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  1. I use MEI, I have a 2br GS so maybe that is the reason. I saw an 2br AT that I was hoping to try to RoyalUp on.
  2. Of course you need to factor everything in. If you are just chasing points is £1000 worth it? IMHO £1000 could purchase a whole other cruise. If you have the time. But it might be better money spent to do solo than a jr.suite. This suite will put you closer but so could 2 solos in a balcony. Plus it should be fun to reach diamond.
  3. I don't understand why I can't do Royal Up, it says my 37 day away cruise is too far away. But people on my cruise have gotten RoyalUp offers already.
  4. @DunwoodyDadI guess I wasn't clear. What I meant is that if you book now but change date or ship, you should keep the same booking number and receive double points. CWC and the process of L&S have made it so they can easily move you without cancelling. Of course YMMV as this what happened to me.
  5. With RCG moving final payment, this year will suck for some of you. Not to mention the protocols and such which has been causing cancellations. MEI is free and if my bookings can help someone's job I am all for it.
  6. Color -coding never occurred to me, I always make columns. But now i am thinking about using different color pens to plan with...thanks I am on Odyssey next year, I will be following along.
  7. @DunwoodyDadOBC is different. Really depends on when you move the sailing and such. I kept the same reservation number and date even though I moved dates and classes.
  8. I think LDT will just be left at the beach to fend for her wee self.
  9. @DLJ2020 No its part of check-in but not the same. They pushed back some of the check-ins because of final payment. You can look under your profile in the app and it might give you a date that check-in will open.
  10. Yeah I think he means the sales will be blah, no point in trying very hard to get people top book in 2021 with all the testing and restrictions. Instead focus all their energy and resources on improving bookings for 2022. I also think he has given up on the CDC being "fair"
  11. I watched a few of your YouTube videos, the one with the vacation Shein hall is my favorite.....he was so disappointed in his selections while you will be living you best gay- dad looking life. Also on that note I am too guilty of ordering something that looks amazing on the site, only to feel some type of way when it arrives.
  12. They might be breaking even but not making a profit. I think they are selling CP purchases like crazy, they are saving on waste by not having a fully open buffet. All these things can add up. If it wasn't working in some capacity they would not be adding ships back like they currently are.
  13. That is fishy because as @Pooch said you could have gotten a refund when protocols were announced. They have everything in writing like test and mask procedures. Where you would have saw that a 2 y/o wouldn't need a mask but everyone above age that would in certain areas. It clearly states you need to test before each cruise..... much has not changed. Either you didn't do your due diligence or you didn't care but either way, by stepping on that ship you indicated you were okay with the protocols.
  14. Historically the price do not go down the closer to sailing imho, they just fluctuate in general. It mostly depends on the "sale" and around Black Friday has been the best. Buy at a price you like and reprice when sales happen, always keep looking. As things vary.
  15. I actually knew the difference been snooty and snotty lol But IMHO you get what you get, when you want to be the mask police. I am not going to tell anyone nothing unless I am in a position of power. You are on vacation..... I also believe that if you are that concerned with your health, a social vacation like cruising isn't for you. You booked 6 B2B, you should have prepared for children who may or may not be human disease carriers to be around you. Staying in your room is a choice. But children 2 and under don't have to wear mask or test...also children carry the same risk not more when it comes to Covid. I don't understand.....if you are vax, wearing your mask and keeping yourself "clean" why be so worried? Breakthrough infections are rare. I feel like you went into this very negatively and your post is all about trying to paint the restart back as extremely flawed.
  16. Ha, I got one from Ivsa that said Sylvia wanted a travel companion. I put it in spam. You know you have made it when people are sending fake messages.
  17. @ellcee Exactly, I have seen exactly one 3 yo comply with their mask and he was basically enticed with the promise of ice cream after dinner.
  18. Even in some circumstances such as a change in sailing date or ship won't result in a new booking. I changed from a March Oasis to a Jan Mariner and still have the same booking number and date. I think with CWC, it just becomes about the details. They don't bother to cancel, just move some things around. But that's with a TA.
  19. I did a 14 night European once and it was tiring because there was nothing to do on the ship and we got off at every port. That being said I think I could do 20+ days on RCG as long as it was a 7n B2B and a 5/7n S2S. I would love 14 days on an oasis class ship because then I could do everything and also relax. Then I would like to maybe get off 1 day and stay at a hotel to get a breather from all that sea time. Then start a S2S on two different freedom/quantum class ships.
  20. @RaDar Some are on main page under Discussions and then check out the Live blogs. Or at the top click on getting started.
  21. I think given all the negatives in this posting it might be a......idk fake. Why would the young girl expect the op to tell her to put mask up and not the crew member? Also why would this warrant her being held back by her "hot" boyfriend?
  22. @AshleyDilloCool I saw the fridge and stuff, but could care less. I just focused on the brand, free breakfast and location and was like easy peasy lemon squeezy for this solo gal.
  23. Is the Home2Home also a nice hotel? I have it booked as a pre and in-between hotel.
  24. Hahha I love all the glitter. I am toe glitter girl! Congrats on the upgrade. Star class on a new ship should be amaze balls. I am also a proud cat Moma who will miss her baby when I set sail in 40 days.
  25. Also the protocols for Oct 15-31 have been released.
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