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  1. So after check in there is a bar code, but no numbers. Using a camera, "read it" and you will get the numbers for the bar code. The last 4 numbers is the room assigned (unless more than floor 10), but subject to change.
  2. The last poster raised a good issue, which is the GTY works great for a couple traveling by themselves. It cannot be done for multiroom bookings.
  3. My kid when he was 8 once complained about turndown service at an Omni because they gave soothing lotion instead of a chocolate. We started camping and staying in hostels more. By turndown service, I did not mean moving the sheets back, but the Stateroom Attendent freshens the sheets if you have an afternoon nap, puts a Compass and a towel animal in a charming way near the bed. They also give fresh towels and remove the garbage in the eveningand in the morning. If glasses were used, they take away the old glasses and put new glasses and coasters. I am not staying in a Suite, but a regular room.
  4. Currently have a GTY for a November 4th sailing. Does not have an assignment, but did the scan the bar code trick. Assuming we did it correctly, it shows a low floor interior, but mid ship. Satisfied, but on my last interior we were reassigned at check-in. A girl can hope, but okay either way. I like to think of it as a hope similar to a lottery ticket.
  5. Stateroom Attendants do a lot more than clean, and can be your eyes and ears on the ship. Not only do they make sure your Stateroom is in order twice a day, they learn your preferences and bring to your attention the Compass and ship news, fresh glasses (including wine glasses if requested), evening turndown, etc. They will also help if you do not want to keep things (e.g., dressy clothes or a souvenir no longer wanted.
  6. There is a reason Florida is the Sunshine State. Except for a hurricane or tropical system (wave or storm), expect some sunny parts of the day. And if I rains, you may get a very photogenic rainbow.
  7. Back to seafood basics and aversion. You may want to try something other than fish, such as lobster, shrimp or fried calamari. Bay scallops too. These may not be as "fishy". If the lobster appeals tastes good, there are a few whitefish that will taste as good when dipped in butter or cocktail sauce or tartar sauce. Until you decide you like it, I would avoid oysters, mussels, clams, escargot, etc. I am over 60 and just recently decided to stop my aversion to bananas. I still get grossed out if mushy, but can now eat them after overcoming my purely in my mind reaction over them.
  8. I think it means that for big vessels, waters in the affected areas will be choppy. This week are anniversaries for Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina. Stay away from too much alcohol and greasy foods. Take seasick medicine if prone to seasickness and follow captains orders.
  9. 12 night is length of cruise. New rule from Barcelona is 72 hours before cruise day.
  10. New rules are a little more generous, but what exactly do they want from the nonproctored home test. Would a picture of my smiling face next to a Covid Test with one bar be acceptable? Surely they don't want us to take a negative test to the dock.
  11. Okay, so the final point is that it is not just the food, but taking the kids to the adult MDR means they sit and talk with other adults, use cutlery correctly (not to mention cloth napkin), and learn manners with the wait staff who were truly delightful to their young guests. Last I checked, classes for learning manners may cost more than the cost of the cruise (Ritz Carlton in Naples).
  12. I know. The original poster wanted to know where to feed her picky child. Buffets are great because they see the food and can decide. However, some foods are not what they appear. I had a green melon smoothie, which would look interesting but tasted yuck. My kids were not finicky, and they liked the grown up menu.
  13. When we cruised in May over by transatlantic, we purchased two sets of Emed Tests. Each set had two Tests, so we used only two. Since that time, we have backpacked around the UK with the two remaining tests, making sure they remained unopened. In November we cruise back. Assuming tests are still required, are we going to be charged for the proctoring? In other words, did the initial payment contemplate 4 observed testing or just the first test in a set was free?
  14. Costco does not participate in the Royal Up Bid program, but perhaps they can get you upgraded or additional OBC for your inconvenience.
  15. Le Havre is great to walk around. The Malraux Museum houses the largest Impressionist collection in France outside of Paris. Lots of interesting street art. We didn't do anything in Southampton, but went to the Isle of Wight after our cruise was done. Stayed close to Osborne House, but they have a great bis system. From Southampton it's easy to get to Stonehenge on a day tour.
  16. Another B2B question. Since we nay be gone for 15 or more days, can anyone suggest good parking nearby with a shuttle or public bus? For our first B2B, I am thinking Ft. Lauderdale, but in the future also Tampa, Miami and Galveston. In NOLA, we used long term parking at the airport to avoid $35 per day spaces.
  17. We took our stuff on, and waited in the Windjammer until our room was ready. They were very well behaved cases and backpacks in the corner area.
  18. We are thinking of going B2B in 2023. Question for the experienced: Can you bring more than 2 bottles of wine, so that you have the maximum amount for the second leg? What about buying during duty free and getting it when you leave, only to bring it right back on the ship? Just asking for a friend!
  19. You can always visit Windjammer if you want a little more dessert (or other food). I always seem to want more veggies. No judging when on a cruise! Another tip: You can ask your waiter at MDR for food to take back to your room for later, and put it in your mini-fridge. Thinking a dessert or fruit and cheese to go with your wine in your room. Each room may bring up to 2 bottles of wine (750 ml each on the cruise). Your steward can bring you a corkscrew and 2 glasses, and the Steward will replace the glasses with clean glasses after use. Finally, in the UK I bought a USB port to charge my phone. This will come in handy because I can use more plugs in the room, with US and UK outlets.
  20. We had traditional dining on our last cruise. While the fellow guests were pleasant, we like to meet other people AND not have to be at a fixed time every evening. Fifteen minutes time difference may make all the difference some days.
  21. When we were on Anthem, they had a vegan section AND other options in their regular sections (e.g., salads, fruits, and such). I eat meat but often ate the vegan choices to get more whole foods, beans and veggies into my diet.
  22. Congratulations! We still have 30 points to get to our regular Diamond Status, but my goal is a free drink and a photo.
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