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  1. Does the "specialty coffee" include things like mochas and lattes at Cafe Lattetude?
  2. Yes!!!! 2 Weeks! I can hardly wait! There is a group for this sailing on Facebook ?
  3. In the description where it say sthat the Refreshment Package includes premium coffee...... what is that exactly? Does it include things like Latte's from Latte-Tudes coffee shop?
  4. Last year I was on Vision of the Seas - which had The R Bar. It had a Jalepeno Cucumber Margarita that became my favorite drink. In September I'll be on Radiance of the Seas - - - - - no R Bar. Does anybody know if you can get a Jalepeno Cucumber Margareta on Radiance?
  5. Going on a 10 Day cruise on Radiance of the Seas in Septemeber. So far no mention of Mystery Dinner - - - - - when does it typically show up?
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