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  1. We were on our window cave for most of the morning so we only had maybe an hour to run around old San Juan and look for our shot glass lol and grab a bottle of Don Q white and take a few photos. It really sucks that this port is so rushed, I hate being rushed. The good thing is in 2020 we can take our time and explore before the cruise.
  2. MTD is much easier but it can be done in the Set Time Dining as well. There is not much difference and honestly, I prefer MTD because ports are never the same so my eating schedules are never the same. For example, we had one port arrival at 9 and leave around 6 so plenty of time for a late lunch get back and a late dinner then we had another day 7am arrival and 2pm departure so I had a VERY early breakfast and would then want an early dinner. So it really depends on your preference but they can both be the same, it's just how you play it.
  3. I also heard that it is cheaper for a family if you pay for one of the cheaper resort rooms that include the full access. I have never tried it but may be something to consider. It would also give you somewhere to shower/change.
  4. To add to this from living at a tender port. Thursday was smooth as ice in the morning (around 9am). Waves were so very calm and perfect conditions. However, by 5:30pm when I walked up to the waterfront waves were extremely choppy and I saw a boat struggling never mind trying to get a bunch of people on/off safely. Wave runners were finding it troublesome to try and get back to shore (probably got stuck out there before the weather came in). It wasn't extremely breezy maybe a little but nothing more than normal. By the next morning, it was perfectly fine. So I agree wind is not always the thing to consider. They have ways to tell if there will be trouble coming that we may be unaware of.
  5. I must say the gluten-free Sorrento's on Freedom was actually the best gluten-free pizza I have ever had. (When the toppings stayed on lol) Maybe not the best pizza I have ever had but was actually pretty damn good. Maybe its because I'm used to terrible gluten-free pizza now but I thought it was good. Maybe someone should give it a gluten-free a try and compare to regular Sorrento's pizza maybe that's the key to a decent Sorrento's lol.
  6. I find it hard enough with nuts (I can luckily have peanuts still) but all the others would make it hard to eat anything on a cruise. Meat and veggies would be most of his diet I guess. Also, my wife tends to forget when she ate something risky and I have been to the hospital multiple times from kissing her. It sucks but you get used to it.
  7. As someone with severe allergies, they are very good about working with you. It is recommended to preorder your meals the night before but they do a great job of making sure your needs are met. We had a great waiter even in MTD and they did a great job of ensuring my food was safe even without ordering it the night before. They were also very informative.
  8. I agree why is this not on the adult's menu, what we can't like banana splits?
  9. While on Freedom I did ask this question and the answer was no it wouldn't be possible. They told me you may have better luck getting a spot at the next seating but you must stay where you are. If you went on day 1 to explain your situation it might be better and they can sort something out but not guaranteed. I agree with above a speciality restaurant may be a better option. I am actually surprised they don't use birthdays as a way to get people into them (on slower itineraries). Like oh by the way (since not many reservations) we are giving a discount to anyone with birthdays to come to a speciality restaurant (they could discount one and charge full for the others and people like when they get deals so might encourage more people when they are low on reservations.
  10. I must say being there 3 weeks ago they have come a long way. Still not 100% but very close. Some older buildings (not to modern codes) are beyond repair and being torn down but this was a very small amount. I actually noticed worse conditions on the French side than the dutch. We did a full ATV tour that circled the entire island and was a great experience.
  11. I haven't been on the bigger ships so haven't had the other newer food options but, 1 Giovanni's 2 Sabor 3 Chops (Totally forgot about Johnny Rockets and never even walked past it lol)
  12. I actually wasn't a fan of chops it was alright but even MDR was better to us (maybe an off day) but Giovanni's was amazing. We also did the murder mystery which if you can you should do. Sabor was also really good. If you go they say 1 entree each but we got 3 for the 2 of us so don't be afraid to ask. I actually didn't really have a great experience with my allergies at chops on Freedom was really disappointed that I got better service everywhere else. Side note: which itinerary are you doing?
  13. We are currently booked with MSC Bellissima for the Mediterranean. We went with them as they were WAY cheaper and a MUCH better itinerary. I love Royal but sometimes we have to cheat a little when they can't match. I do have the Baltic on my bucket list maybe for 2021.
  14. You also can make MTD more traditional if you want the experience. We shared a table with another couple one night to try it out. Just tell the staff if you are okay with sharing a table and they will let someone join you if they wish. Also if you like a certain waiter you can request them to be assigned to you so each time you go your reservation will be with the same waiter. This creates the same feel as the set time but with the flexibility of MTD. My wife and I rarely eat at the same time, especially with different excursions or departure times. I rather miss my normal time and still be in the MDR (main dining room) at a later time than I miss my time and then have to eat at the WJ (windjammer [buffee]) or speciality restaurant. Freedom has given me the approval from my wife for more cruising. She was very disappointed on our Norwegian cruise that it was a hard push for me to get one more shot. It was a great cruise and great food. So far out of the 3 I've been on, its been the best yet. We are planning to go on her again in 2020.
  15. I agree with this, most people go to WJ and it is a madhouse, we were at the MDR on Freedom and it was pretty much dead. We had the 2 waiters there the whole time and was much easier then trying to fight people. We also left everything in our room so we could eat and just went back to the room to grab everything before we left. We didn't have anywhere important to be so we kind just took our time and tried not to rush leaving lol. Now only if it was as easy to get off the ship as it was to get on lol.
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