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  1. Does the "specialty coffee" include things like mochas and lattes at Cafe Lattetude?
  2. Yes!!!! 2 Weeks! I can hardly wait! There is a group for this sailing on Facebook
  3. In the description where it say sthat the Refreshment Package includes premium coffee...... what is that exactly? Does it include things like Latte's from Latte-Tudes coffee shop?
  4. Last year I was on Vision of the Seas - which had The R Bar. It had a Jalepeno Cucumber Margarita that became my favorite drink. In September I'll be on Radiance of the Seas - - - - - no R Bar. Does anybody know if you can get a Jalepeno Cucumber Margareta on Radiance?
  5. Going on a 10 Day cruise on Radiance of the Seas in Septemeber. So far no mention of Mystery Dinner - - - - - when does it typically show up?
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