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  1. That flight was now completely booked and had to book a later flight on December 2.
  2. Royal admitted they cancelled the flights, but they did not know why they cancelled it. I did talk to a supervisor and while not rude he didn’t seem concerned about the situation. He said while I was on hold waiting 15 minutes to speak to him someone higher up than him made a note that they couldn’t do anything for me or provide a reason why it happened. I asked him if I could speak with that person and he said I couldn’t. The funniest thing was he tried to get me to book my air for our three cruises following this cruise through them. I told him I wasn’t interested in doing that now. I will follow your suggestion and contact HQ tomorrow. Thank you for your response.
  3. I will never use Air2Sea again. I wake up this morning to find out that that our Air2Sea flights for next Saturday have been cancelled by Royal’s Air2Sea department. They were cancelled at some point in the last 24 hours by them. Royal did not notify us of this. We only found out because my wife went on the airline app to check on a flight for a different trip. Spent over an hour on the phone with the Air2Sea department only to receive no explanation for why and no attempt to correct the issue on Air2Sea’s part. Their answer was “We dont know why we cancelled your flights, but we did return your money.”. We ended up having to book new flights ourselves this morning to make our December 3 cruise. It cost us $1,000 more for the flights now. Royal’s customer service in every other department is outstanding, but Air2Sea’s customer service is among the worst I have received from any business. I would strongly recommend that everyone precede with caution before booking their air travel through Air2Sea.
  4. They had to know that they were going to have to cancel these port stops for months now and kept on selling these cruises while advertising them as if they would make the Nassau or Canaveral ports. This engine issue goes back to Anthem's last Caribbean season. That is pretty deceitful on Royal Caribbean's part and people deserve some financial compensation as a result. I am booked on Anthem on a December 3 departure and now assume it will only be a matter of time until they cancel either Nassau or Canaveral on that cruise.
  5. This is exactly like the surveys WDW was sending me in the year before the pandemic. That was followed by ever higher prices for less return and the attempt to monetize everything. It worked for for a period of time as guest spending went through the roof, but now the Florida parks are empty for the summer season. I had enough and all my Disney money was added to cruise spending. If Royal keeps down this path of nickel and diming everything, I will find a new way to spend my money again. It is the only way a business will learn.
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