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  1. We are considering doing this in March. Looks fun and we love sushi.
  2. Illy has changed me. I never really was huge into fancy coffee until I discovered Illy thanks to royal lol.
  3. Leave it to our government to give away info lol. So I guess it won't be too big for tendering because even if they started building it today I don't think it would be ready by then and the port is still not finalized yet.
  4. Nope and my fear is more people will just go eat back on the ship because its so pricey here taking away the income we are supposed to be getting from it.
  5. I also wonder if they would be picky if you were in the adult area.
  6. I have seen people playing card games and stuff like that during things like music shows in the lounges. I personally plan on bringing the card version of monopoly and clue (has an app add-on you can get for ios) when my wife and I go next. Long as you don't mind the sound and aren't loud you'll be fine. And if you have a few drinks while you are there then they will be very happy lol.
  7. Just make sure you reserve with the right location. I accidentally booked the wrong one once however, it worked out alright for us as they gave us a better car for the same price but if you need a larger car it may not work out for you.
  8. Even better tasting regular coffee. Its more like buying from a coffee store instead of a gas station type coffee. Just note it does not work at Starbucks stands on Oasis class.
  9. Commonly here, we see snapper, tuna (different kind of tuna), mahi mahi and a few other options. If you saw another fish on the menu it may be the same fish.
  10. I have never scene anyone care that someone ordered more, even the staff. Once I wasn't sure if i wanted a second main or 2 deserts so the waiter brought both for me. When I first ever cruised someone at our table ordered extra lobster and that taught me I could too. So you may actually help someone.
  11. When on Freedom we did it and it was a limited menu. As someone with allergies (They knew from my file) I got a separate menu that was designed for me (someone else had a different allergy and got the same treatment). I have to say, they were much better then the staff at Chops in this regard. But it will be similar food just on a smaller scale so it can be made quicker. I think it was like 2 or 3 options since they prepare during the next scene.
  12. I normally can't eat that much but with walking the stairs and ports and everything I get SOOOO hungry on a cruise I can normally eat at least 2 entrees
  13. A port will happen eventually not sure it will be as shown now because people are upset because the government fired there environmental person because they didn't like what they were saying and they haven't proven they have done their research fully. I myself do not agree with the current proposal as it will damage some of towns best reefs (attractions people come here to see). I have seen other locations with better solutions to be honest. I do believe its more about the money then anything (some works are not paid as well as you would think especially in the construction field). It will happen just not sure when or if this will be how it will look. I do fear we will lose some of the brands that come here that aren't part of this deal and I honestly don't know if the port is worth it (ports are nice but at that price I don't know). *Rant over lol*
  14. The Mystery Dinner was really fun when we did so I think you'll have a good time. There's eve a prize at the end (names of the people that figure it out go into a draw).
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