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Question About Testing Covid

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Where we live, it is hard to find a place to get the "pre test" for our cruise.  Walgreens offers 1 test near us (about 35 miles away), another one is about 60 miles away.  The two tests are Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID NOW) and Rapid Antigen Test (BinaxNOW), do either of these test work for RC?  Looking at the page they both should work because they are done at the pharmacy and made by Abbot.

From RC

More on Abbott Brand Tests

We get a lot of questions about Abbott tests, the most commonly available COVID-19 test brand. Here’s what’s accepted.

  • Any Abbott brand test administered on site by a pharmacy technician or other health professional is accepted. This includes the common Abbot ID NOW test administered by many pharmacies. The test provider must provide you with a proper results document (no handwritten notes).
  • The Abbott BinaxNow COVID-19 Ag Card Test, which is taken at home and supervised by a telemedicine professional, is accepted. It must be taken under live video supervision. Learn more about our Abbott telehealth home test kit.
  • The Abbott BinaxNow COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test, if taken at home and not supervised by a telehealth representative, is NOT accepted.

Thank you again in advance

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The difference between the at-home test sold at Walgreens and the one sold through Optum or EMed is that the Walgreen's  one is unproctored.  I have some on hand (how we diagnosed Mr. SpeedNoodles last week).  I'll order proctored ones from Optum in a few weeks (and hope he's testing negative by late Jan).

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9 hours ago, Lrfellers13 said:

Does RC do covid testing at the pier on embarkation day or does anyone know of a place in Fort Lauderdale that it can be done the day before a cruise? Thank you.

Royal does offer testing at the pier for a cost. 

Unvaccinated children that are required to be tested at the pier are not charged, but anyone who is vaccinated and requires a test would have to pay at the pier.  

There are many 3rd party testing locations all over South Florida.  At this point it's like asking where can you get your car washed.  

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13 minutes ago, twangster said:

There are many 3rd party testing locations all over South Florida.  At this point it's like asking where can you get your car washed.  

Agree with @twangster.  Flying down next Thursday, need to test Friday/Saturday for a Sunday sailing.  I have the eMed proctored kit for my hotel but made an appointment at a CVS down the street from my hotel as a backup for a rapid test.  They had a ton of open slots and if no issues with the eMed I'll just cancel.

Lots of places in the area, and many like CVS/Walgreens will let you schedule online in advance.

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4 hours ago, not easy being green said:

Going back to my original question is the Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID NOW) that is done in a pharmacy with the pharmacist an acceptable test? This is the pharmacy that is 50 miles closer to home.  I would not want to do one without a pharmacist and or a doctor.

Thank  you for all the helpful information


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