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Hello , me and my husband are first time cruisers and we are taking cruise this December of 2019 to southern Caribbean.

If we can get help with some itineraries  and must do shore excursion for (St Lucia , St Kitty , St, Marteen , Antigua and Barbados) then it will be helpful. Additionally it is worth buying the shore excursion that Royal Caribbean has to offer or is it better to plan your own excursion each day. 

Your help will be appreciated.  

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The main advantage of buying Royal is the guarantee to get back to the ship.  This is great for unexpected problems because royal guarantees they get you back on board.  Non royal excursions you would be on your own if you miss the boat.  This happened to a friend of mine but thankfully they had a royal excursion so they got to the ship as it was leaving.  They were put on a boat and caught up to the ship as it was leaving port.  You will pay a little more for that piece of mind though.


What kind of things do you like?  How adventurous are you guys?  How much do you want to spend?  We have done several excursions at these ports and some we have videos so you can actually see it

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Thank you for the update and i agree having the piece of mind to get back to boat is so much better. We both are quite adventurous so any recommendations would work for us. If you can share those excursions with us then it will be great. 


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