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  1. Just found this tonight and read all the way through. Great info, thanks for sharing! We'll be on this trip (except with St. Maarten instead of St. Thomas) in April, 2021.
  2. Do any of you know if Woodwind or Sea Cow have weight limitations for snorkeling? My husband is about 320lbs. He's a good swimmer, and we could bring our own life vest if needed. I'm guessing a lot of weight concerns would be on the size limits of the life vests provided by the excursion company.
  3. Have a great first cruise! I'm sure it won't be your last 😁
  4. Also, of all the window panes to approach, he chose that one to look out, so he knew something was different about that one. His story would have made more sense if all the windows had been open and looked and felt the same, then he could say he thought that's how all closed windows looked and felt.
  5. It's all computerized I'm sure! No people paying any attention to this. 😉
  6. I know it's rough on the CC bill the month you book a cruise, but I'm glad it's high enough to keep non-serious cruisers from booking all the cabins and dumping them at the last minute.
  7. I've gotten this before, and it's surf & stream. My husband wanted a soda package, and I wanted our family of four to have at least one access to surf & stream in case we needed a little extra boost for internet while on the ship, so that was a good deal. For the rest of the family, I bought the surf voyage (the non-steaming one) for three devices so we'd all have at least some form of WiFi at all times. We swapped the streaming one around as needed.
  8. No. I think you have to book it the way you did, but no one cares who sleeps where once you're on board. I haven't had this situation personally but I've heard and read about cruisers doing this with no issues on the message boards and Matt's podcast. You should also let your room attendant know so they make up the beds how you want.
  9. No problem switching rooms, and you can get extra room keys at the customer service desk. I can't remember if they add the extra room programming to your existing seapass card or give you another card.
  10. I've learned that it's good to have two formal nights. The first one you might not be sunburned yet and can get better pictures. By the second one, everyone can see your white swimsuit strap lines around red shoulders that don't line up with your dress! Don't wait until the second formal night to dress up or you might look cruise-worn by then. 🤦‍♀️
  11. Have a plan but stay flexible. We had all our shows booked in advance, but on our last sea day we realized there was a teen rock wall competition that my 16yo son wanted to do that conflicted with a show. We ditched the show for some spontaneous fun, and I had to stop myself from feeling like we lost out on our plans. You just can't do everything and that's ok. BTW, my son won the rock climb and his joy was worth the change in plans. 😊
  12. Weekends = less traffic in Miami so that'll help if you disembark on Sat or Sun, especially if you have to drive to FLL. Also remember, RCI has no control over when port authority clears the ship. It can take longer for strange reasons sometimes. Last April, we docked in Miami around 6am, did self disembark and Lyft to FLL for an 11:30 am flight. I think we arrived around 9am, but we also have TSA Precheck so we weren't too worried about security lines. Only problem we had is our flight got cancelled which I didn't know about until we got to the airport. Totally should have checked my flight status before high tailing it off the ship that morning. 😕
  13. Old thread, but just stumbled across it and had to add a story and reply to @SpeedNoodles 😀 My husband & I had this exact thing happen to us in 1998 on our honeymoon cruise on Nordic Empress (now Empress OTS). We got picked as the newlywed couple competing against two longer married couples, and had to say where the strangest place was we ever "did the deed". I won't say what our answer was here, but it was pretty shocking, and we got recognized all over the ship for the rest of the cruise with congratulations. We won the game, we'd just gotten married, and people were apparently impressed with our location answer - I'm not sure what the congratulations were mostly for. Most of the people also said, "How did you do that?!?" Not only did we get lots of crazy attention the rest of the cruise, but back then they offered a video for sale at the end of the trip of photos and video clips they took throughout the week. Our Love and Marriage answer was part of the video along with lots of other good shots of us, so we just had to buy the video. But it was pretty awkward coming home and showing the video to my new parents-in-law who are very conservative. We had to distract them through the game show clip so they wouldn't notice that part. Same thing we did recently with our kids who are 11 and 16 yo, shortly before we took them on their first cruise this year. We showed them our old cruise video so they could laugh at how young and "90's" we looked, but we had to fast forward through the game show part. You just can't let your in-laws or kids know all the things you did before you got married!!! 😂
  14. That no matter how much you pre-plan (and erroneously rely on the RC app if you have it for your trip), you still need to check the paper Cruise Compas onboard, every day of your trip. I had everything planned in advance, including activities I found on the app with dates & times, so I didn't pay any attention to the Cruise Compas in our room. The app had been wrong about when ice skating was open (shocking!!), and we missed being able to do this because I didn't check the Cruise Compas. My kids were pretty bummed after planning for 6 months to ice skate in the Carribean.
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