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  1. I think a better response to the situation would be to temporarily cancel volcano excursions vs just straight up ban them or just that one stop at least until they figure out everything. I don't know much about the situation but did they wander off and was in a spot they weren't suppose to be in? whens the last time this volcano erupted? Also what is royal considering a active volcano?
  2. so, i still cant log in on my home computer however a computer at work logs in every time without issue.
  3. Has anyone had any issues logging on? Anytime I sign into the site it constantly refreshes or keeps attempting to redirect. I've tried several things to get it to stop but nothing seems to work.
  4. My wife and I are sailing on the Radiance in February 2020 and was wondering if anybody had any information on the ship? We've sailed on the Symphony in October of 18 and Allure back in 16. We loved the ships and through talking to several people throughout our trips. A lot of people loved the smaller ships and we just wanted more opinions on it and what to expect from the ship. Is there anything new with the Radiance like a refit or anything? We are doing a 16 night top end cruise of Australia and can't wait!
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