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  1. @PhantomWolf- This is EXACTLY what we went through also for 5 days of that crap!!!! Every single person we talked to had a different story and they were never the same. The last lady I talked to I told her I wouldn’t get off the phone unless she sent me a cancellation email, that we could talk all week. I understand RCCL can’t control the weather, however, they CAN control how they handle it. It would have been nice to get ONE email during this situation explaining my options due to the storm but nope, I got to call and spend hours on the phone to get different stories each time. Suppose
  2. I got the emails for my reservation and all extra booked things like my excursions. I’ve checked my junk mail and talked to them on the phone several times to make sure they have the correct email which they do. Still no email and the ship sails today!!! This is unacceptable!!!!
  3. I still don’t have an email and today is the day the cruise is leaving. This is just piss poor business!!!
  4. I couldn’t see the full email that was posted but did it also offer the option to get 100% cruise credit instead?
  5. Has anyone gotten an update on Navigator of the Seas leaving tomorrow, 8/30? I haven’t seen an email.
  6. Sprit Airlines just added Florida airports to their flight modification locations so I was able to modify my flights without a fee, one less thing for me to worry about. Now I just wait to hear about the cruise....
  7. I didn’t get an email from Royal at all, not about any of this as a matter of fact. So Navigator is planning to go to Nassau on Sunday in estimated 100-120mph winds in the projected path of the hurricane? Ugh, no thanks!!! I was also told by the travel insurance company that we can’t get our money back due to inclement weather.
  8. So far the airline we are taking will not waive the cancellation fees which blows my mind; that’s because the storm isn’t expected to hit Miami/FLL until Sunday/Monday which doesn’t affect me flying in Friday morning but does effect us flying home on Monday.
  9. In my opinion Royal should offer their guests either a voucher for a future cruise with them or a full refund. Jeopardizing their passengers safety to maybe still sail doesn’t seem like a good decision to me. My problem is I see they are now waiting until tomorrow at 3PM to make a decision on Navigator that leaves Friday. This totally screws me on being able to cancel my flight as there is a 24hr cancel policy for that upon which I would need to cancel by 7am tomorrow. So I’m basically just screwed....I understand it’s hurricane season and no one can control the weather but the fact that I hav
  10. Are the people that are on cruises leaving Aug 30th actually getting emails from Royal Caribbean? I'm supposed to leave on a cruise this Friday and haven't gotten one email from Royal Caribbean saying anything. I didn't even get an email about them closing CocoCay. Did you guys??? At this point, personally, I hope they just give us an option to cancel and get our money back, sooner than later. I need to cancel my flight by tomorrow morning at 7:00am....
  11. We are scheduled to leave from a cruise out of Miami to Nassau, Bahamas and Perfect Day at Coco Cay for a 4 day trip this Friday, 8/30-9/2. Hurricane Dorian is heading up that way and I know at a minimum we will get blasted with rain/thunderstorms. This makes me SUPER nervous for choppy seas, etc and the lack of sun, etc to boot. Where would they potentially reroute us on only a 4 day trip or do you think there is a chance they would cancel and how far in advance???
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