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  1. If you want double points and the price hasn't changed, it might be better to switch your nephew to his cousin's room. If the price has changed you can always switch the no-show to your room and the nephew to the other. As long as one person stays on the original reservation, it is easy to switch names. Names and pax can be changed I believe up until 48hr before the cruise leaves.
  2. I have GTY room for my Harmony sailing on Nov 7th and was hoping to do the same. But I just checked-in for my Nov 13th, Odyssey sailing and can't see my setsail pass for an actual assigned room. I hope they fix it soon as I like to have things squared away asap.
  3. It was flavor, juiciness and cooking IMHO at Hooked that made it a better steak. Maybe because I have eating steak so many other places but other than the Beach club steak, I hate whatever marinade/seasons they use, every steak everywhere has been better than Chops. I do medium to a medium well, haven't done well done so don't know if that will change the flavor and such.
  4. We did Disney for two days before our Allure cruise in 2021, the cost of tickets alone was almost the same cost as a 2br GS.
  5. The UDP doesn't have a lot of upcharges, just more so restrictions. I don't eat lobster, but I have heard that most of it is good at specialty restaurants. Also, pretty much every restaurant has a steak and sort of upscale seafood option. Imho the steak at Chops is my least favorite, the one at Hooked is about 14x better.
  6. So, they actually hold most of the reservation times for people onboard. The people who pay outright for a dinner are subject to a small number of reservations for those times, which is probably why the most popular times are already gone. With a decent boarding time, you should have no problem getting the times you want........unless you have a huge party. Obviously if it is 6+ people there may be a small issue with getting larger tables.
  7. I got all my pins up to Diamond, making D+ in Jan, but they are still in the thing they came in. I am indifferent either way, wear them or don't. My issue is the people who throw their status around: i.e. "I am diamond do this, give me that, pledge your soul.......etc." My last cruise had about 5 pins, they were are pretty nice and they all wore their pins. People would indeed come up to them.......but people would also come up to me and ask questions. Lots of newbies would ask what "diamond prime" means when they read my seapass card.
  8. I can see my setsail pass on the app but not in CP. I am 39/44 days from sailing, so it isn't a big issue, but I imagine for those who are sailing sooner it will be.
  9. Since RoyalUp and such would have already been closed out, you might be able to upgrade onboard.
  10. Freedom isn't bad, it's just not Oasis class. I would do Freedom over any other non-Oasis class ship as it is still fun. The El Loco Fresh is awesome and so are the other speciality restaurants. Wonder is the newest with all the bells and whistles, so lots of ships look like "crap" in comparison.
  11. Yes. The concierge will help with refunds. On board cancellations get refunded as OBC that if not used, will go back to the credit card on file.
  12. A few drinks will be cheaper than DX. I brought a package once, didn't get my monies worth. Now I am diamond, so I get 4 free drinks, I use those with my UDP. I can't really do more than 4 drinks and even without my status I wouldn't get my money worth with the DX.
  13. I was on a B2B a few weeks ago and used my Diamond vouchers in the morning of both disembarkments. This was before 8am. I got 2 cans of Coke Zero and 2 bottles of water as I decided to forego any drink package and just use my diamond and prime drinks.
  14. I am not familiar with MGM status, but the assumption would be that casino related benefits would have to be made with casino reps. Club Royale deals with casino perks and the regular reps may not know how to apply the benefits at all. Is it possible your TA can deal with the casino reps on your behalf?
  15. Keep in mind the number of children who are homeschooled has steadily increased. Also remember that not every school does the summer, winter and spring break schedule. There are plenty of schools that do the 2 months on and several weeks off route. I was shocked at how many children and teenagers were on my Sept 7-16th cruises on Nav. I don't sail in the summer to avoid the majority of children often aboard those sailings. In all honesty don't expect any sailing on Royal to have no children, just expect less during the months most are in school.
  16. Cruise planner will close 48-72 hours before your cruise, and you won't be able to buy or cancel anything. This is also the case for RoyalUp, they can and will upgrade people as late as on the boat. In that case you will have to go to guest service or have your concierge make the refunds for you.
  17. @FSUFAN The picture can show these bottles and that could not be the case. I have seen 12oz aluminum cans, 12oz plastic bottles and 16oz bottles.......sometimes throughout the same sailing. My last cruise had 3 different brands of water, in two different sizes. The only guarantee is water. Also be mindful that it is not a fridge, but a cooler. It will barely keep things cool after they have been cold, and it won't chill anything. I had room service and stuck my extra milk in the cooler. By the time I returned to change for dinner the milk had curdled. The temp stayed around 44degrees or higher.
  18. @forests_lover The amount of specialty restaurants on Wonder is on the higher end, some ships have 2-4. There are only 8 specialty restaurants that are included in the UDP, the other places are complimentary. There are no venues closed due to capacity.
  19. 1. Yes, each person who is diamond will get 24hrs of internet. If you share logins that is effectively 4 days of internet. But be advised it is Surf. I used mine on Navigator and to say it is slow would be an understatement. Indy Surf and Stream isn't that great to begin with, I imagine the free day of surf will be worse. So, plan accordingly. 2. You will have to re-enroll as each reservation is separate. However, ymmv, as you can ask the host at Adventure Ocean on the last day if you can set things up for the next cruise. Crew members will have access to the manifest and other schedules, so they might be willing to allow you to do it at the end of the first cruise.
  20. I believe someone on one of the live blogs stated they used an un-proctored test and just showed a picture of the test to satisfy the requirements.
  21. You can or you have them keep it for if you will be returning.
  22. No, not right you get a $35 credit at Izumi, hence the $10 upcharge because Hibachi starts at $45. The option is $35 worth of food or the $35 prefix menu which is one small plate, two large plates and a dessert. $20 is for Playmakers or Portside BBQ as the cost of the food is fairly cheap. You also are subjected to one entree at Chops
  23. Your pup is too cute!!! I notice that any little change causes check in to become a mess.
  24. I might need you to clarify your question. But Royal and Celebrity are two different lines under one large corporation but treated differently. You cannot use a discount from Royal for a Celebrity cruise and vice versa. I don't think you can even book anything but a royal cruise onboard a Royal ship. If you are asking about C&A discounts and such, that comes when status is matched.
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