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  1. In most case the cabin attendant will ask you your preference on day one. I say most cases because your attendant may not find you on day one. If you have a situation where you have more than 2 in a room and need to get turndown service for a couch or upper berth they will come again if you choose AM cleaning. We had an upper berth on Mariner in Jan, it was never put up because we had PM cleaning. YMMV on whether a pull out would be put up in the AM if you chose PM cleaning.
  2. No. On Royal the children age is 12 or under. The planner won't allow you to purchase children things because there is no child in your party. On board ymmv, because the staff may be willing to accommodate you, but the onboard price is higher. Might I suggest since she is 13, have her eat at the buffet or any other place she enjoys, and you enjoy Chop's without her.
  3. Anything that list a price will not be included. In most cases that will be the main dining room, the Windjammer, cafe promenade and/or Sorrento's. I believe in the case of Adventure, you have listed the not included options.
  4. I believe you can type in DP340 in the promo code box when you are doing an online booking.
  5. I think that's the case on shorties but on a lot of my 7n sailings there was a headliner and then the person performing the welcome aboard show.
  6. Your husband was correct, that minestrone soup was horrible. It is so good at Giovanni's table. They need to add either vegetable or chicken broth to cut the tomato. You are also correct about the hazelnut cake, my mother was so disappointed with hers on mariner and it seems to not be consistent, as I had in on Allure and it was really wet.
  7. Not at all a fan of curry but it's one of my brother's favorites. He loves spicy and only once has a curry been too hot for him and that was in Japan. He normally tries the Indian dishes in the MDR but he said none of them were spicy. I remember doing 4 in the villa on Harmony, the space was magnificent. I never watch the headliners; I don't feel like their brand of entertainment calls to me. But this will be a massive blow to those that do.
  8. My one and only B2B there was a luncheon, but I got the UDP for the second leg, so I never went. I am doing B2B2B on Freedom in May and I am hoping for the luncheon. I would appreciate a leisurely lunch not dealing with the WJ or ELF
  9. I am glad there is a B2B luncheon on your sailing. They seem to be few and far in-between.
  10. Columbus is my absolute favorite original production, 23/10 stars. It is a silly, hot mess.
  11. I also noticed that some of the shuttles get more expensive. If you are close to the port your standard Lyft/Uber will be at or around $20, that is the pp at some hotels. Like Smokey said, you might also be waiting longer and arrive later.
  12. So do they lock the seapass of pins not allowed in the SL/CL? I definitely feel like those small casinos get filled with smoke faster because the vents doesn't work as well. I also agree they can make you feel claustrophobic.
  13. I love having the CL concierge. When I needed to change my reservations on Wonder, the concierge did it in a few minutes and I enjoyed my donuts and hot chocolate while she did it. If I can avoid guest services, I will. But I also agree they should just charge a service fee in the fare. Instead of calling them gratuities. To each their own but I don't care that money goes to laundry or people cleaning the stairs and bathrooms. They work hard.
  14. I like tequila in a marg, not straight. But the burrito thing on Mexican night is pretty good. My brother said the tofu tacos weren't good. How has the casino treated you?
  15. Once you posted the picture I finally remembered that bald spinney guy. You are right the Aqua show on Harmony is a meh. IMHO it is slightly better than OceanAria on Allure but way below Aqua80.
  16. This would be subjective. Some people eat fast, some slow. If you have traditional dining, i.e. 5/5:30, you can tell your server you are trying to catch a show.
  17. I felt the same way on Grandeur, the casino is so small, and it seems like everyone is on a casino comp for the smaller classes. That and the fact that there is often little to do, makes the casino a madhouse. Even during the day, it was hard getting machines.
  18. If it is the origin story, I would imagine its effectors zero and not three.
  19. I had bloody fried chicken on Mariner, which is just as worse. Bloody, raw chicken should never be a thing.
  20. I saw Finest Cali on Mariner, Allure and Wonder in Jan for the bars, but still saw the sunsational for lemonades.
  21. I agree but I personally will book solo to avoid any drink packages. When I travel with a group, I put people who need the drink package in the same room, they don't stay in that room, but it is easier. With Prime offering certain sailings, then winning certain sailings and the drink options for being prime/D+ I often book a solo room. I am a little over 100 points from getting the D340, which will make my solo rooms even cheaper. I know not everyone can do this, but I find a solo room is often cheaper than forcing me to get any type of drink package.
  22. I had to look twice because I was like why would Genie Berty bring them a bowl of ketchup .......then I realized there was a giant bowl of mozz sticks. I should have put my glasses on
  23. It is usually I believe day 4 on a 7n and day 5/6 on longer itineraries. They want to try to sell as many DX as possible before they offer it.
  24. You would each get points, but they don't add points together. So, you each would have 9 points, regardless of your relationship match. You share status and not points.
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