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  1. Was there a time limit for usage before you had to get out and get in line again for the pools or hot tub?
  2. How is this being enforced by the islands? Are they checking bags when getting off the ship or is it just the honor system?
  3. Soda packages for $6.49 per person for Allure over Christmas next month for the whole family. Earlier best price was $8.99
  4. What are they charging for adult t-shirts these days?
  5. Allure of the Seas connecting balconies for Christmas (Dec 23 - 30, 2021) saved $1,032 per room. Thank you Jacki @ MEI.
  6. Walgreens, CVS, or an urgent care site are options.
  7. That's interesting to hear, we have a Christmas cruise on Allure and our travel agent has us set up for Late Dining (8pm) in the Main Dining room. Our 11 yr old is unvaccinated and it shows up as Late Dining in our cruise planner. Haven't heard anything yet about it being only early seating.
  8. Our clinic told us to not laminate our cards due to the laminating process may smear the ink on the stickers. So we haven't tried
  9. We have added it at a later date and no issues. We've done it up to 30 days before our cruise. I've called Royal and also have had my agent do it, both methods worked just fine
  10. Same thing just happened to us for our Christmas cruise on Allure
  11. Check in changed to Nov 2, my wife's is Nov 5 . We have connecting balconies with the kids. I'm guessing check-in will change again
  12. What time does checkin start? Should I check at midnight and every hour after that . I'm guessing it varies. We have a Sept 24 checkin for our Allure Christmas cruise
  13. Can an Upber / Lyft hold 4 people and 5 large suitcases or is this too much stuff?
  14. Otherwise, attendance is too low to justify being open
  15. How is it managed? Is there a line or reservations .How long do you get until you have to leave?
  16. We have a Christmas sailing on Allure this Dec, and the wife and daughter like to spend a fair amount of time in them
  17. Are they allowing kids under 12yr old in the hot tubs? A friend of a friend said they didn't think so.
  18. Had a table next to us (group of 8ish) that wore the same shorts + muscle shirts all week in the main dining room. My 9yr daughter kept reminding us they were dressed wrong and of course had to say it loudly every night.
  19. No twitter, instragram, or facebook for me neither. I survive just fine w/out them
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