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  1. I agree with the others in that it ultimately depends on whether you would like to dine with just the two of you or with 6-8 other guests. Hibachi tables are for 8-10 people, so you won't sit alone. However, I would vote hibachi personally as it would be a fun birthday atmosphere!
  2. I love Solarium Bistro for dinner! Hummus, pita, soup, salmon... so good! And the desserts are Mediterranean too. The baklava is amazing.
  3. I'm also doing this exact itinerary but a month before you! From what I've read, the ports are walkable enough in the city centers that an excursion is not totally necessary if you just want to wander around the historic city center. There are also beaches nearby which can be accessed through a taxi (or walking I think). I plan on spending most days exploring the towns, walking along the waterfront, eating a nice Mediterranean lunch, and maybe heading to a beach. In Kotor, for example, I plan to walk around the historic town and then do a short hike to the Castle of San Giovanni for amazing views of the town/fjord. However, if you want to do something specific or go to a particular part of the island, a tour might be a good idea. In Zakynthos there is a popular beach with a shipwreck on it that many tours go to. I saw some reasonable prices on RC's website for some of the ports, but you can also look at Viator or Tripadvisor for more ideas/tour options! I will be writing a live blog of this exact itinerary on the Royal Caribbean Blog website during my trip, so you can always gather ideas there too.
  4. I cycle a lot at home and have rented bikes in a few cruise ports, but I'm not sure I would recommend renting a bike in Nassau... the streets are not really designed for safe cycling, at least near the cruise port. Lots of traffic, narrow lanes, no bike lanes, small shoulders, etc. It might be different on other parts of the island, but near where cruise ships dock is very busy and congested! I recently rented a bike in St. Maarten and Puerto Costa Maya, however, and it was AMAZING. So it's an awesome excursion option, but I am not comfortable riding in Nassau myself.
  5. Regarding pickpocketing... I always wear a backpack with a "hidden pocket" that is against my bag so that no one can access my important documents (passport, license, etc.) whenever traveling in the US or abroad! I would recommend getting a daypack like this. Just search "backpack hidden pocket" on Amazon and you'll find a bunch!
  6. Yes, the crew beach area was there last year but when I visited on Sunday the area had been converted into beach beds.
  7. I am on this cruise too and at the airport now! Should be a fun week.
  8. I agree... I think it makes much more sense to put "Bologna" than Venice, as Bologna is another excellent Italian city with an international airport but is closer to Ravenna than Venice!
  9. I've had no problem booking train tickets while at the train station in Italy the day of, BUT since many people will likely be taking a train to Venice I would book ahead of time if you can. The Trenitalia website is where you would want to look: https://www.trenitalia.com/en.html
  10. I agree, the Indian food is so good in the Windjammer! I also really like the omelettes at breakfast and when they have a stir-fry noodle/rice station for dinner.
  11. If you're flying from LAX, I would probably try to see if you can switch it to a later flight, at least 12PM or later. Getting to LAX in the morning from the ship is going to be busy and security could be pretty long. Maybe check if you could switch your flight time at no extra cost to ensure you don't miss the flight.
  12. There are some Egypt cruises offered in 2023 on Rhapsody of the Seas: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-to/alexandria-egypt?&country=USA The itinerary looks awesome!
  13. Yeah I would definitely recommend a tour! I visited Egypt for two weeks last summer and was traveling with my friend and her family. They are Egyptian and live in Cairo so it was super easy traveling for me, but I think I would be totally lost on my own! I felt safe everywhere I went, though. Vendors can be super pushy at tourist sites for sure. However, outside of pushy vendors at tourist sites, the locals are all very friendly. Honestly at the tourist sites, it's less of a hassle to just give a few Egyptian pounds in tips rather than deal with the haggling. But remember this phrase: "La, shukran" (No thank you!). I probably said this about 40 times a day in tourist areas!! I loved Alexandria so if your cruise has two port days (1 in Alexandria and 1 in Port Said), I would recommend doing the Pyramids excursion when in Port Said. Alexandria has a nice waterfront area to walk around.
  14. Yes, Royal Caribbean has excursions to Cairo/Giza, etc. They have limited cruises to Europe and they stop in Alexandria and/or Port Said. I would recommend an excursion as opposed to getting there on your own, as both Alexandria and Port Said are located ~2 1/2 hours from the Pyramids. You can see some excursions listed here, but they may not all be current: http://www.royalcaribbean.com/shoreExcursions/product/detail/view.do?sourcePage=shorexByPort&ProductCode=AX11&DestinationCode= http://www.royalcaribbean.com/shoreExcursions/product/detail/view.do?sourcePage=shorexByPort&ProductCode=AX10&DestinationCode= http://www.royalcaribbean.com/shoreExcursions/product/detail/view.do?sourcePage=shorexByPort&ProductCode=AX42&DestinationCode=EUROP
  15. I stayed in downtown Seattle overnight and took an Uber to the port the next morning, which is a short drive from downtown. I would recommend staying downtown as it is a lot more interesting than the airport area and you will be closer to the port on embarkation day. I stayed sort of near Pike's Place Market which was fun as I was able to walk around and sightsee the morning of embarkation day before heading to the port. I took the light rail from the airport to downtown on the way in and an Uber on the way back from the cruise ship to airport. Uber/Lyft is more convenient, of course, so I'd recommend that.
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