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  1. Sorry, hit the wrong button, I get it, we lost our cruise for the 29 th for the third time, just doing a key west trip instead.
  2. We was very disappointed our cruise on January 29 th on the Jewel was canceled, we was still going, but had concerns about not getting in at ports, waiting three hours here locally for a covid test and hope you test negative, then keeping a mask on inside all the time, which was no problem if that’s the rules, we was flying into Ft Lauderdale, it’s cold in Cincinnati area, we think we are now going to keep flight, rent a car and spend a few days in Key West, one of our favorite port stops. This was our third cruise that was canceled, we was meeting our cruise friends from Napa Ca. That we met a few years ago on a cruise, plus two other couples, that’s what is so disappointing. Good luck to all the cruisers, we will try again in the fall is our hope.
  3. Dang, I feel bad for you all, what a disappointment. Good luck.
  4. We was on the 29 th of this month, this is our third cruise that’s been canceled, already canceled our ride to port and back, now need to work on motel and air, I’m not even going to try and call Royal today, will be a long wait, we are just going to get a refund this time., maybe try in the fall, guess we will be enjoying the cold and snow and the Ohio river views of Cincinnati from Northern Ky.
  5. I know you are from Cincinnati area, stay in the sun, light snow here and ten degrees tonight, brrrr.
  6. Very informative, have an awesome cruise, we fly out of Cincinnati ( Northern Ky ) in three weeks to cruise, calling for 5 inches of snow in Cincinnati Thursday, so good timing.
  7. I have never used a debit card, but don’t they do like the car rentals, they hold something like 500 dollars to cover things, I’m not sure, if you have credit card, just use it, much easier and less confusing. Enjoy your cruise.
  8. This kind of happened to us, in the end, somehow, they had two different accounts for us, they combined them to make them correct, well almost correct, somehow my wife has two more points than me, we have never cruised separately, I didn’t bother with getting it corrected, good luck on getting it straightened out.
  9. So tired of the cdc and unloading on the cruise industry, there is 70,000 fans indoors at a bowl game, no mask seen, but that’s ok..
  10. We use Howard van service, have used him many times, we have cruise scheduled late January, we are flying into Fll and staying in Ft Lauderdale, I have him reserved, 7 of us, 107 dollars from motel to port, he has 9 passenger van and pulls a trailer, nicest guy ever, he will be early, I priced a couple other places, most around 175 dollars, look his reviews up, 5 star, everyone is 5 star. I have his cell number if you want to send me an email on here.
  11. Has anyone heard of any update on Labadee, just a little over a month until we are scheduled to visit there?
  12. I am not as confident as I was about our late January cruise, we have had two canceled, hoping to actually get to take one as planned, we shall see.
  13. Still no word on our January 29 th cruise, we have excursions already booked.
  14. Kla, we need to say hello, we are a group of 7 on same cruise and live just across the river in Northern Ky.
  15. Those ships are so awesome looking all lit up at night, beautiful pictures.
  16. We have still not received any word about Lapadee, just wish they would make a decision soon, would like to check out some excursions on where ever it is we stop.
  17. Have not been there since the remodel, would enjoy seeing it . I would think by the first week in January, a decision would be made.
  18. Let’s hope it’s someplace else, we did enjoy the segways the last time we was there, I’m still holding out a little hope for Lapadee.
  19. We are doing the taste of San Juan, we have did the Bacardi rum tour in the past, very good, not great.
  20. A group of 7 of us are on the same cruise, we booked the jet ski excursion as well as the roller coaster, we just booked the excursions a couple of weeks ago, maybe they are holding out hope to re-open, hope it’s not just a sea day they add,we enjoy getting of and exploring, see you on the high seas.
  21. We also have did the horse back riding two different times and did the Segway tour to a beach and spent a couple of hours on the beach, really enjoyed the segways.
  22. We are cruising on the Jewel in late January, wondering the same thing, we live across the river in Northern Ky from you and hope it’s really cold hear when we leave, ha.
  23. Unless things have changed, the windjammer will be open, as sorentos pizza, but since covid I have not cruised, but have one booked.
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