that everything in the world happens for and because of them. (Some people never outgrow that, but that's another topic.) Everytime he hears about the hockey glass, he probably feels guilt about playing hockey. Do you think he'll ever enjoy playing that again? In the Today Show interview, the mom said her son is torn up, feeling guilty about not being there when she fell, because if he had been, he would have jumped out the window to catch her. Totally irrational thought, but that's normal for young kids. Everything is internalized.
  12. Thumbs up for Michelle at MEI
  13. I SNUBA'd off the panhandle of Florida once in early April when the air temp was in the 70's but I have no idea what the water temp was. I just remember being very grateful for the wetsuit supplied on the boat. It made a huge difference in how my un-suited legs felt going down the boat's ladder into the water vs. how my internal organs stayed happy once I was fully submerged. 😉
  14. Yes! Not long after I posted this, I thought about the foreign language idea. I remember some French from high school but could definitely use a refresher. Even more ambitious, I could learn Dutch for the other side of St. Maarten and the ABC islands!
  15. Total first world problem here, but I'm dying waiting out the 620+ days I have before my next cruise in April, 2021. My last cruise that we took 3 months ago was booked and planned in about 9 months, which was more mentally doable for me. We can't afford to go again for a couple more years, but we know when we can go with our kids' school schedules, so I was able to take advantage of the good rates by booking this early. But I don't know what to do with myself to make the time go faster. I'm researching the ship and ports online all the time, but I can't book any shore excursions or make any real plans this far out, which I'd probably change 10 times between now and then anyway. Even my wedding 20 years ago was planned in a shorter time than this (about 18 months) and I'm going crazy waiting. I'm mostly just venting, but if you have any coping mechanisms to suggest other than booking more cruises in the middle, I'm all ears. BTW, we'll be on the Freedom ABC Islands/St. Maarten cruise then.
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