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Laundry Tips

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Hello There.

Doing our first RCCL next summer out of Rome. We have sailed on DCL six times (mostly out of European Ports), and I'm a bit curious about laundry.

As a family of 5, packing for a European 7 day cruise would be a lot of suitcases. On DCL we usually do laundry abt 3 times on 7+ day cruises.

Can you share your laundry tips for 7+ day cruises on RCCL?

Right now, just planning on spending on the wash-fold and thinking that the savings over DCL merit it. (saw some picture of the stuff-all-you-can bag, and it looks tiny)


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Laundry is a challenge for us too. I end up packing for the whole family 'per day' in packing cubes (1 cube has everything everybody needs for that day, and I just pull that cube out in the morning, and last night's dirties go right back into the newly emptied cube, and back into the suitcase). I also pack a small bottle of laundry detergent and stain treatment so I can hand wash some things in the sink if needed (i.e undies for the littles should we have an accident, or run low). We do take advantage of the stuff the bag for laundry, and use the 'coupon' for it if they have one, but really only if something is so gross (i.e. barfed on or whatever, that we don't want sitting around for a week in the cabin). Mainly we just get very efficient with our packing to minimize. I can pack my entire family of 6 in 2 suitcases and a couple of carry ons using packing cubes and carefully planned strategy for a 7 day cruise.  


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If you can put up with clothes drying in the shower, you can wash underwear and socks yourself and save Royal's wash and fold for other items.  When we were a party of three, we didn't need to use Royal's laundry for a 7-night cruise.  Basically, three outfits worn twice will cover 6 nights and a fourth set of clothes can go in carry-on.  You wear on the plane a fifth set. Just a thought.

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Okay, for some really cheap tricks, but unfortunately,  not the band. 

Clean your formal wear when you get back home. Ditto for heavy or bulky items. 

Get some clothes that dry quickly when handwashing. Think nylon or wicking material. Costco and Macy's carry 32 degrees.  The shirts dry quick. 

I have not done this one, but the room is good for magnets. Put up a clothesline while you sleep with heavy duty 🧲 magnets. 

I admit to this one. The pool towels can be easily replaced at the kiosk. Press your hand washables to get most water out of it before hanging to dry. Exchange for fresh towels. 

I use hand wash for clothes while traveling.  

My husband swears by this one: a stained t-shirt looks better after some time in a hot tub.

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I would not send anything for the wash and fold service that you really care about. They do a fine job, but you can tell they're definitely using very hot water and very hot drying for anything that goes in for the wash and fold. Most of the time I'll only send t-shirts, socks, and underwear. 

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