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  1. Is the upgrade usually the same price as listed (Take the listed suite price and subtract listed interior price)? or is there more of a discount through the casino?
  2. We just received 2 separate offers (hubby spent a lot of time in the casino!!). Do the nights spent on these complementary cruises count towards Crown & Anchor points?
  3. Thank you all for the great advice! This current cruise is my first time using a TA and he has been great. I didn't want to miss out on his service just to get a better ($$) deal onboard. It is comforting knowing that if I decide to book another cruise during my trip, it will be able to be connected to my TA ? Happy Sailing
  4. I'm sorry if this has been discussed already. I tried searching the boards, to no avail. If I have a Travel Agent that I really like, but know the next cruise I want to plan... What are the pros/cons of booking on-board during my current cruise vs with my TA? THANKS!
  5. We will be there in early March and have reserved the Beach Club. I will make sure to post a review on my return!
  6. Does anyone know if we can expect to have these prices jump around during the Black Friday/ Monday sale event? I'm just wondering if this is the lowest it will go (I know there is no crystal ball, but just from experience)
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