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  1. Yep I saw this on both of my cruises this morning. Bid low and sail high hahahahahaha
  2. Rooms offered through Royal Up are not necessarily available. In the off chance someone cancels that room category they would have bidders lined up to sell to last minute.
  3. I always order by the names I want.
  4. Went on my Jan 20th cruise telling my wife I had a surprise for her in the room. Nice surprise. A letter stating that her tote was out of stock (even though is showed in stock on the website) and we would get an onboard credit or our credit card refunded, neither has happened!
  5. Oh yeah, every cruise we get a balcony on its mandatory lol, as long as no one is in the rooms next to us at the time.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I was finally able to buy my wife the sea turtle beach tote. I forgot to look for it until I saw this post. It has been out of stock for awhile.
  7. From what I read so far you should stay out of the casino. You do not get a "free" cruise, you pay for it in the casino. Plus you have kids so when you want to take your "free" cruise you most likely will be able to because they are offered during off peak seasons.
  8. Empress Sovereign Independence Mariner Monarch Enchantment All from Port Canaveral so far.
  9. Do any of you take your passport with you when you leave the ship?
  10. Did you find out how much the massages were?
  11. Looking at the website it looks like you have to make a reservation as they only want 28 guests at a time.
  12. I always thought nacho cheese was fake no matter where it cam from !!
  13. I did that online and in the app still nothing as of today.
  14. I just booked a cruise Friday 11/25/22 and it is still not showing when I log in so I am wondering what sales in the planner I am missing out on!
  15. Sorry to bring up an old thread. Do you have any recommendations on where to get some conch fritters in Nassau. I haven't been off the ship in Nassau since before COVID.
  16. I typically grab a water and a margarita at the same time. Need to stay hydrated if your going to maximize that drink package!
  17. Yes this is required to take advantage of the high price you paid for the drink package. You can have a sit down breakfast in the main dining room and order fresh squeezed OJ, mimosa, screwdriver, bloody mary etc
  18. I'm on the same cruise and same month and I am seeing the same prices.
  19. Solid advice right there!! Stop there for breakfast before every cruise.
  20. Think nothing of it. They are extensively trained to have great memories as a part of their employment.
  21. I hope this is the new bottom for RCL stock, I just loaded up on a bunch more shares @ $36
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