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  1. In May, our cabana was assigned by the time we boarded the ship (the first day we received our assignment in room documents). I have heard that you can go and request at the Shore Excursions but probably up to availability
  2. Send an email request to [email protected] about a week out from your sailing. This helps to get the same table before you sail. Here is what I sent... I would like to request a table of 6 for the April 30th sailing of Symphony of the Seas (early dining time). Here are our reservation numbers and guests: Reservation number #1: First name and last names of all on reservation Reservation number #2: First name and last names of all on reservation Reservation number #3: First name and last names of all on reservation
  3. Was not on our sailing April 30th and didn't see it as an option in any of my research
  4. You should watch Jordan Bauth on YouTube, she is from your ice skating show...the Sun that spins really well.
  5. I agree, have not had any problems once I started emailing before sailing!
  6. We really enjoyed the Golden Eagle Catamaran in St Maarten-booked through Royal Caribbean excursions. It was a nice large catamaran that took us snorkeling to a great location, then a nice sail to a beach break (along the way you can see the airplanes at Maho beach). Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcholic) were included as well as a sandwich for a light lunch.
  7. we will also be on the cruise right after yours...it will be great to follow along as we anticipate our turn
  8. Concussions and the recovery from them is so tricky...wishing your daughter the best. It is so hard to know how the cruise might impact her.
  9. I found out that later, would have been good to know beforehand
  10. I had our passports and vaccine cards handy, you scan/take pictures of them. I also had to wake up my kids for their pictures, it was hilarious
  11. I have not seen any pre-cruise sales in the planner for my April 30th cruise
  12. we were able to check in 45 days prior and it opened at Midnight eastern. I signed up right at midnight and got an 11:30 time slot for boarding
  13. I got teary eyed just seeing ships in port (Carnival ships in Galveston). The bing-bong sound of announcements was an amazing sound!
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