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  1. Like others, I go from Credit Card, to Royal website, to "...booked/cruise-room-upgrade" link at least twice a day. Attempting to go from a JS to OS. Currently, my bid is not editable. Frozen.. I emailed (no response) and called. The answer was; bid is still valid, but wait. Hmmm... I thought any bid could be modified until 3 hrs before scheduled boarding. I do "find a cruise" and know OS are available. We have 7 more days to go. I guess I will let my bid play out.
  2. My 18 Days til cruise benchmarks .. 1 - Cruise with glee upon hearing Wash your hands it's the right thing to do... 2- Black Friday sale on deluxe drink package 3- Royal Up goes from pending to accepted 4- Broadway Show is one you haven't seen before 5- Winning at Love and Marriage with the prize being a key chain
  3. Web site (chrome) and app (android phone) are working for me.
  4. Wonder how this impacts "Royal Up" timing? Xxxxxxx 9/17/2021 Update. I did my final payment in August for my 31 October cruise. I recieved my "Royal Up" email today.
  5. Going on our first Celebrity Cruise, Equinox. For royal cruises, we typically get a dining package. We are thinking the Luminae is better than CK. No need for a speciality dining... ????? Thoughts... Recommendations... we are foodies.
  6. Military uses, day month year also. And 24hr clock.
  7. We use something like this. On the ship, holds sea pass & tip money and on excursions holds cash & credit card.
  8. Got a Royal Email about the updated Vax requirements. It had a click here to provide Vax Status. Royal IT does it again. We are vax'ed and have no issue declaring it. I start entering my data and got to my birthday. A calendar drop down appears. Since I wasn't born today, I had to scroll through 744 months to get to my date. Wow. No other way to get there. I wonder if they actually test their app/change prior to fielding it. ?
  9. Duck Fart - Kahlua, Bailey's Irish Cream and whiskey, layered.
  10. Recommend southbound out of Seward. Land tour should at least be considered. If not, go early. We love Anchorage (my birth place), Alyeska, Talkeetna (the deck of the lodge is still one of our favorite cruise memories) and Denali. Foodie comments.. Anchorage.. Jen's Restaurant for dinner and Snow City Cafe for breakfast. Alyeska - Seven Glaciers Restaurant (reservation recommended). Talkeetna- eat at the lodge with views of Denali as the background (halibut chunks?). In Juneau, we did the Bike and Brew and loved it. On the way back, Red Dog Saloon was great (Duck Fart anyone? ?). I am full of Jealousy.
  11. Transferred my Alaska Solstice to Celebrity Equinox, July 2022. Excited. Thanks Michelle. MEI!
  12. Wow. I started to stress about within 3 days before set sail, have a negative COVID-19 test. NOW... I achieved fully vax status on 3 March. Cruise is 31 October, which means my booster becomes due during the cruise. I need some bourbon.. ?
  13. I recommend downloading the Royal Mobile App, if you haven't already.
  14. Previous post indicated Specialty Restaurant reservations went quickly. We purchased the UDP and will try to booked reservations once we are on board.
  15. Check credit card too! Transaction may occur before email arrives.
  16. This is great info. Hopefully others will provide their experiences. With the UDP, I was hoping to be a little spontaneous for my upcoming cruise.
  17. Am I the only one that feels challenged/stressed by the timing of taking the covid test, getting results, departing early (minimum day before), and boarding? Throw in the mad work schedule to cover projects and requirements because of taking vacation. Sigh..
  18. Liberty of the Seas. Our First excursion; Dunn River Falls.
  19. Sorry, I did not see the direct question. As I recall, I did a ghost booking to check full GS price. I split the difference which was over the minimum. I then canceled my UDP and Wi-Fi / internet packages.
  20. Only thing I see is Sprinkles (sweet treats) on Deck 11. This might have been covered before, but Freedom is now up on the Royal Caribbean app.
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