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  1. On 4 night Serenade in mid December got DBP and Voom for $53.
  2. Wondering about Brilliance out of Tampa..... As a result of the ongoing COVID-related circumstances around the world, and in abundance of caution, Royal Caribbean International is pausing operations for the following ships: Vision of the Seas’ return to cruising is postponed until March 7, 2022 Serenade of the Seas sailings from January 8 – March 5, returning after dry dock on April 26, 2022 Jewel of the Seas sailings from January 9 – February 12, returning on February 20, 2022 Symphony of the Seas sailings from January 8 – January 22, returning on January 29, 2022 We regret having to cancel your clients’ long-awaited vacations and appreciate their loyalty and understanding. Our top priority is always the well-being of our guests, our crew and the communities we visit. Despite stringent health and safety measures, including vaccination and testing requirements for guests and crew, and extensive contingency planning, we have had to move forward with this decision. Our teams will continue to consider every option and resource to keep cruising safe and enjoyable as the world and the cruise industry continue to adapt. Guests affected by these cancelations will be notified shortly and presented the below compensation options to consider, provided they did not already cancel under our Cruise with Confidence policy. For Serenade departing January 8, 2022 ONLY: Booked guests will receive a 100% refund of all funds paid, which will be returned to the original form of payment. Additionally, a 100% Future Cruise Credit will be issued in hopes of welcoming your clients onboard with us in the future.
  3. Read this also...believe it was for Carnival cruises! Also read yesterday that NCL was sticking to its original cancellation policy if people cancelled due to new mask policy this past week.
  4. Agree with ChrisK2793. Last week saw people being told to put their mask on if they were carrying drinks in unvaccinated areas. So glad we got through our cruise before new mask policy. It was ok wearing masks in unvaccinated venues, but would definitely have been a problem for us to wear masks in designated "vaccinated only" areas such as theater, nightclub, bars, etc.
  5. Just got back from a wonderful Serenade cruise. I asked for a new pillow since I like a feathered pillow. Receive a wonderful pillow and want to order it. Label said Harris Pillows. However, I do not know what size to order. We had beds put together in a regular balcony room. Not sure if this was a standard or queen pillow. Does anyone happen to know?
  6. Recently read that it is held w/karaoke on the Serenade
  7. Not sure if we need to shut off while in the cruise terminal or when we board to avoid charges.
  8. Can you put in a plastic holder attached to lanyard? Is seapass same size as credit card? Can they do barcode through these? I remember having a hole put in them for lanyard, but read this is no longer done?
  9. Got negative tests yesterday from Walgreen in less than an hour. Although I was enthusiastic about getting back to cruising, I really couldn't get fully excited until our results came in. Elated after receiving results. Has anyone else felt that way?
  10. Not looking to sit out nude, but thinking about people on 7 possibly "looking up our robes" as we stand at rail
  11. We will try to stop by...Have 2 friends with us and not sure of our schedules yet. Thanks for invite!
  12. 8514...I didn't want to be over the large white overhang on Deck 7 so picked 8514 in front of ship instead. Today I found something showing that this cabin overhangs the extended balconies on Deck 7. See photo. Did we give up our privacy? Thinking that choice will give anyone looking up at us from Deck 7 a view of us sitting or standing at rail of our balcony.
  13. With Deluxe package....Do you just give your Sea pass card to bartender or must you sign for drink?
  14. We will be there! Hope to get done with 5:30 dinner in time to get to deck to see ship go under Skyway Bridge.
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