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  1. I second the recommendation for South Beach
  2. Escargot for dinner in the MDR, buttery and probably unhealthy.
  3. My kids have never tipped extra with the soda package for all 7 of their cruises. I also haven't with my soda package . All they do is push a button and fill your glass at the bar
  4. Just wear pants and you should fit in with the crowd
  5. 5.99 on Black Friday was what we payed for our last 2 cruises. never seen anything lower
  6. We had a Crown Loft (2 adults 2 kids) and got a rollaway bed as well for our Symphony 3/2022 cruise. It was a good choice, we normally get connecting balconies , but splurged for this cruise. The 2nd bathroom was nice to have. No complaints. Also enjoyed coastal kitchen for breakfast and sun suite deck on sea days as well
  7. What about vaccinated but no boosters? Are you considered vaccinated for Fl sailings?
  8. Personally I won't / refuse to pay extra for hamburgers and fries even if they are good . So no to Johnny Rockets for us .
  9. Ours sit in a drawer in the original package they come in. We're diamond now.
  10. I do all the cooking at home, so I've taken these home and place them next to my wife's plate at the end of her meal, when its a "special" homemade meal. Kids think its pretty funny, just to reminder her to at least say thank-you for the home cooked meal.
  11. Those emails really make you second guess yourself, but we had this happen w/ my 11 yr old over springbreak, Her card was "accepted" by the system, but got the same emails about scheduling tests.
  12. We had the sofa bed and a rollaway bed in our CL suite this past spring break cruise on Symphony and when both were out it took a majority of the lower level up. Our suite attendant took the roll away bed out of the room each morning and set it back up each evening, same with the sofa bed. It was much appreciated and he was rewarded. We also have a nice referral for him as well. Stephan was great
  13. I'm sure people will question paying the same gratuities or an increase gratuities for less service. We have struggles with this at hotels over the last 2 yrs. Tip for daily service that actually occurred or tip for daily stay? No easy answer
  14. We had envelopes left in our stateroom on our last 2 cruises in dec 2021 and March 2022. We payed our tips through our online account, could give more if you choose with the envelopes
  15. My wife keeps files in a file cabinet for each cruise we take and she had a cruise compass from our first in 1993. They accepted our proof and got out points back.
  16. Prefer the sandwich with spicy mustard instead of the gravy. Agreed quality has gone downhill some
  17. our weather stations only get yesterday's weather accurate
  18. Jacki York @ MEI very helpful and fast response time
  19. I prefer cabins near elevators . As others have stated rarely any noise and I prefer a bit less walking
  20. No driving anywhere . I drive 1 hour each way to work and look forward to no time behind the wheel. Also, I do all the menu planning and cooking, so it's nice to not worry about meals for a change.
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