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  1. Great thanks for the feedback didn't want to bring the suits if no one participated. I always like getting dressed up on cruises for a couple nights.
  2. Are there still formal nights on cruises during this time? Sailing on Anthem OTS in November.
  3. weird mine seems to still be unavailable and from other discussion threads I see that it could be related to RCL waiting until 30 days out for final payment. 9/23 is 45 days out so maybe that's why. I do hope that all my info stays saved as it was with check in time for 1230 and I don't have to upload all the information again.
  4. @BrianB I noticed this morning that our check in for this sailing has gone away. It looks like the new check in time is not until 9/23 which makes me worry. Do you see the same thing?
  5. Yes hoping that they get an exception with the repositioning and they don't have to cancel anything. 82 days.... The fact that they have new times for check in should be a welcoming sign that they are trying everything to get this cruise going. Jealous that you are going on Oasis we have that one planned for May 2022 so we have a long wait ahead of us.
  6. Super excited to finally getting back to cruising. Me and my wife have been counting down the days as we just checked in a week ago. Was able to get an earlier check in time as originally only 3pm was available. We have a 1pm now which is a little better but miss the days of when we showed up to board at 1030am. Anyone else sailing this date?
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