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  1. I didn’t create a account to complain, as you can see, this isn’t my first post. If you have a issue with my post you don’t need to comment. If you took a week off from work, booked flights, and then got your cruise canceled 2 weeks prior, you would feel the same after waiting on hold with 2 airlines, Royal, and work to try to undo it all.
  2. No, this was just a offer from a casino, not from royal Caribbean.
  3. I had a comped balcony cabin on harmony March 29th, they canceled of course. I called in to see what can be done, waited 1 hour to get a rep at the casino department to answer, another hour for her to come back and say I will get ur taxes and fees refunded to the card in 30 days. I told her how about my room, can I rebook for a April sailing? She says my offer expired and I don’t have any more offers, I told her thats not my issue. She wasn’t willing to help, pretty much I lost my cruise and they didn’t do anything but give me my port fees that I paid, no way of getting the cruise back.
  4. Anyone know how the FCC works for comped cabins? My harmony on 29th is canceled, you would expect a upgrade on a later date, but they either offered me a refund of my port fees or same cabin for a future cruise date I believe. Anyone have a similar issue and get a upgrade at a later date? this is a huge headache for me as I had work off flights planned for the 2 of us, you would expect some compensation
  5. Thank you for your reply @WAAAYTOOO! Always quick to reply! So the issue with what you said is, my whole cruise was comped to begin with. I was comped a Oceanview balcony from the casino for 7 nights. The $4000 I said that's on the receipt, is before the comp. Would what you said still apply I would just use the price of my current cabin vs price of the one I want to upgrade too and minus 30% off the current rate? I would have loved to use MEI travel, this was booked before joining the forum, otherwise I would have. I went with UrComped.com, they took care of it and I let them know the price I was given on a upgrade, and they are calling now to try and reduce. Only thing I am out of pocket for the actual cruise is like $300 for 2 people tax ports and fees. For instance, if the room I want, lets say the Grand Suite is $5400 total for 2 people currently on there website, and my room says $4000 with the tax and port fees, lets say $3700 without before comp, I should take the $5400, minus 30% which is around $4000, and minus my cost of the room before comp, and my fee should be $300 to upgrade?
  6. Just curious, anyone recently have a comped room from the casino and get a upgrade? I called in hoping for some flexibility as a lot of rooms have opened up on my Harmony Of The Seas sailing on March 29, they tried to charge me $3067 for 2 people to upgrade to a Grand Suite. I thought it was ridiculous as my receipt before comp showed $3996 and a ghost booking was $5000 for the Grand Suite. When I mentioned that, she stated that my room was booked at a refundable rate at the time before the comp, and in order to upgrade, I had to upgrade to the same refundable rate room which is more expensive. I told her I was thinking of canceling due to what's going on, she didn't seem willing to help. This of course is the Royale Casino department. Any idea on how to snag a upgrade at a discount with all that's going on, the ship is about 25% empty from what they told me. I have current RoyalUp bids, but thinking of lowering the offers or canceling since so much is going on, not sure if I want a suite upgrade for 2K. Anyone on recent cruises notice empty ships or anything that would annoy you like people walking around with facemasks or excessive mentioning about the Coronavirus? I'm not scarred at all and plan on going, just don't want the cruise ship to be all about what's going on in the world, would like to enjoy my time.
  7. @Neesa are you sure GS+ comes with refreshment package for free? I’m on harmony doing a royal up and haven’t seen anything on a drink package.
  8. Thank you for your reply. I haven’t had any play with the casino itself, I actually used a company called urcomped.com they have took care of me in Vegas and what not and I seen multiple cruise offers they sent me and they got it compre without any prior history, That suite was 18K for a 7 day trip last time I checked, I will consider upgrading but not sure if it’s really in my budget, I want to leave a x amount for gambling shows food excursions and what not. Any idea if they have baccarat, craps, and pai Gow on this ship?
  9. I did ask the host, he wanted around $9000 for the upgrade to the Royal Loft Suite, I didn’t want to spend that much on just a room but was considering it. If it was less then $5000, I would have done it and I tried to contact the customer service but every time I ask about paying for a upgrade, they either say only the Royal is available or they try to transfer me to my host.
  10. First off I would like to say nice to meet you all and thank you for all the information I have gathered in the past year of ghost reading! I have a cruise coming up and needed some answers. I am sailing on Harmony of the Seas currently in a Balcony Ocean View Cabin on March 29th, 2020. I apologize in advance for all the questions. Firstly, I have read a lot on RoyalUp and bidding, I did get a Balcony Cabin comped from the Casino but was able to participate in some bidding, almost all rooms are available for bidding but don't show availability on the cruise which I have read previously they do a lot incase of cancelations and etc. I bid $1250 per person on a owners suite and $810 on a grand suite, are these good offers? They were around $200 over the minimum I haven't heard back but I do want to upgrade regardless, I am open to the Junior, or anything at all bigger I just didn't want to place bids on all room types and get stuck with one of the lower ones, I thought about bidding on the owners and grand for now and waiting till a week before boarding then bidding on all of them, is this a good Idea? I also have been reading on the suites, I don't see much of a difference between the grand and owner, its bigger of course one has a bidet but the layout and balcony size seem almost Identical, Is it worth another bid of $900 total from the grand suite or should I just up my offer? I was also kind of thinking that a suite that cost 9K for a 7 day cruise 2 people should have quite a bit perks, it don't seem like it, seems like I get priority boarding, some Wi-Fi, some soap and a concierge specialist, if i'm correct, I still can't dine at any restaurant I want? I would need to buy the dining package as well? I know I get access to Costal Kitchen, my main goal is to be on the ship and not worry about charges getting racked up, I want to be able to drink what I want and eat what I want without me having to pay more every time, so I'm assuming for this I would have to pay for the Drinking Package and the Ultimate dining package? As far as the Drinking Package, I see its buy one get one 50% off, I don't see how that's possible as it's still charging me $61 per day per person, so normal price is around $76 per day per person? I also don't see how I can pick certain days, every time I add to cart, it adds every day for the whole trip, over $1000 including gratuity for 2 people, is this correct? I had seen a offer for all day access at CoCoCay for $200 per person, any idea what this includes and do you need this in order to go down? Doesn't say much of what this includes. I hear flies at the Honduras are horrible, my parents went on the same ship and travel back in November and they said its horrible, they are sometimes overdramatic, is this true? Some people were saying that they were able to call and upgrade and get cheaper then bid price minimums from what I have read, is this true? I see a Royal Loft Suite for sale on the website for the cruise, but it isn't on the RoyalUp, anyway to place a bid on this room? I would love to get this room and bid around $3500 as it includes the drink package and gratuities which would ultimately, be the same as paying $2500 for the Owners Suite. Have any of you stayed in the Grand or Owners suite on this ship and if you did how was the experience from lets say a balcony? Worth the upgrade? Is it true with UDP, you can only use it for lunch on Sea Days and for dinner the rest of the days? If this is true, I think that is ridiculous you buy a package and still have limitations. Any tips for securing a suite at a discount or anything else on what to do on Harmony Of The Seas?
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