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  1. How far out from the cruise can you print every thing (except the COVID test results)? Thanks
  2. We are going on our 1st cruise in October 2022 as a late honeymoon and my fiance picked the Vineyard Falconry Harris Hawk excursion. We don't drink but thought the tour and seeing the falconry would be really neat.
  3. I emailed them requesting one, will call if I don't hear back. I also printed screen shots of my profile on the website showing I don't have a balance.
  4. I made my final payment today for my October 2022 cruise, will I get an emailed receipt for that showing the balance is paid in full? It's our 1st cruise so all this is new to me. Thank you!
  5. We are going on our 1st cruise in October, 4 nights on Navigator to Catalina and Ensenada. The hubby is worried he won't like cruising so I picked a short one. We are flying down from AK for and going to spend a few days in LA before the cruise. I researched a while before deciding which one we wanted to try our sea legs on!
  6. Question - what do you do if you lose your Seapass card?
  7. Wow, our 1st cruise is on Navigator, sailing Oct 17, right before the cruise the poster was scheduled on. Ours is now a honeymoon cruise for us, hope it doesn't get canceled.
  8. Thanks! I did book our excursions through Royal for both ports, just wasn't sure what the process would be.
  9. First cruise is booked for October 2022 on Navigator out of LA. 1st port is Catalina which is a tender port. How does that work...everyone getting off just lines up? Our 1st excursion is scheduled for 11:30 am. Any tips or advice would be appreciated! Thank you
  10. Our 1st cruise sails October 17! On Navigator to Catalina and Ensenada. I'm looking forward to everything! But it will be nice for it to just be the 2 of us with no teenagers or animals for a few days we have an aft balcony cabin on deck 9, hope to see some pretty views
  11. that is me! We are booked on our 1st cruise October 2022 and my other half has already asked me to stop online shopping lol. My excuse is we live in Alaska and I'm "worried" I won't be able to find stuff I want to take with me if I wait til later. I travel regularly for work and can pack for that with no issues but vacation packing is a completely different story!
  12. Thank you! I did book directly with Royal. Called them and got it taken care of!
  13. Hello all! When I booked our cruise for October 2022 I didn't elect to pre-pay the gratuities. Is there a way to change that? I did try too pay more than the balance due for our cruise but the website won't let me. Thanks
  14. Hello all, the man and I are booked on our 1st cruise October 2022 on Navigator of the Seas. Wondering would it be worth the cash to purchase the Key for us? I did already make lunch reservations for us on embarkation day at Hooked. Thanks for any advice!
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