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  1. Right I did have a free 7 day cruise except for taxes n port fees but dang if it wasn't canceled die to covid & ya think they gave it back? Haha that's a big NO. So I gets ya
  2. Thanks i wasn't sure. Haha not paying them anymore. they already got enough in the deluxe package
  3. Can anyone please lead me in the right direction to download to correct app needed to use when on the ship that I can communicate with friends? I believe it's suppose to be free and it's also for the muster stations?? Thanks LRF
  4. Friends, my husband & I are booked on WONDER 18mar22 & hot the 3night dinning package. RCL reserved us for chops the 1st night which we were able to change to the 2nd night & our problem now is we can't reserve the 2 other restaurants we want. We would like to do this now so we do have to end up with a diner time after 630pm because that is too late for all of us. Thanks for any help.LRF
  5. Does RC do covid testing at the pier on embarkation day or does anyone know of a place in Fort Lauderdale that it can be done the day before a cruise? Thank you.
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