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  1. Congrats Chris! Cant wait to see you as well on our May 11, 2024 sailing!!!!!
  2. We booked this as well. This will be our first cruise as Diamond so excited to see the Diamond Lounge and all the other perks that come with it. Also, all ports that are new to us except Coco Cay as another bonus.
  3. Yeah we may do the same just walk around the port see what’s there we have never been there before.
  4. Yah there really isn’t anything worthwhile available. All the good things are sold out! Oh well looks like another ship day I guess
  5. Did anyone else have Bayahibe Beach Break Excursion in La Romana booked? Ours just got cancelled without any reason given. UPDATE: Just got an email 20 min later that they are closed for renovations which is a bummer this close to sail date.
  6. Very excited to have booked this wonderful ship for next November. Excited to see this from Cape Liberty as a new face for this market. We are able to grab great rates on this as we booked as soon as they released the schedule so super excited to be on this next year. Cheers!!!
  7. Prices have dramatically gone up and likely will continue to. If the price is something you are comfortable paying and believe it is worth it for your use I would say buy now and monitor for more sales down the road. You can always cancel and rebook if you see a lower price. Our cruise in May was 62.99, down from 69.99 so I canceled and rebooked with this latest sale. Cheers!
  8. I booked for May 11, 2024, that was the longest I could wait. Hope that they figure out the kinks fast...Can't wait to see her in person.
  9. We are on Liberty OTS 9 night in May 2023 and we just bought for 66.99pp/pd + 18%. Was 71.99 hoping it goes down more for another sale.
  10. We booked this one as soon as it was released. First time getting a JS, which will get us to Diamond Status! Nice to see new ports from Cape Liberty.
  11. @BrianB @Shay Just got off Anthem on 11/14 and can confirm its still $25 a day.
  12. Great thanks for the feedback didn't want to bring the suits if no one participated. I always like getting dressed up on cruises for a couple nights.
  13. Are there still formal nights on cruises during this time? Sailing on Anthem OTS in November.
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