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  1. Day 7: Labadee Day 7 is Labadee, which is a private section owned by Royal Caribbean, but technically part of Haiti. I woke up early, but again failed to capture the sunrise. This is the best I got (the real sunrise is on the other side of the ship, and by the time I got there it was already bright). I just spent some time jogging on the treadmill, and tried the sauna room again. The steam room was turned off for some reason. We had breakfast at the MDR. There were 2 lines at the door, one for buffet, and the other one for a la carte. We chose a la carte, but we could st
  2. Day 6: San Juan This morning I woke up late and skipped exercise because I was still wiped out from St Maarten. We just took breakfast from WJ and ate at the balcony. Btw, I was not able to get any sunrise picture on this cruise due to a combination of waking up too late, clouds, and the orientation of the ship. Some days I would wake up early enough, and the sky was clear, but we were totally facing the wrong way, and I didn't feel like going all the way to the top deck in my PJs just to chase the sunrise. In San Juan, once again we were docked next to Allure, which I thought was p
  3. If you squint (zoom in), we were there at the helipad (deck 4 fore) taking selfies
  4. Update: I found this post on the royal caribbean blog that has the Christmas menu. That's the same as what I was looking at the fb group from Oasis. I heard from other passengers that the Osso Bucco was really good. Oh well we missed that one. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/12/25/look-the-christmas-dinner-menu-royal-caribbean If we had gone to the MDR, I would have gone for the Fried Brie, Osso Buco, and Buche de Noel. Ok next time....
  5. Day 5: St. Maarten / Sint Martin We docked at the Dutch side of St. Maarten. I had originally planned to take the taxi to the French side (cul de sac), and take a ferry to Pinel Island, spent the day there, and come back to downtown Philipsburg to do some shopping, and then back to boat. That's why I had not booked any excursions. However, about a week or so before our ship departed from FLL, there were news of demonstrations on the French side (because the government wanted to take land from the locals for hurricane repair? something like that). So I started looking for alternatives, and
  6. A few random comments: 1. The Christmas tree decoration does look like a mixed blessing. Overall I think I prefer it being there, because as I mentioned, the promenade was only full when there is a party (and there seemed to be a party like every night lol), but other than that there's plenty of space to go around. I do appreciate Royal Caribbean making it more festive for the season 2. Some people have asked me this: on the MDR, you are allowed to order as many appetizers / entrees / desserts as you want, up to your stomach capacity and your shame level I guess? I see a lot of peopl
  7. Day 3: At Sea Today we were supposed to be in St. Thomas but because of the changed itinerary, it was spent at sea. It is definitely very sunny by now, so later on everyone was out on the deck sunbathing. As usual, I ran again in the morning (still tried the jogging track, but slowly losing interest). It's not as windy, but still windy. Afterwards I reserved some lounge chairs. I got breakfast from WJ and came back with plates full of food, and DW and I had breakfast in the balcony. After breakfast, I continued reading in the balcony, while enjoying the ocean breeze and sounds. The
  8. Day 2: Sea Day I started the day by running on the jogging track on deck 12 at 6 am. The wind was very strong, fore to aft, so half the time you're fighting serious wind, and the other half you have the winds on your back. After about 1.5 mile or so I gave up and just continued on the treadmill in the gym. Fun fact: strava app could not recognize my location, even though technically GPS should not need data connectivity. It keeps thinking that I'm in FLL and somewhere off the coast of North Caroline (both locations are wrong). In the end it thinks that I ran 1200 miles over 10 minutes. Wo
  9. Hello, I hope it's okay to do a live-blog style recap (instead of it being live). I also took pictures of all the cruise compass pages and MDR menu. Please let me know how to best upload these, or whom I should contact to get them added to the cruise compass section. ----------------- This is my first cruise, with DW and in laws, for 8 nights from FLL to Eastern Caribbean, on Adventure of the Seas, 12/21/2019 sailing. The ports visited: St Thomas, St Marteen, San Juan, and Labadee. We originally considered booking on Allure, but finally we decided on Adventure. This fact will be
  10. Hi, For St. Maarten excursion, I was planning to just take a taxi to the Cul De Sac, and then take the ferry to Pinel Island. But I am worried that, after we get back from Pinel Island, we won't be able to find a taxi in the Cul De Sac area. Do you know if it'd be easy to find a taxi there to bring us back to port, or to Philipsburg? People have mentioned that, when we get dropped off at the ferry station, we should ask the taxi driver to pick us up. We will do that of course. But what if he doesn't show up? Do we have a recourse? I read that you can take the bus too, but I can't fi
  11. Another data point: I signed up for 12/21 cruise on Adventure, way back in June. The GTY room was finally assigned end of November (so roughly 3 weeks out). We booked GTY balcony, but assigned spacious balcony. So it's a minor upgrade, not quite a suite, but we did get a little bit above the "minimum guaranteed". What the other commenters said above was true. RC is doing a lot of data analysis and demand / revenue management. Because if you upgrade someone from balcony to suite, that person's balcony room is now available, but RC might make more money by taking a royal up bid from OV to
  12. We were assigned ~30 days out, on Adventure.
  13. Sailing on 12/21, and got it yesterday.
  14. Hi, I have just booked the beach bed on Labadee, for the Adrenaline beach. Is this big enough for 4 adults to "sit"? I am planning to just use it for the base, since there are 4 of us and we won't be lounging all the time. If two of us are in the water, then the other two can use the bed, and vice versa. Also, is Adrenaline beach good for snorkeling? I have my own snorkeling gear. I'm also wondering if we should bring our own floaties and pumps. TIA!
  15. Hi, was just wondering what folks' preference when it comes to dining time are. We are currently signed up for 8:30 seating, which is fine, as I think it gives us time to leisurely come back from port and change, and also watch some of the earlier shows. We're debating between 8:30 and 6 pm, because if we do 6 pm seating, then I can go do WJ afterwards for more desserts lol. I hear they have awesome dessert spread every night. But I'm concerned that port visits will feel rushed if we do that. What about MTD, what are the pros and cons of doing so?
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