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  1. You may look on eBay. The best way to search is the the ship name and "spirit jersey" Here is an example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Official-Royal-Caribbean-Harmony-Of-The-Seas-Spirit-Jersey-Size-XL-Blue-/124447103010
  2. My travel agent was able to get me the 25% Future Cruise credit. I'm so glad!
  3. The PenaVega's do a lot of cruise content on their YouTube channel. This is one of my favorites featuring this new unique cabin on Oasis.
  4. Has anyone encountered this situation? We never received our FCC certificate for our cancelled May-2020 cruise. I emailed our travel agent to look into it today. He asked RC and they stated that it was refunded this month. Low and behold, I have the refund on my credit card statement. My agent said he will try to get the FCC funds for me. Do you think he will have any luck? We never requested the refund and wanted the additional funds offered on the FCC.
  5. I miss the Friday photos on the blog, anyone else? Posting one of my favorite photos from Ovation in Alaska last May
  6. So excited for an Adventure blog as we are going on a 9 night in May! Have a fantastic time!
  7. We love Columbus Cove as it is more low-key and relaxed!
  8. Roatan - we really liked Little French Key but has been 4.5 years since we visited
  9. Understanding the cancellation decision, best of luck in braving the storm...prayers for all of those impacted!
  10. Check out @twangster's live blog for great insights https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/12630-ovation-goes-north-way-north-to-alaska-11-nights-may-13-2019/
  11. You might search for the Facebook group for your ship. These tend to be more active lately than other roll calls. Just search for your Ship name In Facebook. In some instances, there is a Facebook group for your particular sailing as well.
  12. Love our Fred Van Vleet from Wichita State!
  13. I've been a lurker to the site/forums for quite a while now. However, recently I have been trying to push myself outside my comfort zone and become an active participant. My husband and I go on a cruise once a year in May. This is the only time my husband can travel because of work schedules. After our last cruise, we earned RC Emerald Status. Our next cruise in May 21, 2020 on Adventure of the Seas.
  14. I joined as an Insider today...been using the site, podcasts, boards for years. It has been a wealth of information...glad to give back!
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