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  1. Thats awesome! Do you remember from which company you choose island tour?
  2. Hello there, We are taking our first cruise ever and one of the stop is Barbados. What are the best shore excursions to do while there for a day? We were thinking of going on our own for Harrison Caves and Flower Garden and then booking Glory Tours for swim with turtles adventure? Anything else we should do or explore or any helpful itinerary for a day would be helpful? Thanks,
  3. Thank you for the update and i agree having the piece of mind to get back to boat is so much better. We both are quite adventurous so any recommendations would work for us. If you can share those excursions with us then it will be great. Thanks,
  4. Thank you so much for your reply. Is it worth buying the package though? Currently the deal is for $20 per person , how much is it usually?
  5. Hello , me and my husband are first time cruisers and we are taking cruise this December of 2019 to southern Caribbean. If we can get help with some itineraries and must do shore excursion for (St Lucia , St Kitty , St, Marteen , Antigua and Barbados) then it will be helpful. Additionally it is worth buying the shore excursion that Royal Caribbean has to offer or is it better to plan your own excursion each day. Your help will be appreciated.
  6. Hello there, we are taking Royal Caribbean Freedom of Seas cruise in Dec 2019 and we were thinking of buying the refreshment package just for me and not for my husband. can we do that? or are we required to buy two packages for each individual? Please help!
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