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  1. Coastal kitchen will have the doors unlocked until rooms and keys are available. it's open for lunch
  2. Same issues with shower and bath mat. Ended up using a towel as bath mat , to prevent a flood
  3. I vote for ships w/ multiply pool areas, so I guess I'm a Oasis ship person
  4. We were told same thing at Nassau over Christmas to bring it, in case stores / restaurants wanted to see it, but that never happened. We were only in the downtown main area
  5. We were on the same Symphony (Mar 26) sailing and everything you stated I can agree with. We normally get connecting balconies, but this CL Suite was nice and I would do it again, my wife the accountant only looks at $ signs, so we'll see. I really was impressed w/ Costal Kitchen, we had breakfast almost every morning and they had the best fluffy french toast and crisp bacon each morning. It was nice to roll out of bed and the food was only a few steps away. We did 2 lunches and dinners there as well and they were really good. Staff was excellent as well. The suite sun deck was also great, less competition for chairs.
  6. Ultimate garlic bread at Jamie's Italian on Symphony. My son ate 4 plates of this on our cruise last week.ultimate garlic bread.docx
  7. I just got off Symphony April 2 and no complaints on food quality or service
  8. Symphony of the seas March 26 4,500+ on board. Announcement by cruise director.
  9. On ship enjoying drink in suite lounge. Arrived at 10 and on ship by 10:45. Easy boarding for us.
  10. Update, everyone tested NEGATIVE. Sigh of relief. Friday morning Delta flight and Saturday morning - Symphony and Suite life here we come
  11. Covid testing day tomorrow morning for the family, Cross your fingers. Everyone feels fine, so hopefully we pass
  12. Wondering about concierge as well. We're also in sky class (CL suite ) on Symphony in 3 days
  13. Someone is posting on Facebook, in a Symphony group chat they are on Symphony and they can serve themselves in the Windjammer starting today? Can you confirm?
  14. Add me to this list as well. sometimes its the only way to get on, especially if you have seen a few full elevators already.
  15. Our dining room staff (head waiter and waiter) mentioned, I believe twice about the survey and getting high marks for future promotions and being welcomed back on future sailings after their contracts were up. This was on our Allure sailing over Christmas 2021
  16. Though of another question, sorry about not combining them. We received a letter from the Concierge about the perks being in Sky Class. I know the concierge can help w/ questions reservations when on the ship, but can they set-up reservations for shows / dinner before we get on the ship?
  17. Thanks, we have the same checked in time (11:30am) for Symphony this Saturday for a CL suite. Does anyone know if the suite lounge in the terminal in Miami has refreshments or drinks (thinking water or soda) while waiting to board?
  18. Does Symphony have boardwalk donuts in the morning, similar to Allure?
  19. Yes, we asked for this as well. No issues each time
  20. Thanks for the info, we are on Symphony next week March 26. Looking forward to the same
  21. As long as you have both sides printed you will be fine
  22. We use GS Labs for our testing this past Christmas and had no issues with it being accepted in Fort Lauderdale for our Allure cruise and again we have them schedules for our upcoming cruise next week on Symphony. Our results looked exactly like yours and no issues getting onboard . GS Labs has appointments every 5 minutes from 7am - 5pm and lots of appointments at each time slot and have always gotten our results w/in 30 minutes each time. We used the location in Eagan, MN by the way.
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