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  1. This is a big positive to the package. Try new drinks and if you don't like them then get a different one. Correct the Deluxe beverage package.
  2. I'm booked on Mariner 2/12-2/17/22. The drink package for my wife and I was a total of $755.00!!! OUCH! It was advertised at 63.99 per person per day.
  3. I was hoping to book this 2 night last minute due to a schedule change at work. However I couldn't find a definitive covid test pre cruise.
  4. With the way things are going now I am sure they would ask you to wear your mask while you are walking with your drink. Sitting and drinking shouldn't be a problem.
  5. I would definitely be in the casino more if it were non smoking. However, I get the correlation in addictive behavior with smokers and gamblers, and why RCL might not want to ban it in the casino for good.
  6. I just booked the Mariner for Feb 12th-17th. I can't believe the DBP is $73 PPPD wow. My last cruise that was canceled because of covid was 46 PPPD!!
  7. I used to stay here a lot over 10 years ago and everything was great. It's nice to hear it's still a great place to go.
  8. YES! I am all about getting businesses back up and running, and this one is no different.
  9. Yeah I agree. I just wanted to cling on to any positive news I can find. The best part about cruising for me is no phone or news. We are being bombarded with so much negative news.
  10. 11:03 ET - The expert panel formed by cruise operators Royal Caribbean and Norwegian in developing cruising protocols has gotten the support of the CDC and will share findings with the rest of the industry, says panel co-chair Michael Leavitt, who is former governor of Utah and HHS secretary under the Bush administration. Leavitt tells WSJ the panel will focus on screening and exposure reduction; environmental operations such as engineering controls; response contingencies and planning; and destination and route planning. (END) Dow Jones Newswires July 06, 2020 11:03 ET (15:03 GMT) Copyright (c) 2020 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
  11. Sign me up I hate crowds anyway. I wouldn't mind wearing a mask while I wait to pick up my margaritas from my favorite Sky Lounge/Pool Bar bartender!!
  12. They very much want a summer cruise season too, but the CDC poopooed all over that!!!
  13. This time I am taking the refund. I have a cruise planned for Nov. I am not booking another cruise till the ships sail again!
  14. If they cancel my Sept cruise I will be hoping to cruise on my Nov cruise. They have already canceled my April and June cruises. One more cancel and I am not booking anything till the ships sail again! All this keeping track of payments and FCC is wearing thin.
  15. I don't know about you guys but the only time I feel packed in on a cruise ship is during the muster drill!!
  16. That is exactly why I invested in RCL. Because I believe in the company and its practices. However, I have no faith in their IT department, lol.
  17. So you can get the Chops Embarkation lunch cheaper when you board? I bought it for 21.99 for my Sept Mariner Cruise through the planner.
  18. I guess I was wrong for now. The stock price hit $68.06 so far this morning!!!
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