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  1. We should share information on this potential hurricane. A lot is not known, but the Weather Channel has the following link posted: https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/video/invest-92l-likely-to-become-a-tropical-depression-or-storm-in-the-gulf
  2. On Sunday's departure of Liberty of Seas, Accuweather is projecting a "strong probably" of thunderstorms in Galveston and high sustained winds. Any concerns about this? Significance to our cruise to Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica?
  3. Later this month, we will be on the Falmouth excursion, "Blue Water Beach Escape," at 9:30am. Any suggestions on what to bring (e.g., towel) or leave behind on the ship? Is the food safe and okay? Other suggestions? The forecast is 93 high and chance of t-storms.
  4. Is the all access ship tour on the Liberty of the Sea worth the $89? Seems pricey, but don't know the details (length of tour, tour size, wow moments).
  5. We're sailing later this summer on the Liberty of the Sea for a 7-night trip to Cozumel and the western Caribbean. Two questions: 1) Do you know if Royal Caribbean allows you to reserve seating for the shows in their main performing areas (Platinum Room)? 2) We also would appreciate any comments regarding the Insider's View activity, for a extra fee, for the "Saturday Night Fever" performance
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