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  1. LOL well from today, I have 275 days (according to Ship Mate) before my cruise! Super-excited and we talk about it a few times a week - I'm sure the excitement level will only build as we get closer. This is my first cruise, Rhapsody -Venice, Croatia, Monegro, Santorini and Olympia
  2. Sorry if I should have started a new thread but what exactly is a Genie as far as RCCL is concerned? I'm booked on my first cruise in May 2020 so all of this is new to me! Thank you
  3. We are currently having a bit of a heat wave here in Southeast Alaska (Juneau), it is currently 67 F, sunny and gorgeous....with the same expected all of this week. Just keep an eye on the weather and make changes to your packing list accordingly. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. 303 days to go......seems so far away until I look at my other count down and then it is 43 weeks, 2 days 16 hours and 13 mins from now lol
  5. As a very fair skinned Alaskan, who has been hospitalized for sunburn in the past, I worked out a plan for my tanning with my doctor. I've had bad reactions to certain sunblock's in the past so it was like I had put cooking oil on my skin before sun exposure. I start at least 2 months before the planned trip to sunny destinations and very slowly build up to a maximum of 10 minutes twice a week. This gives me enough of a base that with sunblock I won't fry. I'm going on my first cruise May 23, 2020 (Venice, Croatia, Montenegro & Greece) and I will start tanning in mid-March.
  6. I have never been on a cruise, nor have I been out of the US and will be taking my first cruise on Rhapsody May 23, 2020! Any tips, advice, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We are planning to arrive in Venice the day before embarkation and will be going to Prague and Warsaw for a few days after the cruise.
  7. I would try to get your flight changed. They are doing massive remodels at SeaTac and TSA can take more than 2 hours.
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