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  1. I probably should have asked here instead of the general forum. We are cruising with our little one diagnosed with ASD, would you say I have zero chances of getting his usual chicken strip and fries at a specialty restaurant? Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone. My wife asked me a question about dining and I didn't have an answer, but I know you guys/gals probably do. With our little who has an ASD diagnosis, can he order/get his usual chicken strips, fries and jello at Specialty Restaurants? Does anyone have experience ordering for a special needs passenger something off-menu at specialty restaurants? Thanks again, everyone here is pretty awesome
  3. Is this a a US sailings thing? We've cruised mostly out of European ports with DCL, and never seen anything of the sort (maybe a few chairs, but not the whole lot). We're doing our first RCCL out of Rome next summer, hoping it's either a US thing, or there is some enforcement by then.
  4. Hello. Next summer will be our firs RCCL (Med out of Rome) after solely cruising DCL. Am I getting the following facts on Room Service right? - Breakfast is free - All other times there is a service charge Is there a room-service menu? On DCL you just order whatever comes to mind, from donuts to buffalo wings to milkshakes. Of course always tip the service personnel TIA
  5. Thanks. I appreciate this. Actually, our little one is kinda looking forward to Med Cruise (he's fully into travelling Europe, and we have done 2 Northern Europe cruises with DCL). What you mention above is really helpful, getting the right people to know of our 'special' circumstance. Thanks also for the port tip. We are planning on arriving one day prior to the cruise and staying that night at the port. Again, thanks
  6. Thanks for all the tips. - Will definitively bring hooks - Will use the stuff-bag when/if available As smart packing as possible, but I believe will still need to use the wash and fold. As much as 'packages' are a thing in RCCL, they should have a prepaid laundry package. Thanks again!
  7. Hello There. Doing our first RCCL next summer out of Rome. We have sailed on DCL six times (mostly out of European Ports), and I'm a bit curious about laundry. As a family of 5, packing for a European 7 day cruise would be a lot of suitcases. On DCL we usually do laundry abt 3 times on 7+ day cruises. Can you share your laundry tips for 7+ day cruises on RCCL? Right now, just planning on spending on the wash-fold and thinking that the savings over DCL merit it. (saw some picture of the stuff-all-you-can bag, and it looks tiny) TIA
  8. Also interested. My son will be 21 when we sail next summer. Edited Saw a Solo Travelers get-together on the latest Odyssey Cruise Compass, I guess this might be something similar TIA
  9. Thanks! Quick question. Are the water bottles aluminum, glass or plastic?
  10. Thank you! Hoping a similar process is in place in Rome.
  11. I hope you had a great cruise. If you don't mind me asking, how was your experience with the private transfers company (Bob's limos)? thanks
  12. Thanks for the quick recap! We are doing this same sailing next summer (first RCCL after 6 DCLs!) Can you expand on your comment '...Only major change would be to stick to main dining instead of upgraded dining...' ? As we were thinking of doing the UDP (some YT videos are not very flattering for the MDR,...long waits, lines, bland food...) Again thanks!
  13. What would be the best course of action while cruising the Med, with a European (French) sim? - Airplane mode on, until at port?
  14. Thanks. This eases my mind. We as well, don't usually disclose his diagnosis, but lines and loud noises are still a challenge. We are not looking for any privileges, but more-so not to incommodate other passengers. Again, Thanks
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